The Sentry

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Client Brief

The in-house marketing team tried to run online advertising and optimize the website without much success. Media budgets were spent but not enough prospects contacted The Sentry for serious enquiries.

The Sentry looked for solutions to reach its audiences across the Vietnamese market and abroad as well.

Our Solutions

Prodima analyzed the various media channels of the brand to propose the best options. We started by updating the existing website so its web pages could better match the online users’ search intent.

The goal was to build stronger authoritativeness among the coworking space and entrepreneurship industries. We also communicated The Sentry’s unique differentiation points, so people understand the benefits of joining this outstanding business community.

The Result

After reworking the coworking space pages and the blog section as well, Prodima launched an 80-keyword SEO campaign to cover both English and Vietnamese queries.

It took less than 3 months to start seeing significant organic results flowing to the website. The Sentry ranked for many important keywords that helped the brand dominate its market.