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With years of experience in WordPress Web Development, Prodima will provide your business with a smoothly run website that has a solid foundation.

Prodima will not only ensure that your website works effectively, we will also optimize page loading speed and design an accessible interface to satisfy users and encourage them to stay longer.

Prodima will provide businesses that own WooCommerce stores with orientation on how to develop and reach potential customers, so that they can convert those leads into sales effectively.

Prodima always follows modern coding practices to integrate the best WordPress plugins with many new and easy-to-use features for your website.

Prodima will ensure seamless data synchronization, include a variety of API customizations, and integrate mobile apps with your website.

WordPress is a flexible and popular web publishing software used to create websites. It is a powerful publishing platform with various functions and plugins beneficial to businesses building brand awareness, sharing relevant information, and engaging with its audience. 

Effective WordPress Development is essential to a company’s SEO to better assure higher indexing in search engines. Did you know that WordPress has almost over 60% market share in the CMS (Content Management System) market?

Furthermore, its WooCommerce (WordPress’s online store plugin that allows businesses to sell products safely) powers 22% of the world’s 1 million Ecommerce websites. These statistics indicate the importance of strategic WordPress Development and how seriously businesses should take advantage of WordPress’s many functions to do better SEO and bring in revenue. 

What is WordPress Development?

There are various approaches to WordPress Development depending on the needs of a business. WordPress continues to evolve through the years with its website features changing. WordPress Development is the process involved in building a powerful website.

WordPress Development includes complete content creation, page management, traffic auditing, and design to ensure that the website is updated. Proper WordPress development is built so that the website consistently gains new leads and is customized to maintain your audience’s attention.

Vietnam Economic Times has reported that Saigon is among the Top E-commerce Cities in Asia, making it a significant opportunity for your business to thrive through WooCommerce and connect with your demographic. Compelling WordPress Development draws in your target audience, opens conversations about your brand, and has information worth sharing from your WordPress website.

WordPress Development combines written content such as blogs with imagery and dynamic videos that make people want to share it. By teaming with a WordPress Development Company, experts can manage the developed content on WordPress for online users to share with friends and family on their social media platforms.

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How much does it cost to hire a WordPress Developer?

Hiring a WordPress Developer can vary in price depending on your digital marketing budget and what the WordPress Developer believes your website requires. Suppose you are a small business only looking to share brand information or a more significant business looking into WooCommerce to sell products online, a WordPress Developer with a different insight. In that case, ideas and professional experience are bound to quote companies differently for their services.

What are WordPress Developer skills?

A WordPress Developer is thorough and familiar with WordPress’s evolving features and changes. A WordPress Developer can work with a business to identify the business’s needs and products and align them with the online user’s curiosity. An experienced WordPress Developer has good SEO knowledge and professional design skills and is familiar with content strategy and campaign scheduling to develop a suitable website.

To deliver powerful Websites, a WordPress Developer is skilled in the back and front-end of WordPress, including:

  • Creating WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Programming skills (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript)
  • Designing new features and functionality
  • Ensuring effecting, responsive design
  • Building user interfaces for websites and web applications
  • Designing responsive websites
  • Debugging tools
  • Understanding CSS changes, their ramifications, and ensuring their consistent styles across browsers and platforms.
  • Converting comprehensive layouts and wireframes into functional HTML pages

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Prodima’s WordPress Development Services

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency comprises a team of experts specializing in Website Development, SEO, Social Media, and other Digital Marketing areas. Our WordPress Development Services are exceptional, as our consultants work together to deliver a strategic WordPress Development plan suitable to your business’s needs. 

Our team of professionals works relentlessly to create a WordPress Website that reaches targets and creates increased revenue opportunities.

Following a thorough audit of your business’s needs and current index in search engines, a Prodima advisor will tackle the blocks preventing your business from reaching its potential within the digital market. From reviewing your audience to social media presence, content, and rankings, Prodima’s WordPress Development Services Team formulates a plan that includes:

  • WordPress Website Development customized to your business’s brand and audience’s needs.
  • WordPress Theme Customization that captured your business’s representation
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Customized Plugin Development with custom functionality settings
  • Using security tool to keep your WordPress Website safe
  • WordPress/WooCommerce maintenance and support for expansion
  • SEO 
  • API Integration & Customization
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Overall WordPress maintenance
  • Website support
  • User-friendliness and interactive user experiences
  • Reporting and analytics for future tweaks and improvements,
  • And more!

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Contact a Prodima WordPress Developer today to have an open discussion about your business’s WordPress and WooCommerce Development plan. Prodima specialists bring solutions that are innovative to tweak your website presence so that your business can make the most of today’s eCommerce world.

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