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Here is a short list of what Prodima will deliver to you regarding this specific service.

Prodima creates any kind of WordPress website to cover all your business needs. We clarify the full scope of work & features before starting the website development.

Prodima supports your website maintenance for free during the next 12 months after going live. It includes hosting monitoring, bug fixing, and minor function implementation.

Prodima integrates the APIs & WordPress plugins that your business needs to keep your website functional. We implement based on your demand & we ensure it won’t negatively impact the web performance.

WordPress dominates the Content Management System (CMS)’s market share worldwide.

WooCommerce is a WordPress store plugin that allows businesses to sell products safely & powers over 20% of the world’s e-commerce websites. There must be a reason for this.

What is WordPress Development?

WordPress is a popular (and free) web publishing software used to create websites.

This customizable open-source integrates many plugins that are beneficial to businesses’ online growth.

WordPress development includes design mockups, website creation, content production, online page management, and maintenance. The purpose is to create online leads & catch the users’ attention.

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How Much Does a WordPress Developer Cost?

Pricing starts as low as $200 for a simple WordPress landing page developed from an existing theme.

Before considering any budget, Prodima needs to clarify the project’s brief with you. Depending on your expectations, our team of experts will craft the most suitable WordPress development plan for you. Of course, if you are looking for a custom design, specific backend features, or if you need to showcase thousands of products, the cost will be different.

What Are WordPress Developer Skills?

WordPress developers are familiar with the platform features and their evolutions. They must have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge and professional design skills.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of WordPress developer’s mandatory competencies:

  • familiarity with WordPress themes & plugins
  • backend: PHP
  • frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery
  • responsive design
  • debugging skills

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Prodima’s WordPress Development Services

Prodima specializes in WordPress website development… which is the reason why our platform is under WordPress.

Our team of professionals works relentlessly to create websites that increase revenue opportunities.

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Contact a Prodima WordPress developer today to have an open discussion about your business’s growth plan.

Prodima specialists bring innovative solutions to tweak your online presence. Make the most of the e-commerce world now!