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Prodima offers E-Commerce SEO Services that help expand online retailers' brand visibility, increase organic traffic, and improve ROI conversion rates effectively.

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Prodima will conduct in-depth keyword research to precisely target your target audience to improve your online visibility and attract potential customers.

Furthermore, Prodima will analyze the keywords that your competitors are ranking for. We’ll then implement effective SEO strategies to beat the competition and increase ROI conversion rates.

SEO Prodima experts will perform Onpage & Offpage SEO optimization on your website, Google My Business listings (GMB), manage your online brand and build effective local citations.

These are important factors that help improve traffic, engage potential users and drive more purchases.

Prodima’s Content Marketing Services also includes SEO – In-depth content optimization that “satisfies” both users and search engines:

  • Improve user experience
  • Rank for keywords and drive organic traffic
  • Build reputation
  • Raise awareness

Prodima will fix all technical problems, increase website loading speed and improve its mobile-friendliness, while optimizing each product page, ensuring your website will be crawled and indexed by Googlebot quickly.

Prodima’s special advertising campaign will directly target your desired demographics, and at the same time bring your website to the top of search results pages, driving traffic to your online store and converting leads into massive revenue.

Our content writing team will research into your products / services and the consumers’ demands in order to create SEO content that attracts your target audience.

Prodima always keeps up with the latest digital trends so that we can design an e-commerce website specifically for your business goals.

We simplify page search and navigation filters, remove unnecessary visual elements, and use high-quality images to make your brand stand out.

Prodima helps you to increase the number of loyal customers through email marketing campaigns.

At the same time, we will come up with the most effective strategies to help you stay in touch with old customers and motivate them to repurchase.

Prodima offers premium Ecommerce SEO services to Vietnamese, English, and French business websites. Mobile devices are taking over desktop servers for online sales with the optimizations of Ecommerce growth on mobile devices in 2021. Apply a clear Ecommerce SEO strategy to follow the development of search engines as the prime traffic source towards shopping and service sites.

Prodima Ecommerce SEO Agency manages the technicalities of page titles, descriptions, meta description, backlinks, site speed, and H-tags to match keyword research across search engines. As Google accounts for more than 79% of the world’s desktop traffic search, Ecommerce SEO consultants are in dire need to help businesses increase their search engine visibility.

Practically, Prodima manages all of the intricate digital marketing responsibilities to allow more time for partners to focus on other business modules. Prodima’s Ecommerce SEO expert services support online stores seeking revenue. Prodima’s Ecommerce SEO packages lead online stores to gain wider traction whereby the website ranks well, customers are attracted, and clicks are converted into income.

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What is Ecommerce SEO? 

Ecommerce SEO uses a variety of SEO strategies to increase an Ecommerce website’s visibility. Prodima’s Ecommerce SEO packages improve where a site is indexed in search results through an engine such as Google to gain traffic that generates revenue and sales. Effective Ecommerce SEO audits a variety of technical matters to optimize a website’s reach to its audience, such as:

  • Ecommerce Keyword Research – searching for a specific keyword that the website’s demographic is exploring to select which keywords gain the most attention from the public.
  • Ecommerce Website Architecture – formatting a website’s design structure and pages to ensure they are linked in a fashion that helps the audience and search engine algorithms navigate their searches on a website.
  • Local SEO for Ecommerce Retailers
  • Content Marketing specific to Ecommerce
  • Building Links for Online Retailers
  • Measuring the success of SEO for an Ecommerce Website
  • Assessing Ecommerce SEO case studies most suitable to a website’s services and products

According to Google, businesses managing their website receive 35% more clicks than companies that don’t. This highlights the need for businesses not merely to have their website but to overlook a well-managed website by proper SEO procedures so that the business can reach its revenue potential.

How does Ecommerce SEO work?

Ecommerce SEO functions through in-depth technical keyword research and data analysis. By identifying the primary keywords related to a product or service, a Prodima Ecommerce SEO consult will strategize to ensure that a business’s website ranks highly with the matching content and information. 

Research carried out by an Outbrain study has identified that the Number One driver of organic traffic to content sites across Ecommerce are searching through a search engine, beating out social media by over 300%. So how is effective Ecommerce SEO applied to optimize website traffic and revenue? Following keyword research, assessment of the website’s data, and in-depth reviews of a business’s website goals, Prodima implements the best Ecommerce SEO plans to:

  • Organize the appropriate links, content, images, and RankBrain (artificial intelligence used by Google to comprehend written language in algorithms to identify the relevance of a website’s written content to match with searches)
  • Optimize landing pages and active content such as videos to increase conversions
  • Reveal thorough and specific answers on websites to a wide range of the topic information, products, and services
  • Assess and source better visual content such as videos and images to explain points and retain viewers’ attention to spend more time on the website. Such information is revealed in Google algorithms to attract audience attention.
  • Improve the user experience through a quicker internet site, enhanced mobile experience, and friendly interface
  • Enforce digital marketing tools and resources that make it easier for viewers to become paying consumers

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How does Ecommerce SEO optimize websites?

75% of search engine users don’t scroll past the first results page, placing a lot of pressure on businesses to ensure that their website provides the best content and design to be ranked so highly. Ecommerce SEO services optimize websites by:

  • Keyword and Keyphrase Research: They identify high-value phrases and words required to be included in website content to attract searches from your demographic. Through this, Ecommerce SEO strategies will be applied to describe the business, its products, services, and marketing content.
  • Keyword and Keyphrase application: Following a thorough assessment of the relevant keywords and phrases about a website’s purpose, the Prodima team will apply them across a website to the homepage, meta descriptions, page titles, images alt texts, product descriptions, and other content as blogs.
  • Product and service page optimization: Prodima will thoroughly apply SEO for Ecommerce strategies to each page on a website to optimize search engines. Proper Ecommerce marketing SEO will detail product and service pages for unique long-tail keywords (specific search phrases) that will rank for efficient searchability on a search engine. Such development and service pages will also be optimized by adding images that provide engaging and relevant visuals to the user.
  • Site speed Optimization: Kissmetric has reported that 40% of users abandon a website should it take more than 3 seconds to load content. Website Ecommerce Optimization will ensure that site speed is improved to prevent viewer engagement. The best SEO companies for Ecommerce will compress and resize images to ensure that website speed loads efficiently for the user.
  • User-friendliness: A website absolutely must be user-friendly to engage with viewers and encourage them to view products and services to purchase and enquire into. Outer box has recorded that up to 80% of consumers use smart devices to review products, research product or service information, and compare prices while in a bricks-and-mortar style before purchasing. Effective SEO strategies to the website will provide straightforward navigation to the user and responsive designs across all devices and their screen sizes.

Why should a business invest in Ecommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is a thorough process that requires expert knowledge and digital marketing strategies. Business owners and organizations are already enlisted with such vast responsibilities outside of SEO – the best Ecommerce SEO company must support them to ensure that their website:

  • is designed with relevant content that attracts organic traffic
  • are indexed highly on a search engine
  • design and usability navigate consumers to purchase and business revenue 

How much does effective Ecommerce SEO cost?

Ecommerce SEO cost varies depending on what Ecommerce SEO changes need to be made and improved. Another major factor depends on which service package a partner selects. Contact a Prodima expert today to have an in-depth discussion about your business’s Ecommerce SEO needs. The Prodima team is honest in our work and transparent in our working methods. We advise and strategize with firms to ensure that we deliver the best Ecommerce SEO solutions.

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