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Prodima scans & fixes all technical problems. It includes website searchability, loading speed, mobile friendliness, and product page optimization.

Prodima reviews your current product pages & implements essential fixes to boost them for conversions. It includes the overall page structure & content (copies & visual creatives).

Prodima improves your e-commerce landing pages & transforms them into online assets that convert. We cover both design & technical implementation.

Prodima helps you set up your Customer Relationship Management system, including the payment methods, the client base collection, and customer service automation.

Prodima offers premium e-commerce SEO services to business websites.

Online sales have significantly grown over the past few years. Many brands initiated their digital transformation to publish their products & service live. E-commerce SEO supports the development of this trend.

Prodima optimizes your website page titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, backlinks, site speed, and user experience design, to maximize your online sales. Professional e-commerce SEO services support online stores seeking revenue.

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What is E-Commerce SEO? 

E-Commerce SEO is the process of improving an online shopping store’s visibility, in an organic way (without spending any budget on advertising).

Effective e-commerce SEO audits the following technical matters:

  • category & product pages structure
  • landing pages design
  • keyword research
  • on-site optimizations
  • local SEO
  • content marketing
  • link building

E-commerce SEO significantly boosts clicks, lead generation, and conversions compared to websites that do not consider it.

How Does E-Commerce SEO Work?

E-commerce SEO starts with in-depth data analysis on keywords, market trends, and competition benchmarks.

Search engines are the most common way for people to look for specific products or services. Google beats out any other social media by over 300% according to an Outbrain study.

E-commerce SEO organizes content, images, videos, and links to optimize the landing pages. It improves the user experience through a quicker internet site, enhanced mobile application, and friendly interface. It also measures & reports the campaign performance (clicks, views, engagement, purchases).

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Around 80% of search engine users don’t scroll past the first results page.

It pressures businesses willing to get noticed online. E-commerce SEO helps them rank higher.

E-Commerce SEO Benefits

E-commerce SEO requires expert knowledge and digital marketing strategies.

Professional agencies like Prodima ensure that their client’s e-commerce websites reach the following objectives:

  • high index on search engines
  • solid traffic flow
  • focus on qualified leads
  • consistent online sales

E-Commerce SEO Costs

E-commerce SEO can start anywhere from $1,000 USD for a single shopping page optimization up to much higher, depending on the website size & the number of products.

Prodima needs to understand more about your business and goals before sharing a precise quotation. To benefit from a free 30-minute consulting session, fill the form below.

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