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Prodima runs Zalo ads in Vietnam to reach specific audiences in a more precise way than Facebook could allow. We offer our long expertise in this social media channel.

Prodima optimizes your Zalo ads to ensure cost-effective campaigns. We boost your Zalo business page on a daily basis to beat your competitors on the platform.

Prodima tracks your campaign performance & makes recommendations on optimizations. We report on live dashboards & organize weekly meetings to answer all your questions.

Zalo is Vietnam’s hottest messaging application, available on desktop & mobile devices. It overtook the infamous Facebook Messenger years ago.

Much of Zalo’s popularity comes from the array of features offered through the app. We will introduce them below.

What is Zalo?

Founded in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in 2012, Zalo is a free downloadable app connecting people.

Vietnamese consider it as a “Super App” as it does not only allow them to chat but also search information, get news feeds, pay utility bills, share heavy media like videos, book hotels, etc. It has its own payment system integrated: Zalo Pay.

The application is extremely user-friendly & well-designed with Vietnamese people’s expectations in mind. Zalo became the primary official communication portal to local citizens.

Read our complete Zalo introduction on our blog.

What are Zalo Ads?

Zalo provides businesses with great opportunities to advertise to the platform community.

Brands can run Zalo ads to promote their business page, engage followers & non-followers, and boost their online sales.

Prodima assesses your digital model to target your audience by location, gender, age, device, and behavior with Zalo ads.

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There are various ways to advertise on Zalo, including video ads, website traffic, business account promotion, shop advertisement, or simple post boosts.

Are Zalo Ads Expensive?

To run cost-effective Zalo ads, businesses must have a solid insight into the Vietnamese market. It is easy to waste money on the platform, and Zalo ads cost usually more than Facebook.

Let Prodima manage your Zalo campaign to ensure quality advertising. Our team of local experts will craft the best strategy for your brand & products.

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Prodima’s Zalo Ads Services

Prodima works closely with you to understand your business needs & deliver optimal results.

Once you approve our Zalo ads plan, including the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), our strategists will execute the campaign to guarantee the best Return On Investment (ROI).

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