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  • In-depth analysis of your industry.
  • Analyze competitors in your area whose business outperforms you in: Engagement and Customer Size.
  • Research and develop content that attracts your target audience effectively.

Prodima will create unique, clearly defined and ambitious (but achievable) Facebook advertising strategies to optimize:

  • ROI rate
  • CPA (cost per conversion)
  • ROAS (return on ad spend).

By implementing an ad campaign that directly target your desired demographics => achieve the highest conversion rate possible and keep CPA to a minimum.

Prodima will do everything to deliver the final results you desire:

  • Publish attractive advertising content that makes readers click immediately.
  • Design visually impressive images.
  • Create vivid and outstanding videos.
  • Track your business’s target audience and reach.
  • Track engagement rates
  • Track leads and clickthrough rates.
  • Track ROI on paid advertising campaigns
  • Manage and adjust parameters for each campaign.
  • Monitor engagement, leads, and sales from campaigns.
  • Build a loyal audience for your business.

Prodima will provide transparent reporting on every data: Clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and specific measures to help you review our ongoing campaign performance.

Zalo is Vietnam’s hottest messaging app, used by 80% of smartphone users and overtaking even the infamous Famous messenger. In 2018, Zalo had reached 100 million users with the downloaded app from around the globe. With such significant statistics within the Vietnamese market, Zalo Ads are an ideal platform for businesses looking to reach local users. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency are professionals when it comes to Zalo marketing and Zalo advertising. Much of Zalo’s popularity comes from the array of features offered through the app, hence the importance of Prodima’s technical support and experience to boost your business’s Zalo ad campaigns.

What is Zalo?

Founded in Saigon in 2012, Zalo is a free downloadable app on mobile phones used to connect with friends and family. Zalo is considered to be a Super App, being a communication chatting app that also includes search, navigation, E-Commerce and payment options all within the same platform. Research has shown that the Zalo users send 900 million messages, 45 million images and make 50 million minutes worth of calls per day!

The Zalo super app has a variety of features including:

  • Instant messaging
  • Multimedia and image sharing
  • Story reel uploads
  • Group chat sharing and messaging (commonly used amongst work colleagues as well to share important calendar details, reminders and files)
  • Official account information of qualified organisations, celebrities, influencers and brands to receive verified updates
  • Zalo Bank loan services for consumers – Shinhan Bank Vietnam allows a Zalo loan that can be reviewed and applied for via the app
  • Public transport information – Zalo users are able to check the cost of travel routes, route timetables/durations and journey links
  • Transportations bookings
  • Appointment bookings (doctors and healthcare facilities)
  • Updated news feeds
  • Weather forecast updates
  • Utility bill payments (via Zalo pay)
  • Browse and purchase products (via Zalo shop) – Zalo provides built-in financial services for users to purchase right away, and are often offered a great supply of discounts from various online stores
  • Hotel bookings: Zalo hotel is integrated with so users are able to reserve hotels, home and rooms

Operating as a Super App, Zalo is the ideal platform in Vietnam to reach the greatest demographic. The application is not only user-friendly, but its features are incomparable to any other application used by locals in Vietnam.

It’s been reported that more than 20 Vietnamese provinces use Zalo as the primary, official communication portal to its citizens. Local communities use Zalo as the interface for administrative processes and procedures as well.

Zalo’s fantastic features draw more users to its installation every single day, which is why businesses looking to promote their products are recommended to Prodima for digital marketing support.

What are Zalo Ads?

Zalo provides business with great opportunities to advertise to the Zalo community and push through campaigns to launch products and services. Prodima helps new and existing businesses run Zalo ads through very specific and strategic marketing content. The Prodima Marketing Zalo consultants optimizes your business’s advertising budget through selective content creation, SEO, visual aid and technical support to ensure that your Zalo ads are engaging.

According to the official Zalo business page, Zalo’s advertising tools are immediately effective, reaches up to 20 million potential customers, has a smooth running operating campaign procedure and targets users’ behaviors through artificial intelligence technology.

Prodima’s team of experienced digital marketers will assess your business’s digital model to account for marking online with Zalo. Furthermore, Zalo ad campaigns are able to work in conjunction with your business’s Facebook campaign. This can be leveraged with the right Prodima consultant to guide your business through targeting your audience by location, gender, age, device and user online behavioral patterns.

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The Zalo platform offers business five types of advertising opportunities: 

  • Video ads: due to the dynamic nature of moving pictures, Zalo video ads increase user engagement and product loyalty
  • Article ads:
  • ZALO Official Accounts: Either a Zalo shop, media or services account to promote your business and its products and/or services
  • Website advertising: marketing campaigns through the Zalo application to drive users towards your business web page
  • Product ads: promotional material through a ZALO shop account

Should your business invest in Zalo ads?

Considering Zalo is Vietnam’s elite social networking platform, businesses should absolutely invest in Zalo ads to reach their target audience and ultimately increase revenue. Users of all smartphones in Vietnam utilize Zalo to communicate, connect and engage.

Zalo is the ultimate method to reach the Vietnamese consumer market. However, investing in Zalo ads should be practical, cost-effective and strategic. Trained Prodima Zalo specialists will determine how your business can best campaign for your brand and products.

Effective investment in Zalo ads as managed by Prodima, ensure that your business will ascertain quality online advertising and exposure, relevant content creation, exceptional SEO, organic traffic composed of your target audiences and absolute digital marketing support along the way.

Are Zalo ads expensive? 

Zalo ads are cost-effective as businesses are only required to pay by CPC (Cost Per Click). Depending on the effectiveness of the campaign, target audience, content and budget, the pricing of Zalo ads truly vary.

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How are Zalo ads created?

Zalo’s support page provides details on how to easily set up business ads. In summary, Zalo ads highlight seven major steps to set up a basic ad:

  1. Access Zalo ads
  2. Select an advertising target (website, official account, video, articles, product, display, multimedia)
  3. Target audience selection
  4. Set up ad bidding and ad schedule
  5. Zalo ad content creation including campaign name, image upload, caption and action display button
  6. License upload
  7. Zalo ad submission

Seems simple enough, right? But with over 100 million Zalo users – it’s recommended to execute your business campaign productively and effectively for maximum results. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency audits your business’s campaigns and upcoming marketing material to carefully select the correct settings and content for your business. 

Prodima’s Zalo ads Services

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency works closely with businesses to create the perfect content that will engage Zalo users. Our content creators team up with our advertising specialists and SEO strategists to ensure that your investment in Zalo ads reap all of its benefits. 

Through our team’s thorough knowledge and digital marketing resources, we are able to combine our Zalo ads services with other departments in SEO and paid media to deliver your business optimal results.

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Whether your business is looking into Zalo newsfeed ads, Zalo app ads, or generally just want to learn more about Zalo ads from a reliable source, Prodima is available to consult with your team at your earliest convenience.

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