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Prodima optimizes your mobile application on both Google Play Store (Android) & Apple Store (iOS). Your app will go through our checklist to guarantee its organic performance.

Prodima scans & optimizes one of the most important ASO ranking factors: app store reviews from customers. We get rid of spammy ones & make your app engaging to earn valuable user comments.

Prodima reviews your titles, descriptions, tags, copy structure, and all factors that impact your mobile application rankings on mobile stores.

Mobile usage is ever-growing across the globe.

It becomes critical to optimize smartphone users’ experience, both for websites & applications. The main difference between a mobile application and a website on a smartphone browser is that the app looks more “native”, and benefits from specific mobile features as well (for example, geolocalization).

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What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO is the process to optimize a user’s smartphone experience. We call it App Store Optimization (ASO) when it comes to a mobile app.

Prodima SEO & ASO tools assess the audience’s online behavior to ensure the web page or mobile app ranks highly across all search engines. In 2018, Google announced that developers should build their web pages “mobile-first” to comply with the latest algorithm updates.

Why Does Mobile User Experience (Mobile UX) Matter?

Search engines aim at delivering the best results to users. There are many factors that impact the rankings.

Mobile UX is one of them. Search engines do not want to return a page where people would immediately bounce due to the lack of mobile friendliness. By prioritizing the user experience, search engines provide people with excellent sources.

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All businesses, small or large, need SEO & ASO to boost their mobile sales. Users decide to tap or not tap within milliseconds. Slow or non-optimized pages cannot compete in the long run. Here is a list of the most important factors to consider:

  • customer journey
  • content relevance
  • mobile compliance to search engine algorithms
  • visual experience
  • loading speed

Prodima enhances your mobile usability based on our SEO & ASO knowledge.

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People use mobile to access reliable information quickly. Your business must provide relevant information about your products & services with a sharp tap of a button.

Prodima’s Mobile SEO Services

Prodima prides itself on a team that is accountable for the needs of its clients.

We optimize your website on mobile & your mobile apps as well. We analyze your competition to gain the edge. We evaluate your mobile performance to make sure you provide the smoothest user experience. Fill the form below if you want to get started.