Prodima’s Achievements

Social Media Ads

Prodima Vietnam manages your ad campaigns on the most popular social media platforms.

Facebook Ads

Prodima Vietnam manages your Facebook ads to promote your brand, products, and services. Our team of experts has decades of experience in running digital paid ad campaigns. Facebook is a major social media player at worldwide level. If your business needs help, contact us and get a digital strategy for free.

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Instagram Ads

Instagram is a popular platform within communities interested in visual creatives. There are many forms of Instagram ads. Prodima Vietnam supports companies to promote their business accounts, branding, products, and services. Photos and videos are the most successful way to advertise on Instagram. Get started now.

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Zalo Ads

Founded in 2012, Zalo is a free downloadable app that connects people with their relatives. More than a simple instant messenger, Zalo offers many useful features such as Zalo Shop, Zalo Pay, multimedia share, Official Accounts for businesses, and Zalo ads. Get started on Zalo ads with Prodima Vietnam to target your local audience.

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TikTok Ads

TikTok is on the rise everywhere. To dominate the competition and turn viewers into consumers, Prodima Vietnam helps businesses run ads on this appealing platform. Our team of experts will build a digital plan and share estimated metrics and KPIs based on your media budget. To get started with TikTok ads, send us a message.

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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a highly successful networking platform that allows users and companies to connect directly. It is the largest professional forum on the internet. Companies can run Business To Business (B2B) campaigns to get partnerships, consider recruitment, or find professional clients. Prodima Vietnam helps businesses make their way with LinkedIn ads.

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Twitter Ads

Hundreds of millions of Tweets are published and shared every day. Run ads on Twitter to stand out from the crowd. Prodima Vietnam helps you define the right settings to reach your business needs. We have a partnership with MediaDonuts. We can certainly manage your ad account to maximize your ROI. Contact our team of experts now to get started.

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SEM, GDN, Shopping, and Videos

Prodima runs your ad campaigns on every Google product.

Google Ads

Google ads search is one of the most popular ways to get qualified leads genuinely interested in brands and products. Grant Prodima Vietnam access to your ad account, or use our own MCC agency account, to get started on Google ads search. Our team of experts will help you optimize your bids and ensure your ads bring you the best ROI.

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Google Display Network Ads

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a collection of websites, apps, and videos platforms managed by Google where businesses can run their advertisements. Besides YouTube, there are over 2 million websites and 650,000 apps available to display ads and reach your potential customers. Contact us to boost your online awareness.

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Google Shopping Ads

Google offers a powerful service called Google shopping to boost online sales opportunities for all kind of retailers. Instead of passively wait for clients to find your products, get them featured directly on Google Shopping. Prodima Vietnam can help you get online sales quickly via this outstanding service. Contact us now to receive your digital plan.

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YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are Google ads for videos. Get your brand, products, and services featured on the huge Google network. YouTube ads allow businesses to boost their online visibility and reach a massive number of people. If YouTube ads do not convert well for sales and conversions, they are a premium choice if the primary target is to get high reach and impressions.

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Coc Coc & Programmatic Bidding

Prodima Vietnam also builds your digital strategy on these online channels.

Coc Coc Ads

The Coc Coc browser is the dedicated Google for Vietnamese people. Available in the Vietnamese language, its targeting options are extremely precise to reach the most rural areas. Prodima Vietnam runs successful Coc Coc ads for clients willing to reach a specific Vietnamese audience. Get advice from our expert team and get your Coc Coc ads plan now.

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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic ads are an alternative to the Google ads network. To target the right demographics, Programmatic ads use artificial intelligence to assess online users’ behavior. Real-time campaigning becomes more likely to convert into revenue. Get started with programmatic ads by contacting Prodima Vietnam. Brief us your business expectations now.

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Our Clients

Prodima works for partners of different sizes from various industries.

We invite you to visit their websites!

What our clients say about us:

Beauty Industry hình ảnh 1

Beauty Industry

I appreciate how supportive you have been since the very beginning.

Digital Marketing Industry hình ảnh 2

Digital Marketing Industry

Prodima guys are my go-to partner for Vietnamese campaign work.

Staffing Industry hình ảnh 3

Staffing Industry

Our previous marketing agency did not support us as well as you.

Legal Directory Industry hình ảnh 4

Legal Directory Industry

This is great, thank you very much. You are like the guru of SEO!

Mobile Loyalty Program Industry hình ảnh 5

Mobile Loyalty Program Industry

Thanks for your website support. We cannot wait to start SEO with you!

Real Estate Industry hình ảnh 6

Real Estate Industry

Thanks so much for the optimizations and the easy wins!

Medical Equipment Industry hình ảnh 7

Medical Equipment Industry

We are impressed by your skills. Congratulations! We learn a lot.

Food & Catering Industry hình ảnh 8

Food & Catering Industry

Many thanks for fixing our website so proactively. You saved the day!

Footwear Manufacturing Industry hình ảnh 9

Footwear Manufacturing Industry

We perfectly know our products, but we needed help on digital.

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