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Prodima starts the optimization process with a complete website scan to identify the performance issues. We share this document with you for review & confirmation of the top priority bottlenecks.

Prodima fixes your website following a complete checklist: image size compression, lazy loading, plugin removal, source code optimization, database optimization, hosting, etc.

Prodima guarantees the website technical performance for 1 year after the initial optimizations are completed. We know how important this work is & we ensure you are satisfied with our services.

According to Google: “two seconds is the threshold for e-commerce website acceptability.

Amazon stated that: “1 second of load lag time would cost us $1.6 billion in sales per year.

Businesses with optimized page speeds succeed more in the digital marketing space.

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What is Page Speed Optimization?

Page speed is how long it takes for a web page to display its content to the online user. In other words, it determines the time a person waits to begin viewing and engaging with the page.

Page speed optimization is the process of improving this latency time.  There are many factors that affect a page’s load speed:

  • heavy Cascading Styling Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript size & implementation
  • hosting & server provider
  • images & videos
  • coding standards
  • excessive plugins & widgets
  • and more.

Why Does Page Speed Matter?

There is a connection between loading time and conversion rate. Slow web pages may lose up to half of their prospects. The two main reasons for that are:

  • faster page speed provides a better user experience
  • page speed is a crucial SEO signal to rank web pages

All businesses should pay extra attention to their web page loading performance if they want to improve their online sales & Return On Investment (ROI).

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How Can We Reduce Web Page Loading Time?

The first step to page speed optimization is to perform a domain audit. It identifies & prioritizes the performance issues.

The most common website speed bottlenecks are:

  • CSS & JavaScript compression
  • blocked browser rendering
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript minifying
  • redundant HTTP redirects
  • browser caching leverage
  • server response time
  • use of Content Distribution Network (CDN)
  • image optimization

There are many other factors that affect website speed performance. Contact Prodima for a complete audit of your domain.

Prodima’s Page Speed Services & Costs

Prodima fully scans your website starting from $1,500 USD. Based on the report, we guarantee our fixes will boost your page speed loadings.

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Our web development experts are happy to review your website. Contact a consultant today for a comprehensive assessment of your web page speed.