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Prodima will run Display Advertising campaigns that help online retailers reach the largest number of target customers to increase sales.

At the same time, Prodima will create Dynamic Ads campaigns that automatically promote personalized products – target groups of users who recently visited your online store => bring them back to Purchase.

Prodima’s special Google Display Ads campaign helps promote business products on a large scale => increase reach to target audience => improve brand awareness effectively.

Prodima’s ads that precisely target the right customers will appear continuously in the locations / regions / localities … where users who have visited your website are most active => We create trustworthiness => They become potential customers => You drive more purchases.

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a network collection of websites, apps, and videos where businesses can run their advertisements across the internet managed by Google. GDN runs Google Display Network with over 2 million websites and 650,000 apps to display ads to potential customers of a particular audience.

It reaches 90% of internet users across the globe. The GDN is an incredible source for businesses to target audiences with specific keywords and key phrases. It also targets websites, videos, and more so that your ad can be displayed on GDN’s significant inventory filled with ad impressions. As Vietnam’s population has reached over 95 million people, how will your business advertise to get the masses in your competitive industry?

GDN is beneficial to businesses as there will always be enough inventory on the internet powered by Google to run your business’s ads. However, understanding GDN specs and GDN targeting is a challenging process for many companies. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency understands the specialized techniques and algorithms applied to the Google Display Network to best support your business’s Google Ads.

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What is the Google Display Network (GDN)?

The GDN helps businesses target Display Ads to a specific group of internet users as they browse the internet. Unlike regular search engine ads that only appear on the pages of search engine results, the Google Display Network displays Google Ads across millions of websites. 

Have you ever read a news article online and seen advertisement banners of items you have been researching? Perhaps a new computer or a new mattress? Whatever it may be – this is the power of GDN that places business’ display ads across a network of sites. Users are specifically targeted based on their search history and relevant keyword and key phrase searches.

Well strategized Display ad campaigns provide businesses with digital opportunities to engage with internet users in various ad types. Ad formats that a GDN specialist can customize for your business include:

  • Gmail ads: Advertisements that are displayed above the top tabs of the user’s inboxes. Such ads are expandable and redirect users to your business website.
  • Uploaded image ads: Such ads are uploaded as images in various sizes or HTML 5 (a highly supportive graphics system).
  • Engagement ads: Captivating images and video ads across the Display Network, include YouTube.
  • Responsive Display ads: A general business ad created via the Google Display Network with ad text and an added image and logo. Google’s tools optimize this ad to improve its performance online to reach audiences.

GDN Digital Marketing professionals specialize in getting your ad noticed! We decipher Google’s Display Network to capture a potential customer’s attention in their purchasing cycle’s initial stages. Google’s advertising tools can be applied to reformulate the impact of your ad.

What is remarketing on the Google Display Network?

Remarketing is an effective form of online advertising across the Google Display Network that drives visitors who have viewed your web page in the past to return to it in the future. According to DataXu, Ecommerce businesses can see up to an average of up to 130% in conversions due to remarketing. The purpose of remarketing is essentially to retarget previous viewers and remind them of your brand’s products and services available to them.

An example of remarketing may be that you had recently researched purchasing a car through a local dealership. This dealership’s paid ad may appear as you scroll YouTube at a later point in time through remarketing. This entices the user to return to the dealership’s page and resume their search.

Researchers have found that compared to a 0.07% CTR (Click-Through-Rate) for regular display ads, the CTR for retargeted ads is an incredible 0.7%! Furthermore, retargeted website visitors have a 70% increased chance of converting for revenue. Our consultants will assess your brand to form a tactical plan for your business’s Google Display Network Ads and remarket to users who:

  • Are general website visitors
  • Have submitted a form
  • Downloaded relevant content
  • Have viewed particular product and service pages
  • Registered for a trial offer or official account
  • Completed a transaction, purchased a product, or paid a fee of any sort.
  • Commenced any of the above but are yet to complete them

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How to set up Ads on Google Desktop Network?

An experienced GDN  team can execute a GDN campaign suitable for your business goal when setting up your GDN ad campaign. What do you hope to achieve with your GDN campaign:

  • To launch a new product or service?
  • To expand to a greater audience?
  • To explain the value of your product or service?
  • To promote a promotion to existing clientele?
  • To convert bounced users?
  • To close deals?
  • To target users who have performed previous, specific actions?
  • To retail customers?
  • All the above?

Google provides users with various online resources and step-by-step guides as to how display ads can be set up across the Google Display Network. However, the processes involved are lengthy and require great attention to detail. Whether it’s the creation of the ad itself or GDN remarketing, Digital Marketing Agencies can assist your business with ad formats to create the most responsive display ad possible:

  • Image ads
  • Sizing of responsive display ads
  • The creation of a responsive display ad
  • Management of display ads
  • Uploading of display ads
  • Fix error messages
  • Lightbox ads and their specifications
  • Engagement reports
  • Ad strength 
  • Auto-generated videos for display ads

What are the benefits of Good Display Ads on the GDN?

The Google Display Network has the most extensive reach globally, able to display registered on 120 of the world’s top 200 trafficked websites. Such highest-ranking websites, including YouTube (video platform), Blogger (blog platform), and Gmail (email service), provide businesses with the most outstanding display opportunities to unveil their brand’s ads. 

There are significant benefits to investing in advertising on the Google Display Network: 

  • Audience reach expansion- to get the millions of websites running across the GDN with the potential to reveal your brand and offers
  • Various ad forms – Google’s ad tools allow businesses to efficiently create and customize ads most suitable to your business and vision.
  • Managed placements – GDN tools and selections allow for contextual targeting based on keywords and, or other options. Following a thorough audit of your brand’s online visibility and Google ads, a Prodima expert will create appropriate criteria for your audience selection. 
  • Success measurement: Google provides detailed reports on the ads placed through the Google Display Network. It is essential to regularly revise these ad reports to track and monitor the ad campaign’s success in place. Should changes need to be made, a GDN specialist will advise your business of alternative strategies to achieve the highest results. 

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Prodima’s Google Display Network Services

When it comes to the technicalities and array of selection when placing a Google Display Network ad, it is crucial to set a strong foundation for the ad. From targeting through to the visual of the ad itself and written content, each detail matters. Contact a Prodima GDN today to discuss your next ad placement across the GDN platform. Our specialists will be delighted to discuss:

  • Prodima GDN services and packages
  • Remarketing
  • Managed placements
  • Targeting methods
  • Budgets
  • Ad creation
  • Ad strategy
  • Auditing, testing, and reporting