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Here is a short list of what Prodima will deliver to you regarding this specific service.

Prodima performs an overall check to evaluate the content on each page. To perform well organically, websites must go through a complete checklist.

Prodima optimizes your web page content based on keyword analysis. Besides the on-site metadata, the domain needs high-quality content to comply with the E.A.T. framework from Google.

Our team of expert copywriters writes meaningful and SEO-friendly content for your website. From blog posts to page tags, we guarantee our copies will bring your domain to the top of search engine result pages.

SEO content needs outreach support. Prodima builds relevant links pointing at your web pages to raise their credibility, online visibility, and authoritativeness.

SEO copywriting services combine Search Engine Optimization with writing skills. All digital marketers know that quality content is key to effective online strategies.

If you want to learn everything about SEO copywriting, check out our free 25-minute training video. It covers all the basics. After watching it, you will be able to produce SEO-friendly copies by yourself.

Prodima offers SEO copywriting and content development services. As a qualified website copywriting agency, we follow international standard processes and we guarantee the quality of our work.

What are SEO Copywriting Services?

SEO copywriting services include a bunch of techniques that match content with online search queries. They optimize copies in various formats to enhance their reachability across the internet.

When you go for a website copywriting service, you make sure that your pages will get noticed. They will answer the demand for content requested by online users. We will detail below how it exactly works.

You can implement SEO copywriting services in different formats. The most common one is the blog article. Besides, there are product or service descriptions, category pages, or social posts.

For all of them, SEO copywriting services follow the same logic. We build up the content so people can find it easily through search engines like Google.

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SEO Copywriting Service Benefits

SEO copywriting content development services allow your business to get an edge over your competitors. Here is a shortlist of the main SEO copywriting service advantages:

  • Increase the online traffic
  • Raise the brand awareness
  • Help keywords rank higher on SERPs
  • Engage the online audience
  • Convert visitors into paying clients
  • Maintain a good page quality score
  • Follow up on search engine algorithm updates

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Organic traffic is one of the main purposes of SEO copywriting services. By optimizing content that resonates with online searchers, you maximize your chances to connect with them. It naturally boosts the number of visitors looking for desired information on your web pages.

Similarly, polishing your on-page content is a great way to enhance your brand awareness. It impacts not only your online reach but also your authoritativeness. Your business, your company, your logo, and your brand are associated with the content you publish.

With traffic increase, keyword ranking is the main reason to run SEO campaigns. The target is to pull them as high as possible on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Top positions enjoy around 30% or 40% of the clicks. You want your web pages to land there.

The user intent gets much higher thanks to SEO copywriting services. As people actively search for specific topics, they are more likely to engage when they find content that satisfies their expectations. We write copies for web bots but above all for humans.

Once the online users visit your website, you must convert them. SEO copywriting services make your call-to-action touchpoints more efficient throughout the whole customer journey. We tell contextual and relevant stories that bring lead-generation opportunities.

Algorithms evaluate web pages with scores, usually going from 0 (poor) to 100 (perfect). The higher your page quality, the more people trust your domain and brand name. Leverage the power of SEO copywriting services to achieve this.

Most individuals are not aware of the significant changes that occur within the digital world. They still happen though, like the periodic Google algorithm core updates. If you do nothing, you may lose all your traffic. This is where SEO copywriting services become extremely useful.

How Do SEO Copywriting Services Work?

A website copywriting service starts with a market analysis that implies a great command of several SEO tools and huge expertise as well. Then, it goes through a few steps as follows:

  • Existing content audit
  • Market trends review
  • Competitor benchmark
  • Keyword selection
  • Copy structure and subheads
  • Body content writing
  • Proofreading and uniqueness checking
  • Publishing

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For a given topic, if there is any content already live on your website, you must study it first. It means going through a checklist including a content quality review and SEO-friendliness. Based on this, your website copywriting agency could clarify the scope of work and define an action plan.

You must understand the current hot topics. Ideally, you want to publish content that surfs on the high tide. There are many ways to check this, including via Google Trends or social listening.

Competitors eat pieces of your digital cake, but they are also extremely useful. Thanks to them, you can build your strategy. First, position your business versus theirs. Then, learn from their failures and successes. Don’t forget to list their most-performing keywords.

Choosing the right keywords is a crucial step in copywriting services. The entire SEO effectiveness depends on them. Make the balance between relevance, competitiveness, user intent, and search volumes to launch your campaign accordingly.

SEO copywriting services logically organize your page content. The page title, the meta description, and the subheads must be clear. Online users scanning them should fully understand what the rest of the body text is about.

The heart of the copy itself includes paragraphs, bullet points, a certain writing style that is suitable to the target audience, and images. We must optimize the text with short sentences (under 20 words in English), good literacy, and ALT text for the visuals. Keyword density also plays a role.

Once the copy is ready, the copywriting work doesn’t end here. It needs some proofreading (we recommend Grammarly for this) and a uniqueness check (you can go for Copyscape). After this final review, your article is good to go.

You must publish the content in the right place, for example in the blog section of your website, and at the right time, for example when there is a buzz around this topic. A professional website copywriting service includes all of that.

Prodima SEO Copywriting Services

Prodima is a website copywriting agency that covers all niche markets. We deliver professional website copywriting services to businesses in retail, banking, insurance, legal, health, ecommerce, entertainment, education, and more.

For technical SEO copywriting services, our team of experts may ask for your support with a brief. This way, we will make sure to send you back the most optimized copies.

Prodima SEO Copywriters

Prodima only works with trusted in-house copywriters having years of experience. We never outsource any work to unknown freelancers found on random websites.

Prodima SEO copywriters’ responsibilities are:

  • Reviewing the existing content (if any)
  • Performing keyword research
  • Producing professional copywriting
  • Ensuring SEO-friendly articles
  • Publishing on websites
  • Working as a dedicated project manager

We produce on-demand content that convinces and sells. Prodima SEO copywriters follow high-quality standards and checklists to deliver the best website copywriting service.

Prodima SEO Copywriting Costs

Prodima covers three languages and the pricing per word depends on each:

  • Vietnamese: 0.05 USD per word
  • English: 0.1 USD per word
  • French: 0.2 USD per word

Based on the nature of the order, the topics, and the quantity, this price may decrease slightly.

For very specific requests, we may also apply a pricing per copy instead of per word. For more detailed information, contact our team of SEO experts.

Top Reasons to Partner with Prodima for SEO Copywriting

Why should you trust a website copywriting agency like Prodima?

The figures speak for themselves. In 2023, our website copywriting company got a 94% client retention rate. Prodima is Your Digital Transformation Partner.

We have over 16 years of copywriting experience. We understand the search engine algorithms. We know what people are looking for. We crafted our copywriting checklists. We know what we are doing.

Our use of digital tools makes us even stronger. We take the market data wherever available and we put it at your service to deliver the best SEO-friendly articles.

Not saying yet that we have a true passion for writing. Mr. Ben, our beloved Founder and CEO, started writing at the age of 14 and never stopped since then. He conveys his love for this hobby to everyone as he truly believes in the power of writing.

Besides SEO copywriting services, we guide your in-house copywriters. Ask us how we support you, and we can propose customized training plans for your teammates.

SEO Copywriting Service FAQ

What Does an SEO Copywriter Do?

An SEO copywriter produces content that is friendly to search engines and real people. The purpose is to get noticed online and engage the readers.

Is SEO Copywriting Important for Your Business?

It is! SEO copywriting opens many doors, especially if you want to grow your online business. It represents one of the main ways to convince your audience and communicate your branded messages.

How Much Does Cost SEO Copywriting Service?

It varies depending on many factors. For example, a technical copy costs more than a general one. At Prodima, we either charge per word as listed above or with a flat price per 1,000-word copy depending on the language.

Can We Copy Content from Other Websites?

You should avoid this. Search engine algorithms do not penalize duplicated content. However, they tend to give an advantage to the original posts. In all cases, you are better off publishing unique content that brings value to your audience.

How Many Times Should We Repeat a Keyword on 1 Page to Rank?

There is no straight answer to this question, but there are some rules to follow. Never go for “keyword stuffing,” meaning overdoing the number of keywords on your page to trick the algorithm. The right keyword density comes from a copy written “naturally.”

What is the Perfect Length for an SEO-Friendly Article?

Your blog articles must be as lengthy as they need to fully cover a specific topic with valuable information. It can be 500 words or 5,000. There is no perfect formula as it depends on many factors.

Should We Outsource SEO Copywriting to Cheap Companies?

Cheap companies deliver cheap content. Cheap content never performs well. Now, it is your call to go for this or not. Prodima does not recommend cheap work. At best, you will pay for no result.