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Here is a short list of what Prodima will deliver to you regarding this specific service.

Prodima performs an overall check to evaluate the content on each page. To perform well organically, websites must go through a complete checklist.

Prodima optimizes your web page content based on keyword analysis. Besides the on-site metadata, the domain needs high-quality content to comply with the E.A.T. framework from Google.

Our team of expert copywriters writes meaningful & SEO-friendly content for your website. From blog posts to page tags, we guarantee our copies will bring your domain to the top of search engine result pages.

SEO content needs outreach support. Prodima builds relevant links pointing at your web pages to raise their credibility, online visibility, and authoritativeness.

It is an easy task to describe a business and its products. Writing a compelling story that is concise, educational, informative, and SEO-friendly is more challenging.

Over 70% of marketers agree that quality content is the most effective SEO strategy. The foundation of copywriting is to produce valuable content to signal search engines’ attention and to engage human readers. Prodima markets your business content based on decades of experience.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is content that complies with specific rules satisfying both search engines like Google & real people. For example, it can be an original blog article or a product description.

Online users browsing the web via a search engine enter a selection of keywords or key phrases. The search engine looks up all data that bots constantly crawl on the internet and store into an index. It will return the most relevant results matching with the online users’ queries. SEO copywriting ensures that website content contains the right structure & text that will make it appear on this results list.

SEO Copywriting Benefits

Effective SEO Copywriting benefits both the user and the business as it provides:

  • Users with the relevant information they are in search of
  • Businesses with the opportunity to engage with users

Besides, good SEO copywriting satisfies the search engines that also look at the best content across the internet.

Users find what they look for. Businesses connect with their potential clients. Search engines return useful content. Everyone wins with SEO copywriting.

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Vector business conceptual background in flat style. The hand of a businessman holds a magnet and attracts happy customers of different ages and ethnicities to the business.

How Does SEO Copywriting Work?

SEO copywriting creation revolves around selecting the perfect words and structuring them correctly.

Content creators must understand the way people think & feel before they act.

SEO copywriting captures Google’s radar thanks to the following items:

  • page titles
  • meta descriptions
  • Hx headers & subheads
  • body text
  • bullet points

SEO-friendly pages always receive more organic traffic than those that do not consider any form of optimization.

Prodima offers these great SEO copywriting services:

  • content audit
  • content strategy
  • keyword research
  • content production & editing
  • web page revamp

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How Much Does SEO Copywriting Cost?

Prodima offers SEO content packages to answer all kinds of business needs. The more you order, the lower the price.

If you need one-off content, our expert writers also propose copies at:

  • $0.05 USD per word in the Vietnamese language
  • $0.1 USD per word in the English language
  • $0.2 USD per word in the French language

For other languages, please contact us as the cost will vary depending on the topics. Get started today!