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Prodima will perform an overall check to evaluate the content on each page and whether they are engaging users.

Prodima will conduct extensive SEO keyword research to effectively reach your target audience.

Prodima will create quality content for your website, from blog posts, Social Media posts to the most engaging ad copies. At the same time, we will optimize them to get your website to the top of Google, promote your brand, reach potential customers, and convert ROI successfully.

Prodima will provide you with Link Building Services from highly authoritative relevant pages pointing to your content, giving your website credibility in the eyes of users and improving SEO effectively.

Sure, we can all write well enough to describe our business and our products. But what about compelling writing that is concise, educational, informative, and flexing to a specific database? How about not just writing, but ensuring that the elements of the piece, the wording, the phrasing, the structure not only invites the audience but must also satisfy a digital search engine? 

Up to 72% of Marketers agree that quality, relevant content is the single most effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. If Google was a person requiring such content, what would you write to sell your product or service to an algorithm amongst the thousands of others in your local area? Or the billions across the globe? This is the core purpose of Copywriting – to create compelling SEO content that promotes and engages viewers to become consumers.

The foundation of SEO copywriting produces valuable content relevant to signal search engines’ attention, such as Google. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency’s SEO copywriting services markets your business and website content to appeal to viewers and optimize search engines.

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What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting is website content such as original articles and blogs that deliver information about a specific product or service. Internet browsers who search the web via a search engine will enter a selection of words or phrases into the search box. Once entered, a list of websites will match the most relevant sources available on the internet. SEO content writing is virtually ensuring that a website’s content contains keywords of keyphrases relevant enough to appear on this list. 

A fundamental example of this will be an internet user searching for “best vegan restaurant near me” on Google. Google’s algorithm will then respond with the most popular and well-addressed vegan establishments within the searcher’s local area. Through the effective SEO website content, Google has selected a particular list to rank on the first page of results.

There are approximately 4.2 billion internet users, with 80% of consumers and 70% of businesses choosing search engines to research their next purchase. This indicates how crucial it is for companies to invest in effective SEO copywriting services that deliver optimal results. Prodima’s SEO content writers focus on your website content to maximize your posts’ relevance and website information to your targeted demographic. The Digital Marketing team researches your audience extensively to assess and create appealing content filled with the necessary keywords leading to sale conversions.

What are the benefits of SEO Copywriting?

Effective SEO Copywriting is beneficial to both the user and the business. Reliable SEO copywriting provides:

  • Users with the relevant information they are in search of
  • Businesses with the opportunity to engage with users to exchange ideas, products and make sales

Furthermore, persuasive SEO Copywriting indexes a business’s website higher in search engines to gain organic traffic.

SEO Copywriting is the cornerstone of maximizing online visibility and reach to a target audience. Seeking critical help from Prodima Digital Marketing Agency’s professional SEO content services will help your business reap the benefits of SEO Copywriting:

  • Website Search Rankings: Fantastic SEO to your web page’s content makes your product and brand more visible. This will help claim more distinguished positions in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) to gain greater online attention amongst users and more clicks.
  • Cost-efficient: Regardless of how great your original content is, it is time costly. Even if a business were to promote website content through advertising, this costs money and reaches a broad yet random audience. Effective SEO copywriting targets consumers who are already searching and want to connect with your website. Excellent SEO content will drive users to your website through organic ranking.
  • Online Accessibility: Gain positive brand awareness and have meaningful interactions with viewers and consumers by being more accessible. Good SEO Copywriting ensures that a website contains the correct keywords to be indexed well enough for the business to be easily reached through search. The easier it is for customers to run your website and locate the relevant content they searched for, the more sales your business will collect.
  • Remain Competitive: SEO Copywriting ensures that a website remains current and follows trends. Regular SEO Website updates are crucial and must remain fresh enough to be searched amongst fellow competitors. Don’t let your business fall behind and disappear into outdated search results. Remain competitive with cutting-edge information, products, and services to shine through the pack.
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How does SEO Copywriting work?

Prodima’s SEO Content Strategy team is an experienced group that produces effective SEO Copywriting. To be successful, the team understands how SEO copywriting works to tailor products and services to the online audience. SEO content creators are trained to understand the way that certain people think and feel before they spend. 

SEO content creation revolves around selecting the perfect words to appeal to a demographic. From category titles to headlines, product descriptions, blogs, and company information, SEO copywriting captures Google’s radar with long-tail phrases. A page with quality on-page traffic is known to have an astonishing 2,000% traffic increase. How does SEO Copywriting work, and how does Prodima’s SEO content strategy team deliver such great results? 

  • Business consultation: An experienced SEO content writer works closely with your business to assess your business goals, demographic, products/services, and most importantly, website! Our team will evaluate your website data and Google data amongst competitors to provide a strategy that best suits your vision.
  • Keyword/keyphrase research: Content optimization is conducted through intensive princesses to seek out the terms and phrases that the website uses to enter the search box on search engines when hunting for information, products, and services.
  • SEO Editing: Professional SEO content marketing editors amend and improve texts such as blogs and articles to include SEO features so that the content is more attractive to search engines. SEO content editing involves modifying elements such as sentence lengths, title structures, paragraph formatting, and the use of keywords/keyphrases.
  • Webpage renewal/revamp: Depending on the current status of a website, the SEO Copywriting team will determine whether a web page needs to be either revamped or completely stripped down to implement SEO content optimization throughout the webpage. Additional to containing relevant keywords for good traffic potential, pages must also be optimized for users and search engines alike. Relevant links, images, and other media are also taken into SEO consideration.
  • SEO Content Writing (copywriting, ecommerce production information, technical copywriting, long-form content, and detailed user-guide tips): an experienced SEO copywriter will carry out SEO content optimization. Current webpage content will be reviewed for changes to include carefully selected keywords and keyphrases attractive to Google. An SEO strategist will also implement a structured scope for future blog posts on the web page that will entice viewers.

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How much does SEO Copywriting cost?

SEO Copywriting involves a lot of auditing and assessment, so a fixed cost can be determined. Contact a Prodima consultant today for a quotation. Our Prodima experts will evaluate your current website content and business goals to provide a transparent fee and strategy plan. We will work closely with your business to know precisely what our services will achieve and what costs the price covers.

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