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Prodima sets up your Google Merchant Center & Google Ads account as well (if you haven’t already). From this, we prepare your Google Shopping campaign fully compliant with Google regulations.

Prodima identifies the most cost-effective places where we should advertise your products. If you are a local business or an international store, we tailor the ad targeting options.

Prodima runs Google Shopping ads that perform in a matter of hours after launching the campaign. We always find solutions to deliver the best results to your business.

Google provided the Google Shopping service to the world.

It is a quick & efficient way for online consumers to search, compare, and purchase products by simply typing into the search bar.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping operates through a feed of products via Google Merchant Center. This tool assists people in uploading their product data onto a digital store.

Once the retailer populates his feed of products in the Merchant Center, it synchronizes this data from the business e-commerce store. Once reviewed & approved by Google, the products become visible online.

People can access Google Shopping via desktop as well as mobile apps. There is some minimum organic visibility. However, the main point of using Google Shopping is to run ads that will boost online sales.

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Is Google Shopping Safe?

Businesses featuring products on Google shopping must comply with Google’s Shopping Policies.

Overall, Google Shopping is a safe online marketplace to search & purchase products. However, it is important to understand that Google Shopping only connects retailers & potential clients. Unlike e-commerce platforms like Amazon or Shopee, the transaction does not occur on Google’s platform but on the seller’s landing page. Consequently, scams can always happen.

Prodima wrote a blog to fully explain what is Google Shopping and if it is safe.

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How Much Does Google Shopping Cost?

Unlike setting up a brick-and-mortar shop, showcasing products on Google Shopping via the Google Merchant Center is totally free.

It means that, at no cost, anyone can display their products online & get noticed by customers.

Now, Google is also here to make money. The “free organic visibility” does not bring many online clients. To sell their products, merchants must consider running Google Shopping ads.

The media budget depends on the brand. Of course, the more we spend, the more conversions we can expect.

Prodima fully manages Google Shopping ads campaigns for its partners. We take 15% of the monthly media budget (+10% VAT). Contact us to get clients in a matter of hours.

Prodima’s Google Shopping Services

Prodima offers elite services in Google Shopping ads.

We start with an in-depth assessment of your business’s current digital marketing strategy. Then, we formulate a model to guide you through the whole Google Shopping process.

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Contact Prodima today to get started with your Google Shopping campaign!