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First, Prodima will set up a Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords account (if you haven’t already). We will then implement Target-based Google Shopping Ads campaigns that fully comply with Google regulations.

Prodima conducts research and analysis of 3 main factors: Business Market, Demographics and Competitors of your business.

Based on collected data, we will provide special Google Shopping ad campaigns, optimizing your investment budget to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Narrow your approach to the Ideal Demographics.
  • Increase clickthrough rate Increase direct conversions on the website.

Prodima will identify places where your ad can be seen by potential customers.

  • If you’re a Local Business: Our strategy will target searches within the regional radius of your business.
  • If you’re an International Store: The target will expand globally.

Prodima will provide transparent reporting on every data: Clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and specific measures to help you review our ongoing campaign performance.

Every month, Prodima will send detailed reports on your Content Marketing campaign so that you can check and analyze our performance.

The metrics that Prodima is most interested in are users’ traffic and time on site. In addition, Prodima also considers return on investment (ROI) and conversion rate performance indicators.

Thereby, Prodima will make changes / adjustments to the content accordingly to bring you the best possible results.

The famous Google enterprise provides Google Shopping – a service that allows internet users to search for, view, and compare products. Google Shopping is a quick and efficient way for consumers to explore what they are looking for by merely entering chosen wears into the search bar.

From “rainbow car” to something as niche as “sushi bed sheets Google’s powerful algorithms display results under the shopping tab. According to Smart Insights, Google Shopping ads drive up to 76% of retail search ad spend.

Furthermore, this generates 85% of all clicks on Google Shopping ad campaigns. They are to be well-executed and monitored to drive your business’s online success.

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency guides partners through the complex procedures of Google Shopping to best implement Google Shopping ad campaigns on the web. Vietnam continues to rise exponentially, with Statista reporting:

With such astounding results, a Google Shopping expert agency should l be able to guide your business with Google shopping ads. Our reliable team available to assist in English, Vietnamese, and French can evolve your business alongside Google Shopping to take great advantage of its tools.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping provides Google users with lists of ads of online advertisers, specifically retailers. Google Shopping is operated through a feed of products via Google Merchant Centre (a Google-operated tool that assists in uploading a store’s product data to Google), making it available for Google Shopping ads and other Google services across the Google Display Network.

Unlike Google search ads, Google Shopping does not offer targeting of keywords. A Google Shopping agency division will assist your business with such services to populate your Merchant with a feed of products that syncs the product data from your business’s ecommerce store. 

Google shopping is accessible on the web via desktop as well as mobile apps. By working with a Digital Marketing Agency’s web services, a team will optimize your website content and merchandise to be displayed in a user-friendly, accessible way to the online shopper. As shoppers search and browse shopping lists on Google shopping, with additional care from Google customer support, should a product be purchased through Google.

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Is Google Shopping safe?

Businesses featuring products on Google shopping must comply with Google’s Shopping Policies. Merchants must follow specific Google requirements to list and advertise their products. However, consumers must be mindful that Google Shopping products are ranked and influenced by such terms via Google algorithms.

There are specifications as to which items cannot be listed through Google search. Items that do not adhere to the Google Shopping policies will be removed, and merchants who have violated such policies may also be penalized.

Businesses looking to sell on Google shopping are advised to familiarize themselves with the more nuanced terms and conditions of Google’s policies to ensure no technical controversies in the future. Our team of Google Shopping experts is thorough in product advertising on Google Shopping, following Google Shopping’s commitment to:

  • Powerful search technology 
  • Comprehensive product ranges
  • Fast product results

How does Google Shopping work?

Google Shopping primarily functions through the Google Merchant Center. Through this, businesses with online stores can submit their service and product range to a Google feed. This allows users to search and view products from retailers across the globe. Product and service information revealed to the internet user is what merchants regularly update through the Google Merchant Center.

Smart Insights has revealed that as of 2019, Google Shopping has accounted for 65% of the entirety of Google Ad clicks and 89% of non-branded retailer Google search ads. In comparison to basic Google Ads Search, the power of Google Shopping is that Google Shopping ads display an array of product images.

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As with off-web scenarios, if you were to decide upon a meal to eat for dinner – would you prefer someone describe it to you or show you the delicious plate of food? This highlights the incredible power of visual advertisement through Google Shopping ads.

Companies should understand the needs of their ecommerce business and the psyche behind a user’s Google Shopping search to set up their business Merchant information. Our team will onboard your business to Google shopping and manage your business’s online product visibility:

  • Google Merchant Center registration
  • Customer checkout (redirection to your website, in-store, or via Google)
  • Google Merchant Center navigation
  • Google surfaces set up (adding products, tax information, shipping details, website verification, website and URL confirmation, policies reviewal)
  • Shopping Actions configurations (adding products and brand assets, tax and shipping settings, return settings, user role setting, implementation of merchant promotions, and customer service contact information)
  • URL verification and claims (possible integration of third-party ecommerce platforms)
  • Product data submissions (building product data, file formats support, feed creation, feed upload, feed troubleshooting, specifications of product data)
  • Adherence of Merchant Center Guidelines

Following the setup and onboarding of your business’s Google Shopping ads, it is crucial to apply designated time and effort into continuing your Google Shopping campaign’s journey.

How much does Google Shopping cost?

Google Shopping has been majorly popularized because it does not cost merchants to place ads on the Google search results list. Products are chosen by relevance through Google’s algorithm, and merchants only pay for the Google Shopping listing should a viewer visit the store’s page.

However, it is notable to mention that Google Shopping’s prime real estate occurs as they do through Google’s CPC (Cost Per Click) auction process. Prodima’s consultants will assess your business’s digital marketing strategy to help you configure how much to bid for valuable placement online.

Prodima’s Google Shopping Services

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency offers elite services in Google Shopping ads. Mindful of Google’s powerful tools to reach your target audience, Prodima’s resources, and experienced team strategize to structure campaigns that will lead your business to success. Following an in-depth assessment of your business’s current digital marketing strategy and analysis of your product and audience, Prodima will formulate a model to guide you through:

  • Google Merchant Centre platform
  • Creation of product and service data feed
  • Linking Google Ads and your business’ Google Merchant Centre
  • Management of Google Shopping
  • Consistent Google Search optimization
  • Google Shopping campaigns
  • Bid management
  • All your Google Shopping needs to turn clicks into revenue!

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