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Prodima conducts targeted keyword analysis to drive buyers to your website. We transform your leads into customers, and we help you grow your online sales numbers.

Prodima creates flexible advertising campaigns on the Coc Coc platform. We help convey the correct message to your potential clients. Our ads are all A/B tested to boost your CTR metrics.

Prodima monitors your Coc Coc ads campaign performance & provides a detailed report of the progress. We craft new plans for the coming month based on the market data.

Coc Coc is the Vietnamese translation of “knock-knock” in English.

As a matter of fact, Coc Coc has successfully “knocked” and entered Vietnam with around 25% of the population as monthly active users.

What is Coc Coc?

Coc Coc is a Vietnamese-friendly browser.

Besides the integration of the local language’s accents, it includes features prioritizing the Vietnamese demographic such as:

  • the best Vietnamese-English translator available in the market
  • compatibility with low-end devices
  • robust data connectivity to download videos
  • precise targeting including the countryside areas

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Visit our blog to read a complete review of the Coc Coc platform.

What are Coc Coc Ads?

Coc Coc is a great platform for businesses to advertise within the local community. Major companies, including Coca-Cola and Lazada, invested in Coc Coc ads to grow their revenues in Vietnam.

There are several format options on Coc Coc ads:

  • search ads
  • banner ads
  • icon ads
  • shopping ads
  • browser skin ads
  • news ads

Prodima works with your business to define the best strategy that suits your campaign objectives.

How Much Do Coc Coc Ads Cost?

The cost of Coc Coc ads depends on the targeting options, the industry, the competitors’ activity, and the targets to reach.

Prodima runs digital marketing campaigns on Coc Coc for years. Our team of digital experts is glad to share its experience with the platform. We take a 15% agency fee on the monthly media budget (+10% VAT).

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Coc Coc ads may look confusing at the beginning because there is a lot of Vietnamese logic in here. Fortunately, by choosing Prodima, you partner with local citizens who know what they are doing!

Prodima’s Coc Coc Ads Services

Our agency is ready to support you in reaching any of your company objectives on the Coc Coc platform: online visibility, lead generation, customer engagement, or brand awareness.

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Contact a Prodima consultant today to get started with your Coc Coc ads campaign. Fill the contact form below and spare no details!