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Prodima will conduct targeted keyword research to drive buyers to your website, increase conversions into leads, and reach high sale numbers.

Prodima will create an ad campaign tailored to your goals, helping to convey the correct message to potential customers => driving the highest click-through rates.

In particular, all Prodima ad campaigns are A / B tested to help increase clickthrough rate (CTR) and sales conversions.

Prodima provides Coc Coc advertising campaigns that are flexible and specifically tailored to your goals and budget.

Every month, Prodima will provide a detailed report on the work implemented and new plans for the next month. In this report will be the full analysis of:

  • Your PPC campaign.
  • Improvements in the campaign.
  • The strategies Prodima has in place to ensure your success.

Coc Coc is a well-known and adored freeware browser created in Vietnam, loved by the Vietnamese. It was established in 2013 and operated on all major operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows XP. Only second to Chrome, Coc Coc has an impressive market share of 12.81% after Google Chrome, surpassing even Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

Coc Coc in Vietnamese translates to “knock-knock” in English, the browser’s appeal to the Vietnamese market. Coc Coc has successfully ‘knocked’ and entered Vietnam with Forbes reporting that Coc Coc has accumulated 24 million monthly active users.Prodima Digital Marketing Agency is a specialist in marketing Coc Coc ad campaigns. Whether you’re a newcomer to online visibility or an already established business, Prodima invites your business to discuss our advertising services to improve your business’s web goals further.

What is Coc Coc?

The Coc Coc browser was explicitly developed and continues to improve its usability for the Vietnamese community. The search engine homes in on Vietnam’s linguistic conventions, considering various accents and tones to reveal relevant results that are local to the area. Coc Coc’s team has successfully identified that the Vietnamese demographic are heavy users of online videos; therefore, consistently prioritizing download speed and robust data connectivity.Much of Coc Coc’s appeal is due to its high functionality for the Vietnamese people.

The browser’s built-in Vietnamese-to-English dictionary tool allows users to surf English-languages with an impressive 90% accuracy rate claim. With over 55% of the globe’s web content transcribed in English, Coc Coc has provided Vietnam with greater access to information, education, news, and of course – ecommerce.

Coc Coc Ads hình ảnh 2

Prodima will ensure that your business’s content and ad placement through Coc Coc gels with Coc Coc’s Vietnamese-English transcriptions for relevant information and reliability when it comes to your business’s products and services.

What are Coc Coc ads?

Coc Coc’s commitment to innovation in the Vietnamese language development makes the platform a great source for businesses to advertise to the local community. Businesses are inclined to pursue Coc Coc ads with wondrous statistics as shared by Coc Coc:

  • 23,836, 585 monthly active users (3,929,944/day)
  • 815,756,164 monthly page views (26,314,714/day)
  • 363,116,570 search queries (11,713,437/day)

These astounding figures to the national Vietnamese community drive over 3,000 paying clients to advertise through the Coc Coc platform. Major companies, including Coca-Cola and Lazada have invested in Coc Coc’s sustainable growth in revenue and profit for the browser and its clients.

Coc Coc ads are offered in several format options and display locations such as:

  • Search Ads: your business’s ads will appear on the Coc Coc search engine results page by relevant indexing on the Coc Coc homepage to engage with previous users who have search specific keywords or key phrases.
    A Prodima Coc Coc ads consultant will assess your campaign to ensure that your content is relevant to be captured by Coc Coc’s algorithm.
  • Banner ads: These ads are displayed on the Coc Coc browser when users open new tabs. Banner ads are displayed in prime locations at the center of the browser homepage.
  • Icon ads: Smaller than banner ads, Icon ads appear below Coc Coc’s Banner Ads.
  • Shopping ads: Ideal for ecommerce businesses, shopping ads on the Coco Coc search results page are displayed in a grid of blocks filled with a slide of products (including photos, prices, and where the product can be purchased).
  • Browser skin ads: Coc Coc’s browser skin ads appear on an entirely new tab of the engine’s browser each time a user enters a new tab.
  • News: Your business’s advertisements will be displayed within Coc Coc’s news category on the browser homepage.

With so many fantastic advertising options provided, Prodima’s ad advisors will work with your business to select the best ad format that will most suitably reach your target audience.

How much do Coc Coc ads cost?

The pricing of Coc Coc ads varies depending on which type of advertising path a business chooses. Fortunately, Prodima’s local advertising specialists are experienced in the field of Vietnamese digital marketing best to advise your business’s advertising costs and budget expectations.

Advertisements promoted through Coc Coc may be charged through CPC (Cost Per Click) – a standard payment method whereby your business is only charged if the advertisement link is clicked upon by a user. Under Coc Coc’s policies, cost factors include:

  • The maximum bid a business has placed to advertise.
  • The bid price of fellow competitors with a similar target audience
  • CTR (Click Through Rate), being that the greater a business’s CTR is, the more the cost per click is reduced.

Coc Coc Ads hình ảnh 3

Newcomers to Coc Coc ads may find the procedure slightly confusing, but with Prodima’s support team’s help, we will help all businesses manage and monitor ads efficiently. Coc Coc’s provided formula for monthly payments is: “number of clicks x cost per click.” 

Although Coc Coc does not set daily budgets for ads, the service allows a fixed maximum budget for weekly campaigns. The weekly budget for Coc Coc ad campaigns runs from the start time and date, and that the ad is active for engagement by Coc Coc users.

Does your business need Coc Coc ads?

Placing Coc Coc ads is highly beneficial to businesses looking to reach the Vietnamese demographic in rural and city areas. Prodima is available to assess your previous, current, and potential future digital marketing campaigns to determine whether your business will benefit from Coc Coc advertising. 

Of course, Coc Coc ads are beneficial with the potential to reach up to 18 million active users, but your business may have the potential to reap other benefits, including:

  • Viewer engagement at their live point-of-search
  • Complete autonomy over your campaign budget
  • Direct access to monitoring your ad’s quality and effectiveness
  • Ultimate choice as to where and when the ad will be displayed
  • Being able to reach Coc Coc users before them accessing competing sites by placing icon and banners ads on the Coc Coc browser homepage

How are Coc Coc ads created?

Coc Coc Ads are created via a Coc Coc business account to create new campaigns. Prodima’s advertising accounts team will efficiently ensure a seamless process for your business’s campaign. Whether your business is looking to gain brand awareness, promote a product or service, or push upcoming offers and launches, our team is readily available to guide you to success.

Different methods are in place to create Coc Coc ads depending on the ad format (Search, Banner, Icon, Shopping, or Browser Skin).

Prodima’s Coc Coc ads Services

Trained in the development of Vietnam’s advanced digital marketing industry, Prodima is an exceptional agency dedicated to your business’s mission and vision. Online visibility, traction, and consumer engagement is growing as Vietnam’s tech scene advances, and our team would like to work with your business to remain at the forefront of your industry.

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Contact a Prodima consultant today about our Coc Coc ads services and how our other packages, including Social Media and SEO strategies, can come together to provide your business with the attention and revenue that it deserves!