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SEO Prodima experts will research and select the keywords / key phrases that users search for the most in the local / regional area of ​​your business.

At the same time, Prodima will also look for keywords that your competitors are ranking for. With these information, Prodima will implement the best strategy to help your business overcome the competition.

Prodima’s team of content writing experts will produce a variety of compelling Blog / website content that provide useful information to attract as many users as possible.

SEO Prodima will perform optimization techniques for local keywords to accurately target the right audience and satisfy search engines’ ranking factors => effective revenue conversion.

Prodima will set up and optimize your business’ Google My Business listing to help customers find your location faster.

Prodima’s GMB optimization techniques will get your business to the top of local search results as we implement the right strategy to increase CTR and successfully convert users according to the goals of your business.

Prodima always put emphasis on transparency in the workflow, as we provide detailed monthly reports with clearly defined campaign data to help you understand what the Prodima team has been doing, as well as the current progress toward reaching your business goals.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a business’s reachability within a local area. The easiest way to understand local SEO is when a user enters keywords into the search engine to find what’s “near me.” Whether it be a library, cafe, train station, or service, users are continually seeking convenient businesses within their surrounding area for a product, service, or information. Local SEO plays a crucial part in being accessible to local audiences and opening doors to qualified traffic and sales.

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Ho Chi Minh City itself is bustling with businesses on every street, alley, and road. How can a single website stand out amongst thousands of competitors within a single district, let alone in the entire city? Prodima is an expert local SEO company that provides SEO services to reach an immediate audience within the local area.

Did you know that:

Search engines such as Google apply an algorithm that considers proximity, time, and distance to reach. Successful Local SEO ensures that your business will be high ranking and presented to the user for consideration when searched. As the mobile-using community increases and users search on the go, their location follows. Your business must appear within the local list that offers your services and products. 

What is local SEO?

Local SEO services are processes that promote businesses, their services, products, and information to local community prospects. Local SEO involves collecting local data, content, links, and pages that are most relevant to local users in order to increase a business’s visibility in the area when searched. The more customers that reached, the greater the chance of ROI (Return On Investment).

An SEO consultant from Prodima can source the local area’s needs to enhance business listings in the immediate area to be contacted and visited. For a business to remain relevant within the local area, SEO strategies must be put to maximize reach to potential customers.

Prodima’s best local SEO services pinpoint the foundation of success by outlining SEO strategies that cover:

  • Google My Business: the listing that includes the critical information of local businesses appearing
  • Local citations: publishing updated business information that reaches the local audience and pushes relevant traffic to your website
  • Keyword targeting: selecting key phrases and keywords that will rank a website and its content in search engines
  • Rating and review management: review and monitorization of customer feedback to protect the presentation and reputation of a business and its website within the local area
  • Link building: producing relevant and valuable keywords and content within the local area amongst surrounding, reputable businesses and their websites that link back to your website. This drives qualified leads to the site that attracts interested audiences and increases site traffic.
  • UX (User experience) analysis: ensuring that the user’s website experience, whether it be desktop or mobile, is clear, understandable, operational, and most efficient to satisfy the search’s needs and curiosities. It is a part of Prodima’s SEO strategy to ensure that websites have a low bounce rate to maintain a favorable search ranking within the local area. A Prodima SEO expert will apply tools to speed up page speed optimization and potentially include elements that engage the user, such as visual aids and interactive experiences.
  • Mobile responsive design: Mobile users are frequently on the move, continually asking questions and wanting immediate responses as they carry out their daily responsibilities. A robust mobile responsive design is fundamental to the UX for all searchers. In Addition to looking good, a site must perform well and be accessible. 

Prodima SEO agency ensures that partners maximize their chances of customer engagement within the local area across all areas.

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How does local SEO work?

Local SEO work is maintained through search engine algorithms (such as that of Google). A regional map displays organic search listings and results when users search for a product or service within the local area. Prodima SEO agency strategizes a local SEO plan that increases a partner’s opportunity to appear as a business listed higher up in the ranking system in the search results and the local map pack.

Prodima’s local SEO strategy considers the many digital marketing challenges faced in search engine listings. It is a complex process that can be difficult to understand how it all works, which is why Prodima SEO marketing techniques are transparent and share a variety of local search ranking factors:

  • Google listing optimization: management of Google Business Account, including updated information, visuals, payment methods, sincere response, and review management.
  • Voice research optimization: contend adjustment to match the tones of someone speaking that is easily understood and efficient.
  • Content creation: producing content relevant to local events and news through blogs, videos, and location-specific links.
  • Feedback: optimizing search listing presence through positive business reviews and satisfied customers. 85% of customers trust online reviews as they do personal recommendations, hence the importance of proper feedback management.
  • Mobile website optimization: Prodima SEO optimization includes processes that optimize the mobile website experience. Statistics show that up to 75% of mobiles that search online with local intent end up producing in-store, offline visits to a business within a day. Prodima manages page design from speed to design and visual aids to ensure an active UX.
  • Online Business Directories: management of reliable review sites such as Yelp and Foursquare to include updated business information, necessary backlinks, and succinct and compelling business description.
  • Link Signals: ensuring that backlinks redirect to a high-quality website. Prodima’s affordable local SEO services provide that when backlinked, users enter a website that contains high-quality content that engages local influencers and reputable local businesses.
  • Web page product/service management: management of each service and product web page’s dedicated content to ensure that it is updated and remains relevant when locally searched. 

Why is local SEO important?

Positive Local SEO is crucial to attracting people who are already searching for your business’s products and services. Local SEO will increase the chances of an immediate audience, reaching a company as they are genuinely searching to decide based on proximity. 

A strong Local SEO is the best opportunity to appear in a local target demographic’s search engine listing. Additional to being necessary, there are many benefits of strong Local SEO that Prodima packages deliver:

  • Trackability: businesses can track the performance of the campaign in real-time to assess performance within the local area to make business changes if required
  • Website traffic: effective Local SEO increases web traffic that drives customer engagement, ROI, and advanced search ranking
  • Lead generation: generated by an audience that is already highly interested within the local area 
  • Increase sales: strong local visibility attracts the intended audience willing to consume and spend
  • Increase reputation: a local audience that can reach a business within a local with high-quality content, relative content, and updated contact information increases the authority and increase trustworthiness within the local as a service and product provider

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Prodima’s Local SEO Service & Costs

Prodima’s services in SEO for a small business and large business focuses entirely on SEO optimization. Pricing varies depending on the SEO package and requirements. The cost of each SEO package is unique to the needs of the business. However, Prodima is a reliable and honest top local SEO company that can provide affordable local SEO services.

Prodima’s Local SEO strategy plan manages services that bring our business partners the best:

  • Local SEO expertise
  • On-page Local SEO (keyword research, titles, and meta-descriptions, website page content, updated SEO copy and posts, microformat/HTML tags on the website)
  • Citation management (automatic citation claiming and management across in-network citations 
  • Review management
  • Custom Reporting (SEO reports including profile view, direction requests, rising and declining keywords, local Google ranking, organic Google rankings).

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