Our agency tagline: Global Expertise, Local Insight


Prodima story

Prodima rose to establishment amongst the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 as an independent digital agency in Saigon, Vietnam.

Vietnam’s digital landscape grows exponentially, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights the significant online opportunities available to businesses across multiple industries. Albeit traditional marketing such as television, newspapers and billboards remain prevalent in Vietnam, digital media is the present and future of marketing.

Prodima functions in Vietnam’s marketing industry to fulfil partners’ needs by providing services through both organic and paid digital channels. Prodima’s experienced services expertly forecast trends and gain high online visibility to attract qualified customers.

Prodima was launched to explore and exceed the potential of digital power amongst company-partners.

Our values

Prodima’s company values are all client-centered and reflect our wish to serve you the best.


Complete and utter transparency aligned with effective communication to create and maintain sustainable partnerships of trust. Prodima takes pride in sharing ideas as well as challenges to offer partners feedback as well as solutions.


The Prodima team works with great gumption in its projects. The company’s organic and authentic passion drives extraordinary results that create significant business results. It brings Prodima pride to create opportunities for partners that bring successful outcomes.


Prodima is ROI-driven. Focused on returns, the Prodima group assesses the investments of digital campaigns based on data and facts to reach KPIs.


Prodima follows the latest digital trends to ensure that the team delivers only exceptional digital solutions to partners. As the digital landscape progresses within the industry, Prodima is present to maintain a system that attends to the continuation of searchable trends.


Prodima values clients putting SEO and paid media at your service, working to build strong and everlasting relationships with partners. The proven results of hundreds of Prodima-managed campaigns across multiple industries carry out great performance strategies that cater to each individual partner and their business needs.

This is processed by an attentiveness committed to partners within the early stages of business development across digital platforms such as websites and social pages. Prodima’s expertise enforces strict guidelines that bring successful results to the attention of your target audience to be both knowledgeable and contactable. Prodima’s customer service team works cohesively with partners to achieve high attainability and connection.

Whether requests stem from startups through to larger corporations, Prodima does not compromise in service or support to achieve online visibility and lead generations that are the digital solutions provisional to you.

Through Prodima’s understanding of digital networks and the required services to achieve the correct results, white-hat practices are enforced for an efficient, cost-friendly and sustainable long-term agreement in digital marketing.

As a multinational company operational in Vietnamese, English and French, Prodima is a diversified team committed to delivering optimal results with an array of insight and international experience.

Prodima team

Prodima’s core team gathers the best Vietnamese and Expat talents in Vietnam.

They are all committed to serve partners with top-quality support.

By choosing Prodima, you choose to work with experienced digital marketers, web developers, SEO technicians, media buyers, and copywriters. Every team member is an expert in his or her field.

We are a dream team!

Our processes follow the best standards and had proven results. We built our expertise from thousands of campaigns. We know what we do and we are glad to share with you.


Benjamin Poirrier is a resident from France who relocated to Vietnam in 2007. He is the Founder & CEO of Prodima. Arriving in Vietnam to validate a degree in Marketing and Communication, Benjamin soon immersed himself in the culture and community of Vietnam.

With a bare minimum of 500 Euros to survive and a lack in the local culture, Benjamin explored the Vietnamese language and continues to practice it today. The ways of Vietnam resonate within Benjamin’s values, consistently drawing him to learn from Vietnamese people and Vietnamese mindsets – essential to success and growth in Vietnam.

Following years of global travel and local expertise gained through living in Vietnam, Benjamin has built Prodima based upon the needs of the Vietnamese business community. Gaining insight through the digital market in Saigon, Benjamin has aligned the needs of the industry with Vietnam’s market for talent and online attraction.

Prodima leader and innovator Benjamin maintains a developed passion for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based upon a foundation of years of digital marketing experience. He is also a passionate PPC (Pay Per Click) expert in media ads campaigns whose professional experience and success is valuable to all partners. Finally, Benjamin produces website development strategies alongside an experienced team to deliver professional and authentic results.