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Prodima researches your target audience affinities and conducts a keyword analysis to build a solid content marketing strategy. We prepare a 1-year content calendar based on this insight.

Prodima produces high-quality and unique content for your brand. Our team of expert copywriters commits to delivering and publishing consistent copies for all your social channels.

Prodima writes optimized content that pleases both online users and search engine crawlers. We build your brand reputation and awareness from the best content foundations.

Prodima boosts your newly published content to ensure it reaches your online audience and social followers. Organic and paid efforts combine well with each other when they follow a consistent strategy.

Content is King.

In today’s modern world so heavily focused on online exposure, digital content encompasses a wide variety of types. Businesses eager to build leads and generate revenue must consistently create content for entertaining, informative, and persuasive purposes.

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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the procedure to market a business’s message to its ideal audience. It involves lots of preliminary research before actually producing such content.

Professional content marketing agencies support clients as follows:

  • business intelligence and data analysis
  • auditing the content inventory
  • study the audience (and potential new leads)
  • build a content marketing plan
  • produce the content (text copies and visual aids)
  • publish the content according to the strategy
  • platform management
  • content performance tracking and optimization

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Why is Content Marketing Important?

Content marketing is crucial to ensure that the messages are valuable, understandable, and desired by the client. It ultimately must provide a Return On Investment (ROI).

As the internet is full of “noise” and it becomes challenging to differentiate there, content marketing is one of the main ways to stand out from the competition.

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To understand better the importance of content marketing, check out this example of an effective campaign: Huggies Vietnam case study.

They lost a large amount of website traffic following the 2019 Google core update. However, following a comprehensive content marketing strategy, Prodima achieved to boost again its number of website visitors in only 4 months. Huggies maintained its leading position and made it in the list of Vietnam’s top 100 brands in 2020.

Prodima’s Content Marketing Services

Prodima ensures that its consultants deliver your business with only the best content marketing services.

Contact a content expert today for a free consultation. Prodima is excited to increase your business’s content visibility.