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A solid and well-targeted Content Marketing Strategy is how you stay ahead of your competition. Prodima's team of experts will research, write, edit and promote customized (and search engine friendly) content according to your business needs. From blog posts and online tutorials to compelling videos ... You can do it all with Prodima!

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All Prodima Content Marketing Packages include:

  • Researching your target audiences’ affinities and learning about your customers.
  • Conducting keyword research to make sure the marketing content is relevant to your target audience and able to reach more users.

All of this helps Prodima create the most unique and engaging content, bringing in more potential customers for you.

Prodima’s content writing experts will create consistent and high-quality content, then edit and publish them directly on your website. Prodima is committed to only providing unique content for you.

Prodima’s Content Marketing Services also includes SEO – In-depth content optimization that “satisfies” both users and search engines:

  • Improve user experience
  • Rank for keywords and drive organic traffic
  • Build reputation
  • Raise awareness

Prodima’s team of experts will promote your content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

For stronger content distribution and promotion, Prodima encourages you to use a combination of Social Media Management Services and/or Email Marketing Services. Prodima will help you build your target audience to effectively promote your content.

Every month, Prodima will send detailed reports on your Content Marketing campaign so that you can check and analyze our performance.

The metrics that Prodima is most interested in are users’ traffic and time on site. In addition, Prodima also considers return on investment (ROI) and conversion rate performance indicators.

Thereby, Prodima will make changes / adjustments to the content accordingly to bring you the best possible results.

Quality marketing content is the way a company brands itself to maintain communication and engagement with clientele. A Content Marketing Strategy is a thoroughly developed plan of valuable content scheduled for distribution as part of a business’s campaign to promote its brand to make a profit. In today’s modern world so heavily focused on digital presence and exposure, digital content encompasses a wide variety of types. Businesses eager to build leads, generate revenue, and expand their business must consistently create content for entertaining, informative, and persuasive campaigns for their ideal audience to seek interest and explore their products and services.

There was a time when a simple website was a simple method to communicate basic information. However, today’s consumers are looking to be engaged. With an estimated 51 million people in Vietnam actively using social media in 2021, companies are under constant pressure to provide quality content that enhances their brand culture and draws consumers.

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Why is Content Marketing important?

Content Marketing is crucial to today’s modern age to ensure that the content produced is valuable and ultimately provides a return on investment. Content Marketing involves businesses creating and sharing online content material to promote their brain to engage with consumers. Through an effective Content Marketing strategy, companies can appeal to the 78% of internet users in Vietnam between 16 and 64 who already shop online (GlobalWebIndex). Content Marketing is an ongoing project that requires businesses to manage the content that drives their campaigns to boost customer responses and profits. 

With such an array of platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Zalo, and more, content can be challenging to manage and monitor. Due to this, many businesses turn to the professional advisory and partnership of a Digital Media Agency for a content marketing strategy to ensure that the business’s content with the public form maintains the business’s attention and exposure. From producing Website blogs, Instagram stories to Facebook posts to Google ads and many others, there are up to 100 types of Digital Content produced.

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What is Content Marketing Strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy is an in-depth procedure of how a business’s content will be marketed to its ideal audience. Content Marketing Strategy involves research and great observation of a company’s previous, current, and forecasted customer engagement with its marketed content.

Content Marketing Strategists work relentlessly with the business, digital marketing experts, audience, designers, and SEO specialists to support a business’ goals in product and service placement to create new leads and turn profits.

A professional Digital Marketing Agency supports clients by devising Content Marketing Strategy that involves:

  • Business intelligence (data analysis)
  • Monitoring and auditing of content inventory
  • Audience research that best captures current and potential new leads
  • Ensuring that the strategized content to be market aligns with the business’s company mission and value
  • Maintaining or improving the brand’s identity through well-marketed content and successful campaigns.
  • Creative processes and ideation with insightful experts
  • Platform management of the various media channels to connect with audiences
  • Working cohesively and transparently with the business to execute a strategic content marketing campaign

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Why is a Content Marketing Strategy important?

An example of effective Campaign Marketing is Huggies Vietnam, which had lost a large amount of traffic following the 2010 Google core update. However, following a comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy as implemented by Prodima Digital Marketing Agency, it was within only 4 months of the campaign that website traffic increased over 100%. Huggies has maintained its leading position as the most famous content hub for various topics and is included in the list of Vietnam’s Top 100 brands in 2020.

How is a Content Marketing Strategy created?

There are multiple Content Marketing Strategy solutions available to businesses, depending on what the company aims to achieve through the campaign, whether it be to increase ranking on Google SERP (search engine results pages) through to the digital user experience. The most basic Content Marketing Strategy model must include:

  • Clear business objectives
  • Refined target audience descriptions, filters as well as their needs and wants
  • Set goals and metrics that are measurable
  • Quality content
  • Content marketing schedule
  • A distinct content marketing strategy is agreed upon amongst the collaborative team (business, digital marketing agency, designers, SEO specialists, etc.)
  • Content observation and analysis to gauge the audience’s response
  • Complete attention to the buyer’s journey

According to Vietnam News, the average Vietnamese person spends up to seven hours a day on the internet. How is your business’s content being marketed, how is your content trending with your demographic, and is your business’s Content Marketing Strategy considerate of Vietnam’s leading social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Zalo, Messenger, TikTok, and Twitter)?

Prodima’s Content Marketing Strategy Services

According to ZazzleMedia, 65% of people find it hard to produce engaging content. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency’s Content Marketing Strategy Services ensure that our consultants deliver your business with only the best services and knowledge to providing a successful campaign. Prodima’s services will execute a successful campaign by:

  • Working with your business to set content goals 
  • Assessing the buyer persona and their buyer journey
  • Ensuring an exception audience journey, from creating awareness through to customer loyalty and revenue
  • Performing reliable content audits to improve your business’s digital marketing content.
  • Select the appropriate media platforms and creating content (blogs, PR articles, posts, etc.) most suitable for the campaign
  • Publishing relevant content (including promotions and offers)
  • Applying the appropriate, necessary, and most useful functions across all social media platforms
  • Managing email marketing
  • Repurposing content to ensure that it is effective across all platforms
  • Thorough SEO research and many others.

Prodima’s Content Marketing Strategy Services specialists consider our clients as partners. Contact a Prodima Content expert today for a consultation regarding your business’s Content Marketing. We will work as a team to deliver exceptional content, from a website, through to the blog and social media – Prodima is excited to increase your business’s content visibility.

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