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Prodima provides Facebook Advertising Services that directly target your desired demographics, increase brand awareness, build a large number of loyal followers and generate "massive" revenue.

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  • In-depth analysis of your industry.
  • Analyze competitors in your area whose business outperforms you in: Engagement and Customer Size.
  • Research and develop content that attracts your target audience effectively.

Prodima will create unique, clearly defined and ambitious (but achievable) Facebook advertising strategies to optimize:

  • ROI rate
  • CPA (cost per conversion)
  • ROAS (return on ad spend).

By implementing an ad campaign that directly target your desired demographics => achieve the highest conversion rate possible and keep CPA to a minimum.

Prodima will do everything to deliver the final results you desire:

  • Publish attractive advertising content that makes readers click immediately.
  • Design visually impressive images.
  • Create vivid and outstanding videos.
  • Track your business’s target audience and reach.
  • Track engagement rates
  • Track leads and clickthrough rates.
  • Track ROI on paid advertising campaigns
  • Manage and adjust parameters for each campaign.
  • Monitor engagement, leads, and sales from campaigns.
  • Build a loyal audience for your business.

Prodima will provide transparent reporting on every data: Clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and specific measures to help you review our ongoing campaign performance.

Facebook Advertisements – we have all seen them and can’t get away from them. What regular Facebook users know is that ads are sponsored and therefore paid for. Why are so many businesses investing in Facebook Advertisements? Since Facebook’s launch in 2004, it is the most used social platform globally, with up 2.45 billion active users every month. Facebook Advertisements are the gateway to reaching as many active members as possible.

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency offers Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing services to streamline how your business can benefit from Facebook’s tools and audience. There are up to 45 million Facebook users in Vietnam, which is half of the country! As Vietnam currently stands as the 7th country with the highest Facebook users, effective Facebook Ads management is necessary for your business to reach your clientele directly.

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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook Marketing actively uses a Facebook page to communicate, maintain, and attract engagement with Facebook users and brand customers. The Facebook platform allows businesses to promote their brand’s products and services to a massive social media audience. Effective Facebook Marketing generates quality leads and revenue. Facebook business pages for businesses and organizations can be managed via the Facebook website and application.

With billions of potential customers on Facebook, all businesses should be using Facebook to connect with customers and increase brand awareness. Although a business web page is the primary information sector from business to consumer, Facebook acts as a bridge to tie consumer to website. Whether your business is a small startup or large company, your business must be represented on social media through Facebook Marketing. 

A Facebook Advertising agency can promote your brand through Facebook, converting passive viewers into customers and enthusiastic fans who will receive your company’s updates, promotions, and blog. One of the most outstanding features of Facebook Marketing is that the word spreads quickly! It takes just one share from one customer, which gives your brain reliability within that user’s network. 

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Advertising is a form of paid social media marketing on the Facebook platform. It allows businesses to build an online following that increases brand awareness. Through Facebook’s selection tools, companies can set Facebook Ads to target specific active users based on demographic, profile information, and location. It is the easer of reaching an exact audience that makes Facebook Advertising so appealing to businesses.

Facebook Ads have been proven to work as the paid social campaigns help businesses sell potential customers. A Sparkcentral survey has reported that an incredible 26% of Facebook users make purchases through clicking on ads.

Facebook Ads are crucial to businesses in today’s climate. However, up to 62% of Small Businesses fail with Facebook Ads. A Facebook Ads Company that provides valuable Facebook Advertising strategies to engage users. Our team works with businesses to target your brand’s advertising to a specific group of users based on meticulous details such as behavior, location, age, and even interests. Although Facebook aims for users to remain within the Facebook domain, Facebook ads consultants can help businesses redirect users to your website.

Facebook Advertising allows businesses to set a specific budget to bid for clicks or impressions received through the advertisement. Prodima’s Facebook Ads services not only manage the process of publishing the ad but creating an enticing Facebook Advertising campaign that will have users desperate to click on it.

How do Facebook Ads work?

Facebook Ads work to reach a specific group of the 1.62 billion Facebook users every single day. A Facebook Ad campaign is run to achieve particular goals such as increasing likes and views and redirection to a business’s main web page. 

The Facebook Ad itself is comprised of the following:

  • Ad Creative:
    This is the actual image and text that will be shared with the targeted audience. A Prodima Facebook advertising agency can help your business create an advertisement that is clear and relevant to the audience. A Digital Marketing agency will also advise when it comes to applying an image and headline with great creative tension to capture the audience.
  • Targeting:
    A specific target audience to promote towards. An audience targeting strategy helps businesses refine their target group over time. Since Facebook offers an extensive list of audience target factors, Prodima will improve this by gaining insight into which selection will optimize the Ad’s chances of being effective.

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  • Placement:
    This is where the Facebook Ad is placed for active users to see. Facebook offers your business a variety of Ad placement options on Facebook’s platforms:
    – Feeds (Facebook News Feed, Instagram Feed, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook video feeds, Facebook right column, Instagram Explore, and Messenger Inbox)
    – Stories (Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories, Messenger Stories)
    – In-stream (Facebook in-stream videos)
    – Search (Facebook search results)
    – Messages (Messenger Sponsored Messages)
    – In-Article (Facebook Instant Articles)
    – Apps (Audience Network native, banner and interstitial, and Audience Network rewarded videos)
    It is best to consult a Facebook ads expert with so many Ad placement options to assist your business with Facebook advertising.
  • Bid:
    How much a brand bid is an amount paid for viewers and potential customers to see the ad and act, such as entering a page to view and purchase. It is referred to as a bid because a business is essentially competing with other advertisers for Facebook real estate (being the placement options as listed above). It is the highest bidders who receive the most placements.
    This can be quite a complex procedure that a digital marketing agency will be able to advise your business with. Professional bidding experts will manage your bid, estimate action rates, and calculate your Facebook Ads metrics with Facebook’s relevance score. This will place your Facebook Ad in a prime position to capture attention.
  • Budget: A business’s amount spent on the ad campaign. Depending on its size and where the brand is currently trending online, a budget may vary. Digital Marketing agencies help small businesses start low to grow exposure while the team gathers hard data from the audience.
    Larger businesses with a more significant spend will reap other benefits from Facebook Ads. Prodima’s Facebook team can assess your business goals to determine how your budget is best utilized.
  • Schedule:
    A Facebook Ads schedule is the time length that that ad will run for. Through the scheduling function on Facebook, businesses can manage both the dates and times the ad will deliver to the selected demographic.

How much do Facebook Ads cost?

Facebook Ads vary in price depending on how much business bids and how long the ad is scheduled to last online. Additional costs may also be factored in should a campaign be boosted. Depending on your business’s budget, Prodima’s Facebook Ad advisers can strategize how your budget is best spent on Facebook Ads.

Facebook Business Manager

Businesses running Facebook Ads use a Facebook tool called the Business manager. This allows the business manager to organize and track the ads. Business Manager is also a free platform that manages business pages and ad accounts.

Prodima and Facebook Ads

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency can help your business succeed through Facebook Ads today. Our team of specialized strategists is keen to review your business page’s status and provide tactics to make the most of your Facebook Ads. Contact us today!

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