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Prodima will conduct thorough SEO keyword analysis on the keywords your competitors are ranking for and include them in our customized SEO Video strategies for your business.

Prodima will perform an analysis of your competitors and reviews their SEO strategy to identify shortcomings. We’ll take advantage of those gaps to build a special SEO strategy that will help you achieve the best end results.

Prodima will implement optimization techniques for all video elements, from titles and descriptions to related tags.

Prodima will create attractive thumbnail images that instantly engage viewers to drive them to click on your video on YouTube as well as Google

Prodima will provide you with suggestions for new video ideas according to user search trends to achieve better reach of your target audience.

Prodima will implement conversion driving (successfully tested) strategies for your Youtube videos that precisely target and are fully optimized for your audience.

Visual aids such as videos require a great time in crafting, shooting, editing, and publishing. Although videos are interactive to capture audiences, video content is difficult to be captured across the interweb as the search engine algorithms are developed to capture texts. This is why Prodima (Professional Digital Marketing Agency) strategizes for video SEO optimization to ensure that your business’s videos reach a vast audience and rank highly in search engines.

Regardless of how exciting or informative a video may be to represent a business’s services and products, it is only through proper SEO and application of Video SEO knowledge in tags, metadata, and keyword description that the video can reach its potential demographic.

Prodima’s Video SEO services aim to promote the videos on a video sitemap hosted by your business to redirect users’ attention to your website to gain web traffic and increase ROI (Return On Investment). A well-managed video sitemap with a gallery filled with quality content videos and specific phrasing allows your website and Youtube channel to leverage the attention and delivery of information from an extensive audience.

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What is Video SEO (vSEO)?

vSEO is the technical digital journey that businesses embark on on improving the visibility of their video and ranking across all such engines. Prodima is a Video SEO company that optimizes and creates videos with the proper metadata for relevance that also generates traffic to each unique website.

With up to 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every single day, Prodima provides digital marketing solutions to increase the chances of your video being indexed and ranked highly on the results of search engine pages.  

What are the benefits of Video SEO (vSEO)?

vSEO provides audiences with the most significant opportunity to reach your website and view all the products and services on offer. There is a YouTube audience of up to 1,300,000,000 – an exponential amount of potential of demographics to entice and invite to your website. This is when a clear vSEO map executed by Prodima’s SEO services invites businesses to reap the benefits of vSEO:

  • Rich media: Videos are an advanced feature added to your website that encourages viewers to engage with your website content and become consumers. Furthermore, rich media that is appropriately descriptive will increase search engine rankings.
  • Ux improvement: Audiences are highly engaged through videos through graphics and sound, a dynamic experience compared to reading web pages. Such videos will enhance the user experience and tempt redirection to a website, increasing web tract and attention to a business’s services and products.
  • Creates Backlinks: Uploading video content to websites such as Youtube is an opportunity to veer the viewer’s attention towards your website.
  • Increase session time: A high-quality website with a gallery of relevant videos increases its session time, attracting greater attention on the interweb to optimize relevance in search engines.
  • Drives site traffic: Engaging videos are likely to be shared, as they are convenient and more interactive than written content. 
  • Reduces bounce rates: Users are often intrigued by videos, susceptible to pressing ‘play’ to seek out information as they won’t have to scroll or read. Furthermore, with the addition of moving images and sounds, users are likely to attempt to watch the video if it’s available rather than pressing ‘back’ should they prefer viewing over reading.
  • Increase page conversions: Prodima’s team of Video SEO experts is meticulous in ensuring that every detail, from link to description and tag, gives your website the greatest exposure and web traffic to reach its potential in generating page conversions and rich results.
  • Getting listed in video-search: A website that includes a relevant video drives website traffic up 157% increase on a search engine results page, an astonishing amount that must be well managed and serviced. Prodima’s optimization resources for vSEO will customize a technical approach to achieving this.

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What is YouTube SEO?

Prodimas’s Youtube SEO optimization is the management of ensuring that your Youtube channel and videos are operating at their highest relevance across search engines. YouTube SEO includes the optimization of a channel, its playlists, videos themselves, and of course the technical metadata and specific descriptions that bring attention to the video, which is redirected to your website and business goals. Prodima’s successful YouTube SEO strategy is road mapped to increase each videos’ likes, views, subscribers, and comments to enhance brand awareness that will produce qualified website leads and generate revenue.

How does Youtube SEO work?

When it comes to Prodima’s SEO for a YouTube channel, Prodima’s approach lays on the foundation of understanding how search engines identify and rank videos. As Google owns YouTube, its intricate algorithms share data that must be sifted through by a digital marketing expert such as Prodima. 

Prodima’s SEO YouTube strategy increases viewership by ensuring that the relevant content and video provided are required by search engines such as Google to be ranked highly. Prodima’s optimization for SEO of YouTube works by:

  • Keyword and phrasing: conducting in-depth keyword research to allocate prime keywords for searchability across the title of videos, video tags, and of course, the video description that will redirect to your website’s products and services. These specific target keywords increase the chances of higher ranks in search.
  • Thumbnail optimization: It is seemingly simple to select a still image representing a video, how the CTR (Click Through Rate) of a video must capture the audience’s attention. Much like choosing what to eat from a menu, selecting a movie to watch or which book to read – an audience must engage with what is visually seen before delving deeper into its content. Prodima’s YouTube SEO will identify which image or photo is most compelling for users scrolling through a list of lasting results.
  • Video Title Optimization:  A SEO supported video title will demand the attention of viewers. Prodima’s SEO for YouTube identifies the critical keywords to optimize your video to targeted audiences.
  • Video description Optimization: Prodima’s SEO video optimization tactics highlight targeted keywords within video descriptions to highlight the videos’ relevant content and quality information. Such descriptions will be compiled succinctly and engagingly that also redirects attention to your webpage.
  • Tag Optimization: Selecting relevant and specific tags is a critical process to ensure that it is a collection of keywords that will connect with users searching across a variety of search engines. Prodima’s YouTube Video SEO experts provide that all tags will cover the basis of the video’s topic value.

Prodima’s vSEO and YouTube Services

Crafting the perfect video for your channel and YouTube amongst the billions of videos on the internet is an in-depth process that requires support from experts. Prodima’s video optimization for SEO will deliver:

  • Increased ranking: Prodima will assess both the algorithm of search engines and YouTube so that your business can challenge the many ranking factors that determine where your business is indexed.
  • Quality lead optimization: Our Youtube SEO methods will apply the necessary measures across all videos to bring your website relevant leads that increase web traffic and increase ROI (Return On Investment).
  • Solutions to YouTube’s large base: Across the globe, Vietnam is amongst YouTube’s top five global markets. Prodima is an experienced vSEO professional agency to gain your business accessible through the significant demographic available and waiting to view your business’s videos, products, and services.

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