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Prodima analyzes your competitor videos & reviews their YouTube SEO strategy to identify shortcomings. We take advantage of those gaps to build a custom plan that helps you achieve the best end results.

Prodima optimizes all video elements, from titles and descriptions to related tags. There are many factors that allow videos to stand out from the crowd.

Prodima chooses the most attractive thumbnail images that instantly engage viewers. We know what drives them to click on your videos & how to beat your competitors.

Prodima implements conversion driving strategies for your YouTube videos. We precisely target your audience so they can easily find & watch your videos (on YouTube or other channels). 

Visual aids such as videos require a great time in crafting, shooting, editing, and publishing.

Videos are interactive supports to capture audiences. However, they are more difficult to “capture” than texts across the internet. Search engines still have a hard time indexing content that contains videos. This is why Prodima strategizes for video SEO to ensure that your assets reach a vast audience.

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What is Video SEO (vSEO)?

vSEO is the technical digital journey that improves the organic visibility of business (or non-business) videos.

Prodima optimizes videos so they rank better across all search engines.

What are the Benefits of Video SEO (vSEO)?

Billions of people watch video media continuously. It is hard for a specific one to stand out from the crowd.

vSEO solves this challenge. It addresses the issue by bringing the following benefits:

  • more video views
  • higher audience engagement
  • increasing session time
  • brand awareness & trust
  • website traffic boost
  • page conversions

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What is YouTube SEO?

When businesses host their videos on YouTube, Prodima optimizes the whole channel, including the playlists, the page profile, and all metadata.

A successful YouTube SEO strategy increases video likes, views, number of subscribers, comments, and brand awareness.

How Does YouTube SEO Work?

As Google owns YouTube, its intricate algorithms share data that Prodima analyzes to rank business videos higher.

An efficient YouTube SEO strategy includes:

  • keyword & phrasing
  • thumbnail optimization
  • title & description optimization
  • tags
  • differentiation from competitors

We provide all the info requested by video search engines to ensure yours will get noticed by the right audience.

Prodima’s vSEO and YouTube Services

Crafting a perfect video is only the first step. Publishing this video to get views is another story.

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency delivers vSEO services to:

  • increase your rankings
  • catch quality leads
  • improve your business’ online reachability

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