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Prodima analyzes your competitor videos and reviews their YouTube SEO strategy to identify shortcomings. We take advantage of those gaps to build a custom plan that helps you achieve the best end results.

Prodima optimizes all video elements, from titles and descriptions to related tags. There are many factors that allow videos to stand out from the crowd.

Prodima chooses the most attractive thumbnail images that instantly engage viewers. We know what drives them to click on your videos and how to beat your competitors.

Prodima implements conversion-driving strategies for your YouTube videos. We precisely target your audience so they can easily find and watch your videos (on YouTube or other channels). 

How can video SEO services help your business grow?

Online users consume over 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube every day. They are one of the top content formats across the internet.

People mostly search for content through Google. The second most used search engine worldwide is the YouTube channel, also owned by Google.

Based on those facts, it is strategically crucial for companies to consider YouTube SEO services when building their digital plans.

Unfortunately, search engines hardly crawl and understand video content versus plain text. This is where video SEO companies come in handy. Let’s see what they offer.

What is Video SEO (vSEO)?

Video SEO, also called vSEO, YouTube SEO, or YouTube optimization, is the process of ranking videos higher on YouTube and Google platforms.

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A YouTube SEO agency serves businesses looking for video SEO services that reach that goal. If their video content outranks competitors when online users search for specific keywords, they are more likely to convey messages and ultimately convert their target audience.

Though video SEO is different from classic SEO, the logic behind organic optimizations remains the same. By making the videos more “recognizable” by the search engines, the algorithms will serve this content to the online users actively looking for them.

We explain below how a YouTube SEO company can achieve this.

Video SEO Service Benefits

The YouTube channel gathers around 3 billion active users. Over 25% of the worldwide population visits the platform monthly. Read here for more detailed YouTube user statistics.

This huge number of engaged people is the first reason why companies should invest in video SEO services. Thanks to this huge reach, businesses can significantly improve their brand awareness, products or services showcasing, and even boost their lead generation.

There are plenty of other advantages for corporate brands. Here is a list of the most important YouTube SEO service benefits:

  • They make it easier to find the desired videos
  • They ensure that the right audience can discover them
  • They improve the video analytic metrics (views, subscribers, etc.)
  • They engage viewers more than non-optimized videos
  • They bring relevance to the video-audience matching

Of course, those benefits emphasize the technical aspect of YouTube video SEO services. Companies reaching them will generate these business-oriented advantages:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Increasing the number of qualified leads
  • Improving the conversion rate
  • Boosting online sales

In the next section, we will detail the process of a typical video SEO agency.

How Does Video SEO Service Work?

Video SEO companies follow checklists. They go through this list of standards and rules to deliver the most suitable YouTube SEO service.

Let’s check how Search Engine Optimization impacts video organic performance.

YouTube SEO Content

To succeed thanks to video SEO, the first step is to create amazing content.

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YouTube videos must not only have good quality, but they also need to match a few criteria. For example, check these essential tips for producing great professional videos:

  • Have a content strategy in mind and find topics of interest
  • Use good video equipment, sound system, and lightning
  • Keep the video duration above 8 minutes at least
  • Go with a strong start within the first 3 seconds
  • Be straightforward
  • Balance the video rhythm with transitions and animations
  • Connect your video to other of your videos
  • Edit your video with professional tools

Businesses cannot build a solid YouTube presence without having a content calendar. This plan must be based on market research. Follow the trends. Document yourself. Check the online users’ demand. Then, define what kind of videos your company should publish to achieve your goals.

People want to quality and skip unprofessional videos. If you publish content on YouTube, you must invest in some video production materials. Lights and microphones are necessary. You can record the footage with a high-definition smartphone, but a professional camera makes the difference.

YouTube wants online users to stay on its platform as long as possible. To achieve this, they need amazing content creators able to captivate their audience. If you continuously watch ten minutes of video or more, then you are more likely to reach YouTube’s goal.

Our time is limited. We make fast decisions on how to spend it. If you cannot catch people within the first seconds of the video, they will certainly move forward to the next option. Make sure that your video engages them right from the beginning.

Like blog articles, most YouTube videos tend to be “fluffy.” Creators try their best to make them longer to artificially boost their analytics. Do the opposite. Be on point and focus on what is important. In the long term, it will benefit your video SEO strategy.

Publishing a 50-minute video with a speaker in an American plan is the best way to scare your audience. As you must keep it engaged, diversify your shooting angles and include transitions. If you can afford it, insert animations to dynamize your videos.

On YouTube, creators have the option to link their videos together based on contextual relevance. It is a great way to please the platform’s objective of “keeping people longer on the platform.” When they watch your video and can access another one via a simple click or tap, it matches this target.

The video post-production implies using editing software. Consider tools like Adobe Premiere Pro, InVideo, Pinnacle Studio, or Shotcut (open source) to make your video look great. We do not recommend using smartphone-integrated editors of course.

Video SEO Ranking Factors

With great content comes great video SEO services.

When your video SEO agency uploads your production on YouTube, it must adapt it to the platform’s algorithm. The more SEO signals the video will send, the more likely online users will find it and keep watching.

Here are the most important video SEO ranking factors to consider:

  • Keywords and key phrases
  • Thumbnail visuals
  • Video tags
  • Video script
  • Links
  • Video promotion

Video SEO (vSEO) hình ảnh 3

Search engines cannot understand video content like plain text content. Despite this major issue, we can still optimize videos based on their niche topic. Keyword research does not work the same for blog articles and videos. However, YouTube video services focus on editing crucial meta-areas like the video title or the description. Inserting descriptive and highly searched keywords there will help search engines understand what your publishing is about.

The thumbnail often represents the first touchpoint between the video and the online visitor. Most people engage with visually appealing content. Make your thumbnail stand out from the crowd. We suggest you check what your competitors are doing. Identify the common baselines. Imagine your video thumbnail next to theirs… and design it differently!

Video tags categorize your video to ease the filtering. It makes it simpler for people to find what they are looking for. Besides, YouTube’s search engine understands your content better. Consider defining between five to ten tags per video. There is no perfect figure for this. The right number of tags is the one that covers your video description as relevantly as possible.

Even if it is improving with the technology, search engines still hardly understand what speakers say in videos. To cope with this, use scripts. YouTube offers the opportunity to display video captions. It allows online users to read the subtitles as they watch your video. It is a great way to boost your organic visibility. Bonus: if relevant, you can consider uploading scripts in several languages.

Links do not enhance your video’s discoverability. However, having relevant ones lying in your video description certainly helps look more attractive. If your video quotes some sources and mentions specific tools, websites, or social channels, do not forget to create clickable links in your video description for people to refer to them.

When you publish a video on YouTube, it benefits from a natural organic visibility boost during the first hours. The platform gives it a chance. You should take it by sharing your video link on other social channels or embedding it into your website. If people click, watch, comment, and share it within this timeline, it could even become viral.

Prodima Video SEO Services

How do Prodima YouTube SEO services help your business?

First, your business works with a professional video SEO agency. Our team of experts has solid experience in producing, editing, and publishing videos on the YouTube platform. We fully understand the entire process.

A YouTube SEO company must improve your video reachability. From day one of your video SEO campaign, we make sure that Prodima will reach your targets.

Not all businesses care about the same metrics. Once we align on this, we build up a dashboard reporting file that you can access anytime. Our video SEO service account managers will periodically review the performance along with you.

Our video SEO company is confident about its results. We delivered, we deliver, and we will deliver amazing video SEO campaigns.

Video SEO Service FAQ

What is an SEO Video Service?

Digital agencies offer SEO video services to individuals and businesses looking to optimize their YouTube video’s organic visibility. It includes various techniques listed higher on this page.

Are YouTube Ads the Same as YouTube SEO?

Not at all. YouTube ads are one of the main Google ads options that bring traffic to your videos by bidding a media budget. YouTube SEO is an organic way to get people to watch without running any advertising.

Are Video SEO Services Important for Your Business?

Businesses should consider video SEO services if they need to leverage their video content. It is a sustainable way to reach their organic objectives.

When Can You See Video SEO Service Results?

Unlike on Google search, the competition is not that fierce on YouTube. Depending on the topic, you may experience significant results in a matter of days.

How Much Does Cost Video SEO Services?

As there are fewer video SEO factors than for web page content, the cost of video SEO services is more affordable than for classic SEO. It can start as low as a hundred dollars.

What Are the Advantages of Video SEO Services?

Video SEO services grant you higher organic visibility. People interested in your content can find your video more easily. Besides, it is much cheaper than running YouTube ads for similar results.