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Prodima develops design mockups once the project brief is clear, sketches reviewed, and wireframes approved. We share mockups for client validation before entering the prototype phase.

Prodima sends Figma mockups to clients for review. On Figma, you can check & comment on each section while our graphic artists revise their work & confirm on the shared platform.

Prodima creates valuable design assets for your brand. We benefit from decades of experience in numerous design works, from logos to complex e-commerce websites.

It takes a user less than 1 second to decide if they will remain on a web page or not. Besides, online product development has a cost. Businesses should improve their chances of crafting the right design before any definitive implementation.

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What is a Mockup Design?

A mockup design is a visual model of the product, without its functionalities. It comes right after the wireframe and just before the prototype, in the design process.

It demonstrates how the digital concept is visually compelling & user-friendly. A design mockup is beneficial to preview what a final product will look like rather than playing a guessing game.

For example, a web page mockup design includes:

  • a User Interface (UI)
  • all visual touchpoints of the web page
  • topography
  • button designs
  • color palette
  • content visualization (usually lorem ipsum)

Learn more about mockup designs and why they are important.

What is a Mockup Logo?

A logo is the visual stamp of a business. It represents the brand and must be quickly identified.

Like for web page mockup design, the graphic artist creates a preview of what the final logo will look like, before finalizing it. A mockup logo allows tweaking the details until it is perfect.

If your business has no visual identity yet, you should start with designing a logo. Once it is ready, your graphic artist could develop the business art direction that could be used for any creative production later on.

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How Much Does a Mockup Cost?

A simple logo can cost as low as $100 USD (+10% VAT), depending on the brand’s expectations and rounds of feedback.

In most cases, businesses need more than a single logo. They also want to create a complete branding identify guideline. Such a document helps graphic artists craft visuals for organic or paid purposes.

A simple mockup logo can also be created for free thanks to online software within seconds. However, its quality is incomparable to the design of an experienced graphic artist.

Prodima’s Mockup Design Services

Prodima delivers any kind of digital mockups under your demand. Our design team works closely with you to produce the best graphics that align with your brand vision, showcase perfectly your products, and resonate with your target audience.

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