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Prodima will develop an HTML prototype design for you to have an overview of your website in actual display. Through it, you can suggest any changes or additions if necessary.

Prodima is committed to the complete confidentiality and protection of important personal, financial, and legal information related to your business.

Prodima will perform tests to evaluate website quality, UI / UX testing as well as conversion rate optimization to ensure that we will provide your business with the best mockup design.

A mockup is a complete model of the design used to present products across digital campaigns. A mockup design displays what a campaign’s final design will look like once presented to your business’s audience.

Through a mockup, companies can review the visual effects and usability of their digital marketing content. Just as chefs would taste a new and original recipe before listing it on a menu for their diners, a mockup design may alter web pages and even the simplest elements such as image sizes and placement to best gauge your audience’s attention and increase your business’s brand awareness.

According to SWEOR, it only takes a user 0.05 second to decide whether they will remain on a webpage or leave. Whether it is a home page, social media campaign, or functionality of your business’s website design, a professional Mockup Design Service provided by Digital Marketing experts will compose mockup designs suitable across all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.) to your target audience. A mockup design service improves the chances of your demographic audience, engaging with your campaign content.

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What is Design Mockup?

A design mockup demonstrates how your digital marketing content is visually compelling and how user-friendly it is to the consumer experience. Online shoppers may spend hours researching a product online before deciding to purchase it, only to face errors navigating through a webpage and payment page. In such a case, the user will buy a similar or the same product from a competitor.

Up to 57% of internet users claim that they won’t recommend a business’s products or service with a poor mobile webpage design, and 85% of adult web users believe that a business’s website should either match or be even better than the desktop website. A Design Mockup ensures that a page’s functions are easy to use, and its visual effects and powerful. A design mockup is beneficial to preview what a final product will look like, rather than playing a guessing game.

Successful businesses invest time and money into their digital marketing campaigns, hence the importance of Design Mockup to assess a website’s design level. This ensures that a business’s investment in its digital marketing campaign is most useful for returning investment.

What is UI (User Interface) Mockup?

UI (User Interface) is the digital space in which the user (a business’s audience) interacts and may engage with a product or service. Experts use UI tools to design the visual experience of a product accurately. It focuses on the visual touchpoints of a product and how the user will interact with it.

This is created through a combination of topography, buttons, various animations and imagery, and color palettes. A professional Mockup Design service will deliver a webpage and digital marketing content that pleases the viewer’s eyes.

Trained graphic designers work with your business to achieve the goal of attracting new leads and maintaining current leads through visual appeal. They ensure that the aesthetic design of your business’s web page and content aligns with your vision, audience, and is consistent with your business’s brand culture and what your business represents.

It only takes 2.6 seconds for a user to land on a website’s area that influences the initial impression – are you confident in each area of your business’s website and its pages? Is each area of your website appealing enough that the user will continue to click through to the final cart to purchase your product or visit your business in-person to explore further and spend money?

What is a Mockup Logo?

A logo itself is the visual stamp of a business, displayed across all digital marketing content, campaigns, products, and services. It is crucial that a logo represents a business effectively, is pleasing to the eye, distinct, and quickly identified—logo visual appearance changes over time. A business’s logo must be on-trend. An example of this is skeuomorphism. In the world of graphical user interface design, skeuomorphism is a 3-dimensional design that mimics the “real world.” An example of this is the bin icon (mac interface) and the recycle bin icon (windows interface). In 2000, skeuomorphism was a popular logo trend in design, but it was only 10 years later that audiences became more attracted to flat designs (2-dimensional, bright, and straightforward).

A professional and experienced digital marketing mockup design service works closely with the business to identify its brand identity. Working with experts in marketing, content, and an experienced designer ensures that a business’s final settlement on a logo is pleasing to the audience. Mockups allow great opportunities to tweak even the finest details of a logo design until it is perfect.

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How much should a Mockup cost?

Depending on the needs of your business, mockup design costs vary. Whether it’s a logo design, web page design, or an entire page across all design needs for multiple user interfaces, the amount of time and effort a graphic designer requires to create the mockups will be flexible.

It is difficult to generalize the cost of a mockup design. However, a digital marketing agency should be able to provide your business with a price. Companies looking for mockup design services are advised to work with a digital marketing agency that is reliable and honest. The quote provided should detail the mockup cost and list the price of the service covers, such as design audit, design maintenance, logos, webpage visuals, animations, and more.

How long should a Mockup design take?

A Mockup design varies depending on the digital marketing timeframe and budget that a business has planned. A company should be mindful and considerate of the quality of the designs in the process, as the time spent on a design strategy will determine the outcome. A simple mockup logo can be created online through a free service within seconds. However, its quality is incomparable to the mockup design created by an experienced graphic designer specifically assigned to your business’s design project, which works relentlessly from hours to days until you are satisfied with the design and how it is presented to your business’s audiences.

Prodima’s Mockup Design Services

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency is experienced across web development design services, including mockup design. Our design team works closely with businesses and collaborates with our marketing team, social media team, and digital team to create designs that are focused on your brand’s vision, products, and, most importantly, the people to attract.

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Prodima’s Mockup Design Services extend beyond digital wireframes. Our team works intensively to create and add to your website’s graphical elements, sure to impress users. Speak to a Prodima Mockup Design Service consultant today to discuss responsive web design options, costs, or many other services available to boost your business’s digital marketing presence.

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