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Prodima will build your brand awareness to TikTok users through ad campaigns specifically targeted at the right audience.

Prodima will provide many unique video ideas, professionally optimized when posted on TikTok to attract the most views.

Through TikTok ads that have been A / B tested and precisely targeted, you will not only attract followers to your TikTok channel, but also drive more visits to your main website, increasing organic traffic and conversions.

Prodima will provide many unique video ideas, professionally optimized when posted on TikTok to attract the most views.

Through TikTok ads that have been A / B tested and precisely targeted, you will not only attract followers to your TikTok channel, but also drive more visits to your main website, increasing organic traffic and conversions.

Prodima will continuously produce high-quality, unique videos that will appeal to your target audience. Combined with special CTAs, they will motivate users to visit the website and purchase.

TikTok’s 800 million active users worldwide are a testament to the entertainment application’s global success. The TikTok app is usable across iOS devices such as Apple’s iPhone and Android media such as Samsung Galaxy. According to data collected by SensorTower, the TikTok application has been downloaded across both systems over an astounding 2 billions times. Of this figure, Vietnam maintains one of the highest numbers in TikTok users in Southeast Asia with up 12 million registered users (13% of the Vietnamese population).

As the most downloaded application in the Apple App store, surpassing prominent platforms including YouTube, Instagram and even Facebook, the TikTok platform is in a prime position for businesses to advertise on. This is especially particular asTikTok’s influencing powers continue to rise in Vietnam, with TikTok having the highest special media engagement rates per post (as per research conducted by the Influencer Marketing Hub).

What is TikTok?

Originating in China in 2016, TikTok was created as a social-networking service to share video clips with lip-syncing and short music clips. Many have taken to TikTok to claim glory and fame through dancy, comedy, sketches and an array of entertaining material for the everyday TikTok viewer. Much of TikTok’s popularity stems from the ease for a video to go viral.

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Through TikTok, it seems as though fame and wealth is simply a good idea for a viral video away. An indication of the effects of TikTok success is turning to TikTok ‘stars’ such as Addison Rae Easterling and Charli D’Amelio. Both of whom joined TikTok mid-2019 and are now estimated to have an annual earning of $4 – 5 million USD.

TikTok’s tremendous influencing power in Vietnam is a powerful platform for all businesses aiming to reach their demographic. It’s importance lies in the fact that its framework is free and accessible to anyone with a smartphone and access to the internet to create content. So how will your business create distinctive and specialized content to reach the masses? Through the assistance of Prodima specialists and strategic placement of TikTok ads.

What are TikTok ads?

TikTok advertisement is a central marketplace to dominate audiences, turning viewers into consumers. Prodima Digital Marketing specializes in TikTok advertising by managing your business’s TikTok account. TikTok’s marketing options via advertisements reach your business’s target demographic through a variety of options:

  • In-feed video: Such ads will appear in the organic news feed of TikTok on a page referred to as ‘For You’. The way the ‘for you’ page essentially operates is through TikTok’s catchment of a user’s interest overtime. Via TikTok’s algorithm to capture a viewer’s interest in videos, relevant and relatable ads will be placed. For example, TikTok viewers habitually viewing cooking TikTok clips will often come by TikTok ads for crockery products and cooking services.
  • Brand Takeover: These powerful advertising on TikTok appears as soon as a user opens the TikTok application. The entire screen will be filled with your business’s campaign prior to the user’s viewing of an In-Feed Video ad.
  • Hashtag Challenge: TikTok ads focused on the hashtag challenge will be displayed on a ‘Discovery’ page. This entices TikTok viewers to engage in content creation challenges. Such active participation may include shoppable features for retailers and ecommerce businesses.
  • Branded AR Content: AR is Augmented Reality – a very modern and tech-savvy feature whereby a live camera feed creates digital features that are a part of the physical world around the TikToker. An example of Branded AR Content is comparable to Instagram’s filter option to make someone’s face look like a certain character such as a cute animal or celebrity.
    Through incredible editing and modifications of visual frames, businesses can create branded AR content in 2D, 2D Pro and even 3D to create impacting and attractive clips.This draws in a vast viewing audience to fuel an interest in your business’s brand and redirection to your webpage.
  • Custom Influencer Package: This is paid, sponsored content created by a TikTok user with great influence in your business’s industry and niche market. A known TikToker known to draw viewers is Linh Barbie. Boasting an impressive 13.6 million followers, 17% engagement score with 1 million viewers per video, Linh Barbie has used her influencing power to collaborate with and promote big name brands such as Milo and O’ Star.

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Prodima’s experts in Advertising on TikTok and TikTok marketing skills work alongside our other premium services such as exceptional SEO, web design and overall digital marketing to execute the most effective TikTok ad campaigns suitable to your business.

How much do TikTok ads cost?

The cost of TokTok ads vary depending on the campaign being executed and which TikTok platform options are selected. TikTok ads start from as low as $10 cost per 1,000 views (CPM). TikTok’s terms also request a minimum of $500 per campaign. However, these prices can rise exponentially depending on your business’s requests, especially if it is within your business’s best interest to utilize the services of a TikTok influencer.

Prodima provides auditing services to assist your business in determining if and when TikTok ads are necessary in your business’s pipeline process. Mindful that 41% of TikTok users are aged from 16 through to 24, your business’s ideal demographic is to be reviewed when considering whether TikTok ads are worth investing in.

Does your business need TikTok ads?

With 72% of Vietnam’s population owning a smartphone, TikTok has quickly become an everyday application amongst Vietnam’s young adult community. APPOTA has accounted that Vietnam is one the world’s quickest growing Mobile Application marketing. These figures are bound to grow as technology rapidly develops throughout the country. With TikTok being the 4th highest ranked app in Vietnam, your business is bound to benefit from building a following audience as soon as possible.

Although TikTok users are of a young adult generation, it is an accessible platform for young people to view videos of trending products to purchase. As Vietnam continues to modernize and explores western traditions, TikTok is a global platform that allows locals to view global product trends and implore them within Vietnam. Vietnam hosts a variety of gifting days – Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Women’s Day, Teachers Day, New Years, Tet – a collection of celebratory days whereby your business’s campaign may spark a purchasing decision.

How are TikTok ads created?

TikTok ads are created through ‘TikTok Ads Manager’, run by TIkTok For Business. With TikTok Vietnam only officially launching in April of 2019, it is a supreme time for businesses to create TikTok ads based on strategic TikTok campaigns. TikTok ads are created to diversify content through the platform. Prodima’s TikTok Business Marketing team works closely with businesses to build a brand culture that is community based on TikTok to drive sales initiatives and successful campaigns. 

Prodima’s marketing ads on TikTok are created through specific audience targeting resources and digital marketing tools applied to create unique ad content. Depending on the type of TikTok ad campaign (standards or content) most suitable to your business, the TikTok ad process varies. TikTok provides a guide for new businesses as to how TikTok ads can be created. Through the consultancy of a Prodima TikTok ads manager, your business’s ad campaign will be managed and monitored throughout the ad creation process:

  • Business account creation to promote either goods or services
  • Liaison with a TikTok representative of your business’s information review and qualification for an official advertising account
  • TikTok account management: selection of which TikTok ad campaign is most suitable to your business goals (in-feed video, brand takeover, hashtag challenge, AR Content or Customer Influence)
  • TikTok account setup via the Tiktok Ads platform
  • Ad campaign creation (ad objective, budget, ad placement, target audience, ad schedule etc)
  • Campaign review and submission to the platform

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Prodima’s TikTok ads Services

TikTok reaches an incredible mass both globally and locally. It pertains to a demographic of users with specific interests, hobbies and values. Contact a Prodima TikTok specialist to discuss your business and online vision. Our team of experts are keen to discuss your advertising options across the TikTok and other social platforms to turn viewers into consumers. Digital Marketing can be a daunting and complex web of procedures – Prodima Digital Marketing Agency is available to promote your business and reach your desired audience.

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