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Prodima conducts thorough keyword analysis in combination with the key phrases your competitors are ranking for. We implement the most effective WooCommerce SEO strategies to help your business achieve its ultimate goals.

Prodima creates a variety of high-quality content, satisfying both readers and search engines. It supports your WooCommerce pages to convert more online leads.

Prodima provides link-building services from highly authoritative pages pointing at your web pages. It gives your business credibility in the eyes of users and strongly boosts your organic visibility.

Prodima adheres to Google policies. We only implement white hat WooCommerce SEO strategies that are safe for your business to maintain steady and positive growth.

WooCommerce SEO services solve your online retailing issues. If your business is looking for new customers, consider working with a WooCommerce SEO agency.

Most online companies showcase their products on ecommerce websites. Besides, they also list their inventory on platforms like Amazon or Shopee.

However, nothing beats selling products from a domain we fully control. If you manage this task by yourself, it may look a little daunting. That’s why WooCommerce SEO services come in handy. They offer several plugins like the famous Yoast SEO that help your ecommerce business grow.

Let’s see how a WooCommerce SEO agency can boost the organic rankings of the products you publish online.

What is WooCommerce SEO?

WooCommerce SEO is one of the best ecommerce plugins available on WordPress. It allows you to boost your shopping carts so they get noticed online by your target audience.

This open-source uses PHP programming language and SQL database. Many developers keep it current. Business owners can upgrade WooCommerce SEO to benefit from the latest features and bug fixes.

Unlike other similar software like Shopify, WooCommerce is free. Besides, it was built to be SEO-friendly. It makes it the most powerful tool for ecommerce websites.

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WooCommerce SEO Services Benefits

WooCommerce SEO services bring tons of value to your retail platform:

  • They optimize your website architecture
  • They make the online user’s flow smoother
  • They offer ad hoc user experience with your brand
  • They boost your products’ online visibility

The ultimate purpose of a WooCommerce SEO service is to increase your online sales. It makes it happen directly on your website rather than on a third-party ecommerce platform, the Google Merchant Center, or even the Facebook Store.

WooCommerce SEO services let you build your marketplace following a suitable structure. You cannot showcase all your products on a single web page, especially if you have many of them. WooCommerce SEO plugins organize your content so online visitors and web crawlers can easily find what they are looking for.

They also help improve the user journey from the first touchpoint until the “Thank You” page and even include the after-sale service. Proper website navigation enhances online sales. Ask your WooCommerce SEO agency to work on this task.

A branded website generates more trust than publishing items on Amazon-like places or Merchant Centers. It allows focusing on the business itself rather than the product only. Having a solid ecosystem and company background makes the difference.

Of course, WooCommerce SEO services increase your items’ reachability across the internet. You want potential buyers to consider your landing pages and purchase your products. WooCommerce SEO makes them easier to find.

Since most online transactions start with a search, there is no doubt that WooCommerce SEO services can lift your ecommerce business to the next level.

WooCommerce SEO Strategies

WooCommerce SEO strategies make no exception to the rule. They go through most of the organic techniques that we detailed in our blog section. Here are the main steps that WooCommerce SEO agencies should follow:

  • Market analysis
  • Competitors benchmark
  • Keyword research
  • On-site technical optimization
  • On-site content optimization
  • WooCommerce SEO tracking

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To build a successful strategy, your business must study its environment. What are the market specifics? Are there regulations you should be aware of? What about the logistics, if any? What are the global trends? Gather this information and document it properly to craft your WooCommerce SEO plans.

Competitors are a gold mine of data. They spend money to test the market, they make mistakes, and they find a critical successful path. You can learn from them thanks to simple benchmarking. Review their websites, their sources of traffic, their categories, and their product pages, and transform this knowledge into actionable tasks for your ecommerce business.

The market research and competitors’ review gives you strong hints to identify the best keywords for your landing pages. WooCommerce SEO allows you to choose the right ones, from broad single words to long-tail key phrases. Once you make your choice, stick to this list because efficient SEO takes time.

A good WooCommerce SEO service includes some backend technical work. You must guarantee perfect site navigation. You must ensure a quick page loading time. Optimize your categories and pay attention to your filters or tags. Ecommerce websites aim at hosting tons of people. You cannot afford to lose a significant percentage of them because your landing pages do not run correctly.

Like classic websites, your ecommerce platform needs some metadata updates to perform well regarding its organic rankings on search engines. Optimize your web page titles, your meta descriptions, your subheads, and your product information. Make sure this content is unique. Never copy any text from another website, even if you are a reseller.

Your WooCommerce SEO strategy relies on its performance tracking. Set tags on your main touchpoints to follow up on their performance. It includes the landing page views, the add-to-cart button clicks, and trackers until reaching the final “Thank You” page. Keep monitoring all of them as your WooCommerce SEO campaign goes.

WooCommerce SEO Service Tips

In this section, we will share a straightforward list of the most useful tips for your WooCommerce SEO service:

  • Fasten your web page loadings
  • Keep your URLs as simple as possible
  • Use breadcrumbs
  • Avoid any form of content duplication
  • Write 155-character meta-descriptions
  • Optimize your images
  • Leverage your internal links
  • Implement your schema markup
  • Build your ecommerce website mobile-responsive

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Speed is one of the most important performance factors of ecommerce websites. Every hundred milliseconds of extra page loading decreases the percentage of your online sales. Make this technical optimization a top priority.

Page URLs must be short not only for the users but above all for the search engines. If your product is hosted under a link looking like, it will organically perform better than Follow the principle of parsimony and web crawlers will appreciate you.

Breadcrumbs are hyperlinks that help your visitors navigate the website. We usually find them at the upper left of the screen. They follow the site map architecture. Users can click on those breadcrumb links to come back to a previous page or category. They are excellent for site navigation and visitors’ comfort.

Many retailers make this common mistake: they copy the product description from their supplier page to publish it on theirs. This is plagiarism. Technically, it does not penalize your web pages, but it prevents them from ranking higher as search engines prioritize the original content.

Meta descriptions are not the most important SEO factors to bring qualified traffic. However, when it comes to ecommerce, they become much more preponderant. This piece of content often guides online users to decide if they should open the page or not. Your WooCommerce SEO service should cover this aspect.

With heavy JavaScript, images represent the main source of page slowdowns on ecommerce websites. Of course, you want to publish high-quality photos of your products. At the same time, you cannot afford long loading times. Keep your high-definition images with a maximum size of 150kB each. Also, don’t forget to add ALT text including your main keywords.

Internal links are great to put your content into context. They connect your web pages by giving a strong signal of which ones are the most important. Ideally, you want links coming from other pages to point at your product pages.

A schema markup converts your web page content into structured snippets that are more understandable for online bots crawling your domain. It counts for a huge boost in your organic rankings. Schema markup is easy to implement so consider them within your WooCommerce SEO services.

Mobile users became more numerous than desktop ones. For this reason, Google informed all developers to work on mobile versions of their websites first. This is particularly true for ecommerce platforms. People shop on their mobile devices more than ever.

Prodima WooCommerce SEO Services

Prodima is a WooCommerce SEO agency gathering an in-house team of experts. Whatever your ecommerce challenges are, we build the most suitable digital plans to reach your business objectives.

To get the most out of WooCommerce SEO services, reach us on this contact form. Specify your expectations and we will come back to you with the insights you need to get started.

WooCommerce SEO Service FAQ

What is a WooCommerce SEO Service?

WooCommerce SEO services gather the organic techniques that boost your ecommerce website’s online visibility. It is digital support for your marketplace and should not be confused with any kind of paid media service.

Is WooCommerce SEO Important for Your Business?

If you run a retail business and plan to sell your products online for a period longer than 6 months, then you should consider WooCommerce SEO. It takes time to get results but in the long term, this strategy can significantly increase your sales.

When Can You See WooCommerce SEO Results?

A few weeks after completing the on-site implementation, your business will enjoy the benefits of WooCommerce SEO services. The growth rate strongly depends on your niche market, your products, and your competition as well.

How Much Does Cost WooCommerce SEO Service?

Prodima usually works with monthly retainers for WooCommerce SEO services. We also offer one-off packages for short-task audits. The total cost can be as low as 500 USD for a basic WooCommerce implementation on your website.

What Are the Advantages of WooCommerce SEO Services?

WooCommerce SEO services are much more affordable than online paid ads by far. Besides, they provide long-term and sustainable results. They also positively impact your digital presence in terms of trust and authoritativeness. Eventually, WooCommerce SEO services also bring more qualified leads to your online store compared with advertising.

What Are the Challenges of WooCommerce SEO Services?

The biggest challenge regarding WooCommerce SEO services is the timeframe. It takes months, sometimes years, to start enjoying positive ROI (Return On Investment). For most businesses, that is a showstopper. On a side note, WooCommerce SEO services can also be rather technical, which is why you should outsource this task to experts.

How to Choose the Best WooCommerce SEO Agency?

It is not easy to find a decent SEO agency. It is even harder to get experts in WooCommerce SEO. You must check if your agency candidate has any experience in Search Engine Optimization. You can evaluate that by visiting their websites, which should be the best way to showcase their skills. If it looks messy, doesn’t mention WooCommerce SEO services, or there is not even a blog section, this should be a red flag for you.