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Prodima will conduct thorough SEO keyword analysis in combination with the keywords your competitors are ranking for to implement the most effective WooCommerce SEO strategies, helping your business achieve its ultimate goal.

Prodima’s content writing team will research and create a variety of quality content, satisfying both readers and search engines to increase organic traffic and convert into revenue.

Prodima provides Link Building Services from highly authoritative pages pointing to your content / website, giving your business credibility in the eyes of users and optimizing SEO effectively.

Prodima always works with transparency, clarity and strict adherence to Google’s policies. We only implement white hat Woocommerce SEO strategies that are safe for your business to maintain steady and positive growth.

WordPress is a trendy website that allows businesses and organizations to create their blog or website. According to Forbes, WordPress has up to 409 million website hosts and is the most used CMS (Content Management System) globally. It is highly interactive with up to 69.5 million published posts and an impressive interactive social engagement with audiences that produce 46.8 million new comments each month. Prodima is a Digital Marketing Agency that understands the ins and outs of WordPress and its plugins. We help businesses build website content that draws in a more significant demographic with relevant information suitable to search engines such as Google.

It is an incredible platform for businesses and users to engage with one another in promoting and selling products. Woocommerce refers to a plugin provided by WordPress to companies to sell their products online and reach the millions of users that engage with their websites. Considering that WordPress owns 60.8% of the CMS market share,  Woocommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) provides businesses with the digital marketing tools and resources to attract organic traffic to the website and improve its website visibility on search engines.

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What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is WordPress extension that allows website hosts to have an online store on their website. As the WordPress software is free through GPL (General Public License) and the WooCommerce plugin is free, it’s no wonder so many businesses choose Woocommerce to sell their products via the online store. Although WordPress provides premium services packages, they start at only $36/year, making WordPress and WooCommerce very attractive to new businesses. WordPress powers 30% of all online stores worldwide, allowing business owners to access and sell any product from any country in the world.

WooCommerce benefits that attract business owners are:

  • An online ‘Storefront’ which is customizable to each website to match the business’s brand and goals
  • Website owners can promote and sell their affiliate goods from an online marketplace.
  • That WooCommerce provides a variety of offers such as variations of products, instant downloads, and an array of configurations
  • Online stores can be scaled from basic settings to high-end templates.
  • Store inventory is easily tracked online.
  • Integral access to detailed sales reports for further business decision making

With so many great features and benefits, it is crucial that the WooCommerce website is well-managed to ensure that all of the accessed features are applied to optimize the store’s potential growth for sales. Prodima’s WooCommerce SEO experts are knowledgeable in creating technical plans to reach a greater target audience to visit a website’s online store as provided via WooCommerce.

What is WooCommerce SEO?

Effective WooCommerce SEO generates online sales through the online store to bring businesses greater profits. As of January 2020, WooCommerce accounts for 6.8% of the top million websites – an astronomical amount engined by a single website service. An online store must have positive rankings on search engines through well-calculated popular keywords and key phrases searched by the target market.

WooCommerce SEO follows a strategic plan to list a website and online store with a strong ranking to provide more significant opportunities for visitors to become consumers ultimately. Prodima’s WooCommerce SEO services analyze the best solutions to leverage WordPress’s plugin features, themes, and integrated features so that a business’s ecommerce store is included in Google’s listed search with relevant and high-quality content.

Why is WooCommerce SEO important?

WooCommerce SEO is essential because an optimized WooCommerce site containing relevant information elevates the store’s brand, traffic traction, and business revenue. The Prodima team works hard to provide additional expert advice, technical support, and customization to take complete advantage of all the plugin features. Further to improving search engine rankings that drive organic attention, productive WooCommerce SEO boosts the WooCommerce features that already exist to increase online sales.

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How is WooCommerce SEO optimized?

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency optimizes WooCommerce SEO by strategizing a digital marketing plan that applies to both the online website and the main website as a whole. The team analyzes the website as a whole to configure how to best increase SEO. A few of the techniques applied include:

  • Product and content assessment: Prodima SEO gathers information such as the product details to present them across search engines and social media to interest more people who will click on the store’s products.
  • Search engine presentation: When a business’s product is listed in search engines, Prodima adapts the product’s features and information in a structured presentation so that the product range is shown in an organized and appealing way to users in search engines.
  • Sitemap organization: The Prodima design team ensures that the webpage content, from pages to videos and other files, are organized in a way that search engine algorithms rank and index an online store according to its most significant relevance.
  • Keyword and Keyphrase organization: Proper content marketing organizes that product information and description are easily searchable but listed for related terms and synonyms to increase search traffic.

How is SEO applied to WooCommerce products and services?

Prodima incorporates various tools to Woocommerce SEO strategies that increase the visibility of an online store’s products and services. SEO resources are applied to WooCommerce products and services through:

  • Product descriptions: product descriptions on Ecommerce stores are succinct and short. The product description must be written specifically to include relevant keywords and phrases. This allows Google to seek out and capture a business’s online store, the website’s nature, and which keywords and phrases that it should be ranked for.
  • Page titles: listing pages such as category, product, and type pages to secure page titles that are descriptive to search engines and searches (future consumers). This will help users search and filter so that they will find what they want, or similar, in the store. Whether page titles need to be changed entirely or tweaked, Prodima will offer the best phrasing to capture the target audience’s readability.
  • Breadcrumbs: breadcrumbs are small digital text paths that show the online store user where they are within the website and where they’ve been. They are an essential SEO element because they make navigation easier for the user, and so the user will also know where to find the product again in the future. From a technical SEO perspective, fine breadcrumbs also help search engines determine a website’s structure to appear in search results.
  • Simple navigation: breadcrumbs are only a single element to user navigation. Applying appropriate SEO measures guarantees user-friendliness so that the customers spend more time on the website. A website and online store that is simple to navigate means users will not click ‘back’ or, even worse, exit. This affects a site’s ranking in search rankings when the search engines review the page’s links and content.

How are SEO friendly WooCommerce URLs set?

There are a variety of considerations when setting WooCommerce URLs to describe the online store. Prodima’s team are specialists in structuring URLs that are not confusing to search engine algorithms that, in turn, affect a website’s search engine ranking.

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WooCommerce SEO is applied to ensure URLs are well-formatted and relevant to the store’s product information and product descriptions. Permalinks must be carefully formatted to increase the chances of attracting more visitors from search engine results. Such permalinks on WooCommerce are referred to as “Pretty Permalinks” or “Clean URLs” into categories such as the contents of a page, a specific post, a product category, and tag archives. It just happens that Prodima is a digital marketing specialist in this field of WooCommerce.

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