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Prodima identifies the positive and negative aspects of your business’ online perception. Based on this research, we deploy a plan to fix and improve any deficiency.

Prodima monitors the feedback, news, social media posts, and online reviews about your business. We fix any threats immediately thanks to our brand management tools.

Prodima builds a positive reputation for your business. We attract meaningful reviews that highlight your most prominent strengths. It brings loyal users that we convert into paying customers.

Personal online reputation management companies “google” your name to check if the results are fair. Business online reputation management companies perform a similar audit with your brand or company name.

90% of internet users only look at the first page of search engines. They ignore the other pages’ results. This means there are limited chances to give a strong impression to potential online customers.

Businesses must nurture their online presence and branding. They all have a say in their online reputation. Online Reputation Management (ORM) helps companies expand and grow.

Do not wait to face a public relations crisis before considering working with an expert online reputation management services company. It is more challenging to heal from a bad digital reputation than to protect a trustworthy narrative.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management (ORM) carries out all activities that protect your personal or company’s positive image.

It allows greater visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and enables more trust. Brands ranking high benefit from more credibility and relevance than the average. ORM maintains a positive and healthy public perception of the business.

Top online reputation management services cover the following:

  • Brand image reputation protection.
  • Crisis management.
  • Reputation recovery.
  • Control of the top Google SERP positions for branded-related queries.

Online reputation management experts serve both business and personal brands.

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Why Does Your Brand Need an Online Reputation Management Expert?

Today, the internet represents our first source of information. Most people do online research before deciding. As content that shows up first gets the most attention, users tend to trust companies with a positive reputation, reviews, and feedback.

Great online reputation management boosts authoritativeness and sales. On the opposite, a poor online reputation leads to the bad consequences that we will list below.

Online Reputation Stays Forever

The internet keeps everything. Once you publish something live, you lose control of how third parties could share your content elsewhere.

Even if you manage to “delete” unwanted pieces of content, there may still be copies stored somewhere, on which you have no say.

Overall, individuals and companies must understand that online reputation management sticks for a very long time, maybe even forever.

Bad People Creating Bad Online Reputation

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It became easy for anyone to publish negative content about anything across the internet. What if your competitors want to defame your business?

Of course, there are laws protecting your rights. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web remains rather uncontrollable. By the time you save your reputation, some irremediable damage could have been done.

To avoid this, anticipate. Consider working with an expert online reputation management services company.

Negative News Being Viral

That’s a fact proven by thousands of studies. Bad reviews, videos, or content in general spread much quicker than good news.

Poorly intentioned people can publish a defamatory video that will become viral in no time. Online users are fond of “fake news” whether they believe it or not. When it comes to protecting your online reputation, you must control the fire before it spreads.

Sales Impact

Online channels like Google or Facebook made it convenient to compare products and services on the internet. In a matter of clicks, online users check the pricing, the product description, the guarantees… and obviously, the online reviews.

Make sure no one affects your brand. Negative comments significantly decrease your sales and revenues.

Top Online Reputation Management Services Process

Online reputation management experts help individuals and companies protect their brands. They follow 3 main phases in the order listed below.

#1 Auditing

The first step to take when managing an online reputation is to review the existing digital presence. How do online users perceive the brand? How do they mention it? On which channels? When?

This brand audit defines the baseline of the online reputation management service. We identify where it stands and what the gaps are.

Following the brand online audit, business online reputation management companies can build up a suitable strategy.

#2 ORM Strategy

The brand audit made the status clear. From this, the online reputation management expert can prepare a roadmap to reach the new desired situation. Based on what you want your brand to be, we will list the required tasks and prioritize them.

Do you need your personal or business brand to be more visible? Or better perceived by online users? Is there anything weird or scandalous linked to your brand?

Once we clarify the online reputation management strategy and get it approved, it is time to implement it.

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#3 ORM Implementation

The online reputation management implementation follows a custom checklist suitable to the goals defined in the previous steps.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of tasks that online reputation management experts may consider depending on the project:

  • Answering all online reviews (including the negative ones)
  • Encouraging positive reviews
  • Leveraging Press Releases (PRs)
  • Working with influencers
  • Promoting the brand with ads
  • Running an SEO campaign to rank the brand higher
  • Running an SEO campaign to push back the unwanted content lower (reverse SEO)

Most of the online branding issues are manageable and could be solved by those action points.

4 Online Reputation Management Media Segments

Online reputation management impacts multiple relevant digital marketing channels. People must have a positive impression of the brand on all of them.

Marketers classify those digital marketing segments following the PESO diagram. PESO stands for:

  • Paid media.
  • Earned media.
  • Shared media.
  • Owned media.

Businesses control paid and owned media, which makes it easier for them to monitor their brands. On the opposite, earned and shared media can become viral quickly with limited control from the individual or the business. They require extra attention and professionalism.

Paid Media

Paid media channels are those you pay to boost your visibility. Google ads, social advertising, or sponsored content are examples of paid media.

By nature, they are easy and fast to acquire. Unfortunately, they are not as trusted as the other online reputation management media segments.

Earned Media

With earned media, you get media coverage from channels you don’t own. It includes the press, review websites, forums, and other forms of networking.

Earned media sends excellent signals for the search engines that treat them as “votes” from other platforms to yours. On the other side, you do not control them.

Shared Media

Shared media publishes content marketing on third-party platforms, excluding the channels you own. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are classic illustrations of shared media.

Despite shared media being quite trustworthy, search engines do not value them much. Besides, nothing prevents online users from publishing bad reviews about your brand.

Owned Media

The only owned media that businesses completely control is the branded website or any web pages that they host elsewhere.

Owned media represents the primary source of information about your brand or your company. It includes everything you create like blogs, infographics, podcasts, videos, or employee testimonials.

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Why Choose Prodima for Online Reputation Management?

Prodima is an affordable online reputation management expert focused on all the channels that mention your brand. We manage your online reputation across the internet.

We monitor your brand’s reputation by immediately addressing any potentially damaging content affecting your company.

Here is a list of advantages of working with an expert online reputation management services company like Prodima:

Prodima ORM Benefits

Prodima’s online reputation management experts offer :

  • Tangible branding management results.
  • Quick actions to solve your branding issues.
  • Tailored and smart reputation marketing solutions.
  • Assertive and empathetic support to manage your bad reviews.
  • Dedicated ORM account manager.
  • Clear and transparent reporting.
  • Online reputation management tools.

We generate those benefits after analyzing the online reputation management factors detailed below.

Prodima ORM Factors

To implement your online reputation management strategy, Prodima focuses on the following items:

  • Brand searchability.
  • Brand authoritativeness.
  • Brand purchasing impact.
  • Brand perception from online users.
  • Published online feedback and reviews.
  • Published digital recommendations.

To audit your ORM items, we use the software listed below.

Online Reputation Management Tools

Top online reputation management services need automation. Fortunately, tools are doing those auditing tasks.

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All of them track brands, your competitors, and your customers. You can also monitor your brand shoutouts, online events, or your competitor activities.

A quick mention for Google Alerts as it doesn’t offer as much as the great software presented above but remains free for any online users. Just input the keyword you want to monitor across the internet, and you will receive notifications every time someone types it.

To build a detailed plan and share an online reputation management price, we need to discuss a brief with you. Contact us to place your brand and your website’s reputation at the forefront of your industry!

Online Reputation Management FAQ

What is ORM?

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management. This digital practice makes sure your business is fairly visible and trusted online.

What Does an Online Reputation Management Expert Do?

An online reputation management expert monitors and optimizes digital content related to a brand or a person’s name. He cleans the “negative content” if needed.

What Are the Benefits of Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management improves authoritativeness and client engagement. Besides, it increases product and service sales. Finally, it also builds solid awareness that helps recruitment.

What is an Affordable Online Reputation Management Price?

For simple one-off content removal, the online reputation management price could start from 500 USD. If a more complex campaign is needed, it could lead to a monthly retainer of several thousand dollars.

How to Find a Business Online Reputation Management Company?

A business online reputation management company must be able to promote itself across the internet. Just type a keyword like “online reputation management” and pick the first link.

How to Find a Personal Online Reputation Management Company?

Like above, a personal online reputation management company must stand out of the crowd by being able to rank itself higher than any competitors.

Can We Remove Negative Brand-Related Content from Search Results?

Yes, we can, according to certain conditions. It is not always possible to remove unwanted content from the internet, for example, if the content is based on facts.

Is Online Reputation Management the Same as Public Relations?

Online reputation management includes public relations and more, for example, internal communications. Public relations only focus on external brand promotion.

Is Online Reputation Management the Same as Search Engine Optimization?

ORM and SEO both tend to pull a digital identity at the top of search engine results. The main difference is that online reputation management works with brand names while search engine optimization focuses on web pages.

Do Online Reputation Management Experts Write Reviews for Your Business?

Brand reviews must be genuine and come from real products or service users. We do not write fake reviews for any company, business, or individual.