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Prodima provides effective Online Reputation Management services that repel all negative search results, clean up search records and push positive news / stories / reviews to make your corporate brand identity become more trustworthy and impressive in the eyes of online users.

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Prodima will conduct analyses of your business’ online perception to identify the positive and negative aspects based on different data / research.

Prodima’s team of experts will then immediately deploy a plan to “fix” these deficiencies and promote your business on online platforms to improve user impression and trust.

Prodima’s team of experts is proactive in Online Reputation Management by continuously monitoring feedback / news and online reviews from users on your business’ social platforms.

We also give immediate warnings, adjustments and “fixes” to any threats that will negatively affect your online reputation.

Prodima uses different brand management tools to build a positive reputation for your business. Prodima’s ORM services help attract more positive reviews and loyal users to build a reputation for your business in the most favourable direction.

Prodima provides Online Brand Management services that are researched and developed according to the needs of the business to highlight the most prominent strengths.

Prodima’s unique strategy will help build sustainable brand equity, attract large numbers of loyal users, and convert them into revenue for your business in the most effective way.

Across the entire globe, an astounding 90% of internet users look only at the first page of search engines and ignore additional pages’ results. What does this statistic mean to your business and your brand? It enforces the importance of protecting your online presence and brand at all costs to 4.3 billion internet users worldwide. Whether you’re a business owner promoting a product, service, or aiming to share information simply, how the world views your online image amounts to the ultimate revenue that you will either receive or lose. Google occupies 91.02% of Vietnam’s Search Engine Market – that’s an astounding number of the country’s population with internet access to either endorse or damage a business’s Online Reputation.

In today’s modern age, your online reputation is a powerful asset but also a mastiff liability. Online Reputation Management (ORM) is paramount in maintaining a positive brand image that appeals to users turned consumers. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency’s online reputation management services actively manage your business’s reputation by minimizing negative consumer feedback. By managing your online presence, Prodima attends to maintaining your business’s positive online reputation. 

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What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

The aim of all businesses, whether small or large, is to expand and grow as success grows, as does backlash and an increase in opinions and reviews from the public. Despite customer service solutions and customer retention, online reviews can be incredibly damaging to a business. Negative reviews alone influence 94% of consumers who avoid a company. Thankfully, Online Reputation Management solutions are readily available to maintain the positive and healthy public perception of a business, its brand, the people involved. 

Prodima’s Online Reputation Management experts monitor and enhance your brand’s reputation by immediately addressing any potential damaging feedback or content affecting your business. Through technical Online Reputation Management SEO strategies, the Prodima team possess knowledgeable digital marketing tactics that prevent and resolve negative connotations about your brand.

Online Reputation Management carries out various activities that protect your company’s positive image. This allows for greater visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and enables high ranks for your business. According to Business Wire, close to 90% of consumers make their purchasing decisions – undoubtedly through the handy assistance of Google. A company that is indexed highly in online search engine listings has positive reviews to support its credibility and relevance.  

Internet users and customers are more inclined to trust businesses with positive online reputations, reviews, and feedback. These digital elements combine to drive more significant organic traffic to your website, increase prospective consumers’ numbers, and boost sales. With 93% of people admitting that online reviews impact their buying decisions, Prodima’s ORM services will protect your reviews and manage your online branding.

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Why is Online Reputation Management Important?

Of course, Online Reputation Management is crucial to protecting your brand and business as a whole. A strict and efficient Online Reputation Management strategy as set by Prodima is important in effects to:

  • Purchasing Impact: 54% of shoppers prefer to see the product before purchasing physically. Hence, the need to ensure that shoppers can trust your brand and products when purchasing online. Effective ORM positively influences shoppers when viewing your brand at home. The fashion in which your brand appears online, from content information to web design, impacts the viewer’s decision to purchase from your online store. And for those who prefer to shop in-store, they must trust your online reputation before even considering heading into the store. A business’s online reputation acts as a quality checkpoint, with 88% of consumers sifting through search engine reviews to determine your business’s reliability.
  • Digital Recommendations: Whether it’s a star rating, written review, or thumbs up/thumbs down, consumers are continually searching for the opinions of others before dropping their own money. Up to 85% of consumers consider online feedback and trustworthy tips from friends and family. ORM is vital to manage a brand’s reliability, and businesses benefit by supporting a Prodima Online Reputation Management expert.
  • Negative Reviews: It is quite frightening to know that an enormous 51% of electronic Amazon reviews are considered “fake.” Anyone can write a negative review online in today’s age. It is not uncommon for spiteful competitors to leave negative reviews to strain out fellow businesses in the industry. Whether reviews are authentic or not, negative feedback can be very damaging to a business. As negative feedback is difficult to remove, it can be a rarity when overpowered by positive reviews. As an Online Reputation Management company, Prodima’s team is trained to request reviews from customers to weed out negative feedback.
  • Obtaining valuable feedback: ORM is essential because it is also an opportunity to monitor feedback and collect information about customer satisfaction and disgruntled regarding your business’s services or products. Such feedback is insightful surveying that could assist future business decisions.

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How does Online Reputation Management work?

ORM revolves around both monitoring and managing a brand’s reputation on the internet. Prodima Online Reputation Management firm works by managing multiple digital marketing channels. Prodima applies various measures to ensure online viewers and customers maintain a positive impression of the brand. The below model is a PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) diagram identifying the various digital areas that require attentive Online Reputation Management:

The above PESO model is an umbrella covering a wide array of digital marketing segments. Each marketing channel is a potential space for brand damage if a business’s online reputation is not well-managed:

  • Paid Media: Businesses have complete control over their placements and, therefore, their ORM. Businesses must ensure their content abides by strict paid media platform guidelines to avoid complaints. 
  • Earned Media: This is free coverage that a brand receives from external platforms (press coverage, blogs/vlogs, forums, external articles, and other third-party listings). In this case, these sources contribute to positive ORM as they help create trust with online viewers who visit their site.
  • Share Media: Your business’s social media accounts openly represent your company’s branding and values to the public. ORM involves managing negative Google My Business comments, low-star Facebook ratings, and complaints. Prodima is the top Online Reputation Management company to strategize the best approach when responding to such situations. Productive ORM includes addressing negative comments directly to convert unhappy customers into returning customers.
  • Owned Media: Owned Media primarily comprises your business’s blog and website. Good SEO Online Reputation Management of owned media improves the rankings, thereby protecting your brand’s positive reception. Prodima’s ORM consultants will form an ORM process to guide your business through powerful SEO content creation. 

How much does Online Reputation Management Cost?

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency will focus on all the channels that your business is mentioned only and manage your online reputation across the internet. The cost of Online Reputation Management is not fixed and quoted on a case-by-case basis depending on your business needs and how many channels require Online Reputation Management.
Prodimas’s Online Reputation Management service includes:

  • A comprehensive Online Reputation audit to uncover what your current reputation is and how your brand is to be managed
  • Formulating an Online Reputation Management Strategy for ORM optimization including crisis management solutions
  • Implementation of an agreed ORM strategy
  • Efficient monitoring and consistent reviewal of brand mentions

Contact a Prodima consultant today for Online Reputation Management Cost and Pricing. Our team of ORM experts looks forward to strategizing the best way to place your brand and website’s positive reputation at the forefront of your industry.

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