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Prodima analyzes your website linking profile to address potential issues. We repair broken links, build high-quality ones, optimize your internal linking, and beat your competitors.

Prodima guarantees your new linking strategy fully complies with search engine rules like Google’s. We earn backlinks for you and we ensure they will stick to your website.

Prodima combines the skills of our experienced copywriters with our professional SEO technicians to create valuable guest posts for your website.

White hat link-building agencies are challenging to find. Many of those companies offer SEO backlinks services that look like “We will create 10,000 links pointing at your website.” Such a link-building service strategy penalizes your domain.

To choose the right quality backlink service, you need to understand how they work. It is crucial to make the difference between earned and paid backlinks. We will also explain below what to expect from a white hat link-building service and how to work with a link-building agency.

What is a Link-Building Service?

A link-building service supplies a business’s website with backlinks. There are different ways to do so, as there are several kinds of backlinks as well.

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In the case of quality backlink service, we talk about earned links that do not involve any form of monetary deal or “backlink exchange” during the process.

On the opposite, an SEO link-building company that purchases backlinks follows black hat practices that get penalized according to search engines’ policies.

The main purposes of link-building services are:

  • Make the destination website easily crawlable
  • Raise the destination website’s trustworthiness and authoritativeness
  • Connect contextually related web pages
  • Bring web traffic from the source page to the destination page

To achieve this, your SEO link-building company must consider several backlinking techniques that we will detail below. We will first clarify the concept of “quality backlinks” as it is crucial to ensure a great link-building service.

What are Quality Backlinks?

Not all backlinks are equal. We differentiate the earned and paid backlinks. In a nutshell, the first ones are quality backlinks while the latter are poor.

Earned Versus Paid Backlinks

Earned backlinks are links coming from external domains and pointing at yours that have been created “naturally.” By “naturally,” we mean they have not been impacted by any commercial intents like a purchase.

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Those valuable earned backlinks are a positive signal about the destination page. They are pretty much “votes” of trust and authoritativeness. Of course, earning backlinks is a long and challenging process.

On the other hand, paid backlinks have been purchased by the destination domain owner (or by the link-building agency working for him). In exchange for money, the third-party domain sends a link to the client.

Paid backlinks harm websites. Prodima does not recommend going for them. Instead, a reputable SEO link-building company would use a disavow link tool to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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Backlink Service

A quality backlink service prioritizes quality over quantity. Purchasing thousands of links pointing at your website at once is called a black hat practice. This violates organic search engine policies.

The best way to get quality backlinks is to work with a reputable link-building agency. They help their clients write and publish great content that people want to refer to.

Overall, producing content that interests businesses from a specific target niche makes all the magic. For example, a website can connect with journalists and reporters to understand what they are looking for. Once they publish the desired content, those reporters will be more than happy to send a link pointing to the destination web page.

SEO Link-Building Service Process

SEO link-building companies usually follow two main phases:

  • Link-building strategy
  • Link-building execution

We will develop both below.

Link-Building Strategy

As link-building is a long and complex process, businesses should always study the market first.

For a given topic, we must identify the sources of backlinks that would be willing to link to our web pages. There are many out there. Unfortunately, not all provide the same value. We must be selective.

The next step is to audit our website to identify the best web pages to receive those backlinks. It also helps define which topics are more likely to generate backlinks.

Besides the internal audit, we can also check what the competitors are doing. Websites like yours also get backlinks. If we know from which domains they get those backlinks, such websites could link out to you too.

With this information in hand, the link-building agency will finalize the analysis to build a backlink roadmap ready for the execution phase.

Link-Building Execution

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Earning new links is time-consuming. Following the backlink strategy, digital marketers will reach out to the selected sources to discuss potential opportunities.

Again, by “opportunity,” we don’t mean anything financial. The point is to provide value for both sides without buying anything.

You are looking for a backlink. The backlink prospect is looking for a valuable source of information. By showcasing your web page, your business must convince this partner that your content is useful and relevant. If this is the case, adding a backlink is a win-win situation.

In most cases, the websites looking for backlinks send an email to the other domain. They share the link to the content and invite this domain to link out.

Of course, 98% of people ignore those requests. That’s why it is so complicated and time-consuming to deliver a great link-building SEO service. However, it is worth it in the long term.

The link-building execution phase includes close monitoring and measurement of the backlinks’ performance. We must evaluate the return on those efforts. Link-building agencies follow up on the website backlink profile to see the new and lost backlinks, as well as their quality.

Prodima Link-Building Agency

Prodima is a professional SEO link-building company. We offer quality backlink services to clients from all industries.

Why Partner with Prodima?

Prodima delivers white hat SEO backlink services. There are 5 reasons why businesses should partner with Prodima:

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Scalability
  • Sustainability
  • Full-service

We understand that SEO is a matter of quality. Prodima guarantees to only follow white hat practices when it comes to SEO link-building services. Our experts have decades of practice and know what works and what doesn’t.

Prodima has a backlinking experience in all niche markets, industries, and many countries worldwide. We connect with the right sources to deliver the most suitable backlink-building service.

SEO backlink services are not a one-off process. While cheap agencies may purchase tons of backlinks at once and then hope for sustainable organic performance to happen, Prodima offers a link-building service that works at scale.

Our link-building agency only cooperates with trusted sources. We never work with unsecured domains creating backlinks that disappear after two months. We earn solid backlinks. In case something bad occurs, we replace the lost backlink at our own cost.

Prodima is a full-service SEO agency that does more than backlinking. As we have a full vision of the whole SEO process, we provide the best quality backlink service that makes your business grow.

Prodima Link-Building Service Process

Prodima follows white hat techniques to earn quality backlinks for your website. Our link-building service process is:

  • Backlink campaign planning
  • Content production
  • Outreach
  • Deployment
  • Measurement
  • Reporting

Our team of backlink experts analyzes the market to identify the best opportunities. Link building depends on many factors and there is no one-fit-all option.

Once we know what would bring the best benefits to your website, Prodima works on the needed content. For example, our SEO link-building service could include guest posts or blog article copywriting. We want to craft high-quality content to deliver maximum value.

Confident in our SEO-friendly articles, we reach out to potential publishers to propose some content hosting including backlinks to your website. This phase is the most time-consuming (not saying “boring!”) as we must follow up with many domain owners. Most of them never reply and, sometimes, we must find an alternative.

Once everything is set up, we know which publisher will host which content. We synchronize our link-building service efforts to deploy those earned backlinks live. We make sure that not too many new backlinks will point to your website at once.

We check the link-building performance based on the most important metrics. Besides the organic traffic they bring, backlinks raise online visibility and authoritativeness.

Prodima’s link-building SEO service includes a report of the campaign’s performance. We send you all the needed information about the articles’ views on the publishers’ websites. Besides, we include data about how they make your target web pages more worthy.

How can link-building services help your business grow? Contact our team of backlink experts to find out.

Link-Building Service FAQ

What is Link-Building?

Link building is the process of connecting web pages. The page sending out the link is called the “referral” while the one receiving the backlink is the “destination page.”

What are White Hat Link-Building Services?

White hat backlinks are links created following the standard SEO policies. They must be natural, earned (not purchased), and bring value to both web pages.

Is Link-Building Important for Your Business?

Link building is one of the most crucial SEO factors when it comes to organic web page optimizations. If your business needs Search Engine Optimization, it needs link-building services.

How Much Does Cost Link-Building Service?

Prodima charges its link-building service based on the scope of work. It depends on the content needed, the language, the business industry, the number of backlinks, and the quality of the referral domains. If you need more backlinks, we offer packages at scale.

Should We Purchase Backlinks?

No one should ever purchase any backlink as it violates the SEO standard policies! The right way to get backlinks is to earn them and follow white hat practices.

How to Attract Earned or Free Backlinks?

We list several ways to earn valuable backlinks in this article. Our favorite link-building technique is to write top-quality copy and reach out to relevant domains to publish this guest post having a backlink pointing to your website.

How Many Backlinks Should We Build?

The key is to be as natural as possible. Building tons of backlinks at once is a bad idea and search engines like Google may penalize your domain. Then, some websites naturally attract more backlinks than others, especially if they are popular. As a rule of thumb, for the average website, we do not recommend building more than 20 backlinks per web page a month.

Are Backlinks Still Important in 2024?

Link building still works in 2024. It remains one of the top #3 factors for web page optimizations in the SEO checklist.