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Prodima analyzes your website linking profile to address potential issues. We repair broken links, build high-quality ones, optimize your internal linking, and beat your competitors.

Prodima guarantees your new linking strategy fully complies with search engine rules like Google’s. We earn backlinks for you & we ensure they will stick to your website.

Prodima combines the skills of our experienced copywriters with our professional SEO technicians to create valuable guest posts for your website.

Links connect web pages together. It can happen within the same domain (internal linking) or between two separated domains (external linking).

They allow both users & search engines to surf on the internet and find what they are looking for. Links create context & relationships between web pages.

Prodima provides link-building services to improve your website’s online visibility, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

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What is Link-Building?

Hyperlinks are clickable (or tappable) online content that redirects users & search engines to other web pages. This is how people navigate their way through the billions of pages available on the internet. Link-building is the process of acquiring those hyperlinks.

How is Link-Building Done?

The link-building process depends on the nature of the link.

Internal links are the easiest to create. They simply connect two web pages under the same domain. Any marketer can create them from the website Content Management System (CMS).

External links pointing at other websites are done following the same way, except that the destination page is on another domain.

The most challenging links to build are the external links coming from another domain and pointing at our websites. We call them “backlinks.” They are the Holy Grail of SEO experts because they bring lots of benefits. However, we do not have much control over them.

Websites must “earn” their backlinks. If there is any money involved during the link-building process, then it is a black hat practice. Search engines like Google penalize black hat techniques. They can lower the ranking of the web pages, or even totally de-index a whole domain.

The best way to receive backlinks is to produce outstanding content that people are willing to link to. Guest posts also work as they are a “win-win” situation for both the publishing domain and the website that welcomes the new backlink.

What Are The Benefits of Link-Building?

Web pages ranking at the top positions of the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) are usually those having the most backlinks pointing at them. Thus the importance of link-building.

Moreover, links do pass some equity to their destination pages. We can consider them as “votes” of trust. If a domain points at another domain, it means there is some valuable content there.

However, it does not mean that the more backlinks the better. “Spammy” or low-quality backlinks, coming from low-authority or non-relevant domains, can harm the destination website. Make sure you work with professional SEO marketers before starting your link-building. The world is full of “SEO agencies” more than happy to purchase cheap backlinks for their clients.Link-Building hình ảnh 3

How Long for Link-Building to Affect?

To simplify, let’s separate two kinds of links.

Poor-quality links (like the ones purchased for “quick boost” purposes, which is a condemnable black hat practice) never stay for long. they usually disappear within one or two months after they have been created. Even if they are cheap, poor links are a pure waste of money. Besides, they may penalize the domain.

High-quality links take around two to three months before passing all their “juice” to the destination website. Prodima recommends only building this kind of link.

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Link-building is one of the most powerful SEO factors to boost websites’ organic performance.

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