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Prodima's Social Media Design Services enhance your business's presence on social media platforms. We offer custom designs that meet every business requirement, making your site more visually impressive and different from the competition.

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Maintaining engagement from the target audience with your business’s Facebook posts is extremely important. Prodima’s experts, including Content Writers and Graphic Designers, will create quality / unique articles and produce the most visually impressive images that will attract users to interact more with your brand.

Prodima will commit to researching and learning about your business’s target demographics. Based on the collected data, we will design Landing Page to provide engaging content with impressive visuals to get users to see the most => drive conversions into leads => purchase and improve revenue efficiency.

Prodima creates infographics with viral colors / content and images that will “reside” in the minds of your audience, increasing your brand retention rate.

To develop a strong relationship between your brand and users, incorporate Prodima’s Social Media Advertising services so that your content / images can show up in the GOLDEN hours for better audience targeting and conversions.

Prodima also provides many other services including: ad banners, ad graphics, website / blog development… to attract the attention of potential users who visit your website.

When it comes to Social Media, the visual effect and design across a business’s social media platforms capture the audience to invite the audience to engage with the business immediately. Digital Marketing agencies offer skilled and professional Social Media Design strategists and graphic design artists to create social media visual content.

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In Social Media Web Design alone, up to 94% of a web page’s first impression amongst a user is design related. As the world’s social media statistics increase from 3.5 billion and growing, it’s almost unthinkable to determine which design plan will suit today’s social media users across such a wide range of audiences as millennials make up 90% social media users and 76% catering to Generation X.

The average time that each online user in Vietnam spends on Social Media is over 2 hours. With almost 70% of Vietnam actively engaging in Facebook, how does your business’s Social Media design ensure that your branding is included in the 2 hours that the people of Vietnam spend on Social Media each day?

Although 2 hours may seem like a lot of time, this time is spread across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and various other Social Media platforms – the window to create a strong and positive impression upon the online user is paramount. Whether it’s Social Media ad design or a simple Social Media banner design, vital visual aids are integral to business campaigns and an absolute priority.

What is Social Media Design?

Social Media Design involves creating content with the intent of visual appeal to a business’s demographic. Business campaigns involve decision-makers working closely with their marketing team and graphics experts to generate exciting social media designs.

Effective Social Media Graphic design includes copious amounts of time and detail to create the perfect advert. From ad banners to profile backgrounds, cover images, blog graphs, and timeline posts, Social Media Design strategies are road mapped to draw in the consumer’s attention.

Social Media Design includes but is not limited to the visual effects of:

  • Web ad banners
  • Video promotional materials (Instagram stories, YouTube videos, etc.)
  • Campaign posts
  • Logos
  • Website graphics
  • Blog visual aids
  • Social media promotional design images
  • And more

Businesses of all scales are called to Social Media to connect with their audience in today’s day and age, as it allows the audience to communicate with the businesses directly. Hence, the importance of appealing Social Media Design. As a window-shopper would stop to view a well visually merchandised store in the mall, Social Media Design is the digital equivalent of an attractive storefront.

Nielsen’s study discovered that 56% of 1 billion surveyed Facebook users would prefer to message customer service rather than directly call. Eye-catching visuals such as Social Media Post Designs and Social Media Logo Design invites your business’s chosen demographic to contact you directly via your business’s social media platforms.

Why is Social Media Design important?

Social Media Design is meaningful because it is a visual representation of what energy the branding of your business emanates. It is the ultimate branding tool that immediately informs the public and draws in the audience that your business aims to acquire.

Strategic Social Media Design boosts brand awareness to grow the followers suited to your business’s services and products. The social media graphics displayed across a business’s social media platforms, whether Facebook or YouTube, may include business information and promotional material or merely a picture. Social Media Design is important because it is a professional means to attract users and draw them in to engage with the content that a business builds.

A simple glance at a company logo displayed across a company’s business’s social media platforms already informs a viewer’s expectations and interpretation of the business. The simple process of merely selecting a logo evokes emotions to the online viewer through color association, influencing 90% of a person’s first impression.

A general comparison as such would be a vegan cafe compared to a barbecue restaurant. A vegan cafe is likely to display color tones throughout their social media design graphics that are earthy with tones of leafy greens and natural nude browns. A barbecue restaurant is expected to opt for bold hues of red to represent prime steaks and other meat products.

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How is a Social Media Website designed?

A Social Media Website is designed using marketing tools and design applications that effectively create a business campaign. Social Media Websites are designed to be informative and easily shared across multiple platforms to raise brand awareness, promote services and products, and most importantly – influence online users.

The team involved in the Social Media Website design must be insightful and experienced. A Social Media Website is designed through a group of cohesive ideas that create a direct vision with a united business goal from the digital marketing agent, business, graphic designers, and marketing consultants.

What makes a Social Media Design campaign effective?

For a Social Media Design to be effective, a business must first possess a clear vision of its brand values. If your business was to be a single image – what kind of emotions would you hope that it evokes in the eyes of your ideal audience? When an online user views a picture posted by your company, what is that unique quality that further sparks the audience to consider exploring your business’s products and services?

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An effective Social Media Design campaign should:

  • Be original and attractive to your company’s ideal audience.
  • Increase organic traffic across your social media platforms and website
  • Encourage intrigue and curiosity into your business’s products and services.
  • Make a return on investment, i.e., gain responses to current promotions or offers.
  • Illustrate visuals that capture your loyal followers as well as invite new leads
  • Align with your business’s brand culture through visual language
  • Be cohesive with your company’s previous and future marketing strategies and intentions.

The effectiveness of a Social Media Design campaign can be determined by analyzing each Social Media Design published. By using various digital marketing analytics, businesses can work with a Digital Marketing Agency to assess their content. Following each Social Media Design piece, metric analytics of the campaign can be viewed to measure the audience’s reaction.

From age, location, clicks, and even where the digital path that the online user took following the post, analytics can measure how engaging the post has been over time. This is beneficial in assessing which designs work best for the business for future campaigns and can determine the potential of future Social Media Design campaigns.

How much does Social Media Image design cost?

Social Media Image Design costs vary depending on a budget of the business. It is common for many companies to believe, “oh, it’s just an image – I can get this done for a low cost.” However, this is a common misconception. The cost of creatives is not merely the final result’s price, but the time that a Social Media Image designer can invest in producing the visual too.

A fine example would be if a designer were to be provided with either 2 seconds or 2 days to create an image – this determines the difference between whether a stick figure of a person is drawn or a well-shaded, detailed, dimensional, and realistic human body may be sketched.

Social Media Image Design costs vary. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency provides professionals available to consult your business and assess your budget to produce Social Image designs most suitable to your campaign without compromising the quality of the final visual.

Prodima’s Social Media Design Services

Prodima’s Social Media Design services are creative, thorough, and highly brand conscious. Our digital marketing team works closely with your business and experienced designers to ensure that the content designed gages ultimate traction with your business’s demographic to deliver results in investment. We offer various Social Media Design Services, such as consultation, content management, and campaign reporting. It is Prodima’s goal to provide Social Media Marketing Design and Social Media Campaign Design Services that:

  • Maintain your brand’s professional reputation
  • Engages audiences with memorable brand recognition
  • Invites your business’s demographic to connect with the business’s services and products

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Reach out to a Social Media Website Design expert at Prodima for a transparent consultation that guides your company to visual success and traction.

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