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Prodima creates banners, images, or infographics that resonate with your followers and potential customers. We guarantee that your brand will stick to people’s minds.

Prodima crafts commercial videos for your corporate or product and services introduction needs. We keep them short (15 seconds) for the social platforms or longer based on your objectives.

Prodima crafts online landing pages that match your brand’s art direction. We include all necessary elements that help conversions, including the Call To Action (CTA) buttons and short but convincing copy.

Prodima creates 2D and 3D animations for your logos and products to impress your target audience. We design those visually appealing materials to crush your competitors.

Effective social media strategy is a staple of marketing in the modern world. The average consumer spends 2.5 hours a day on social media. 76% of consumers have bought products from social media ads before.

All those social media sales began with effective social media design, though. Let’s examine what social media design is and why you must focus on it in this ultimate guide.

What is Social Media Design?

Social media design is designing text and images that appeal to users.

Usually, the end goal of social media design is to create conversions and lead generation through a three-step process:

  • Catch a user’s attention by making the graphical elements of the post flashy in a visually appealing way.
  • Get the user invested in the product by including engaging, relevant, and authoritative content.
  • Push the user to buy by providing a clear CTA and a route into your sales funnel.

Some social media posts might not sell anything but share relevant content or make a brand-related announcement. Good social media design will reinforce social profiles and raise positive brand awareness in these cases. It will incorporate logos, text supporting core values, and other elements reinforcing your brand’s online identity.

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What Does Social Design Include?

Visual content is a precise art form that combines several elements to boost sales. Those elements include:

  • Writing marketing copy that is specially optimized for the social media platform, it will be posted on.
  • Creating eye-catching graphics to go with the copy. The image is generally the part of a social media post that draws people in the most.
  • Creating animations or videos is the best way to get your message across.
  • Incorporating other brand elements that “put your stamp” on your posts.

What is Social Media Design Strategy?

As the name suggests, a social media design strategy is a highly strategic and systematic approach to posting on the platforms. A social media designer must do background research to determine precisely what the target demographic wants to see and what competitors are already doing. They use that information to design a series of posts that work together.

Assembling a successful social media design strategy can be compared to putting together a team in sports. Every player (or post) is chosen to contribute in its way toward the ultimate goal of social media design: acquiring a loyal audience for your brand.

What to Consider for Social Media Post Designs?

A talented social media designer has to keep many different factors in mind when putting together a campaign. When putting together your posts and campaigns, remember to consider factors like:

Adapt your design to the platform

Different social media platforms have different types of audiences. That means they have other guidelines for the most stunning visual elements. 

For example, Facebook is great for sharing news written about through a narrative lens. Twitter is a better place for short quotes and statistics. Instagram is great for purely visual content.

Familiarize yourself with each social media platform you want to utilize for your brand.

Craft brand guidelines

Even small details like the ideal pixel counts and image dimensions differ between social media platforms. Posting images of the wrong size will result in graphics that aren’t visually appealing content, which will not attract users.

Stay up-to-date on the proper content sizes and modify your image for your platform. You can use this 2023 social media image size cheat sheet for reference.

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Build a clear visual strategy

A distinctive look is central to your brand and should be present in every step of your social media design.

Is the aesthetic your brand is going for artsy? Photorealistic? Art deco? Next-gen?

And how about the mood you want to capture with that aesthetic? Should it be celebratory? Pensive? Decadent? Nostalgic?

You may have already worked out your brand aesthetic, which should have been central to your logo design. You must ensure your social platforms follow your brand’s aesthetic and mood. Whether you’re designing text, visuals, or other elements, every post should point back to that original visual strategy.

Use colors to mirror your brand identity

Color is perhaps the best way to create a strong visual identity in social media posts. The human eye recognizes colors more easily and quickly than specific objects, so they’re a great way to advertise your brand to anyone scrolling their social media feed, even if they don’t stop on your post. They also help build a stronger brand association for those focusing on the content.

Ensure your brand colors are present in all your visual content, if possible. From the background of your images to the text you use for banners, use your colors as often as possible. Of course, you’ll want to avoid being flashy with your color usage.

Square images

It’s always best to have a square logo, no matter your platform. Nearly all social media platforms require a square image when creating a business page profile.

In addition, a square graphic is an excellent design element to add to images’ many shapes and sizes.

This square image will often serve as the “blueprint” for the visual strategy discussed above.

Use social media design templates

No, templates are not a form of plagiarism. They certainly save time and will ultimately contribute to a better user experience most of the time. As a rule, only an experienced social media designer should stray from templates. In most cases, even they will want to use them.

You can check out some free editable social media templates at Piktochart or use a subscription service like Envato for more comprehensive social media templates.

Update your social media profiles

Good social media design also involves creating and maintaining an informative and up-to-date profile for your brand or business. Your profile picture must be visually appealing and be the hub for your brand’s online presence and visual identity. It should make it easy for your audience to become comfortable with your business and get in contact with you.

What are the Different Types of Social Media Design Services?

Different parts of social media design are sometimes broken up and covered by other services. For example:

  • Some people only write social media copy and rely on provided images. These copywriters often respond to comments on content as well.
  • Some only design feature images, focusing on incorporating the brand aesthetic into their work.
  • Some focus on headers and covers, the first thing many users see when dealing with your brand.
  • Some specialize in thumbnail design for YouTube, the second most popular social media platform behind Facebook.
  • In recent years, some have begun to specialize in creating AR content like custom filters for Snapchat and Instagram.
  • Some keep track of your content’s performance by employing analytics tools. They figure out what content performs best for you and suggest future content.

Social media designs, though, are comprehensive services that focus on all these elements. The design process is strategic and should be tied together in many places. It’s beneficial to have one person or group that knows every aspect of your social media design working for you.

What Makes Good Social Media Design?

Good design incorporates content that interests people in the brand while reinforcing its online identity.

It takes a highly strategic approach to social media, creating schedules, brand profiles, and sales funnels. Of course, a good strategy will be different depending on what social media channels are being used. It will also be modified depending on what the brand’s goals are.

Why is Social Media Design Important for Your Business?

Social media is a more friendly and intimate way to connect with your target audience than traditional marketing. Because of that, intelligent social media design is a potent tool.

You may be selling or simply raising awareness. Either way, a social media strategy that can establish a solid brand and put it in front of as many eyes as possible is critical.

Plan Your Social Media Design Strategy

The first part of any social media design strategy is establishing a robust online presence. Create solid profiles that connect with your target demographic while projecting a strong, clear brand persona. Do so on every social network you plan on using for your brand.

Here is a step-by-step overview of how you can handle social media design strategy:

  • Specify campaign goals. Determine some reasonably attainable and measurable goals, such as the number of click throughs or conversions. Write the goals down so you can hold yourself to them.
  • Determine your target audience. Most social media design is about catering to your audience’s wants, so now’s the time to put yourself in their shoes. You can use tools like Xtensio and Facebook Audience Insights to help create user personas.
  • Pick your social media platforms. Each platform requires different types of content. Determining which ones you will use based on your target audience’s use is crucial to how you proceed.
  • Develop a posting strategy. Write a post-by-post plan that will hit all the points you want to touch upon on the way to your end goal. You don’t need to write the copy for the posts in this step, but give yourself a general outline.
  • Produce the content. This is the hardest step because many factors must be considered. You’ll have to utilize all the information you’ve gathered to put together the most influential posts.
  • Schedule your posts. Use automated software like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your posts to go live at a specific time. Remember that different social media channels have different high-traffic periods!
  • Track your posts. Use Google Analytics to see how your posts perform based on your campaign goals. Determine what the highest-performing ones are doing right. Use that information to modify posts planned for later in the campaign or build more substantial posts.

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Social Media Design FAQs

If you have any more questions about branding or strategy, you may find them answered here.

What is a social media graphic design?

A social media graphic design is an image created specifically for sharing on social media platforms. It is crafted to be attention-grabbing, shareable, and effectively convey information at a glance. Well-designed social media graphics adhere to the brand’s color scheme and brand values.

The best dimensions for a social media graphic design vary depending on the social channel used.

Who needs social media design?

In 2023, anyone trying to establish an online presence must utilize a unique approach to their social strategy. For example:

  • Businesses looking to promote their product.
  • Influencers looking to build a brand and establish a following.
  • Event organizers looking to attract an audience.
  • Non-profits or individuals raising awareness for initiatives.
  • Contractors or bloggers looking to step up their self-promotion game.

How important is graphic design for social media?

Including an eye-catching image in a social media post is crucial in garnering attention. In fact, according to Forbes, social media posts with relevant images get 94% more engagement than those without.

What are the advantages of social media design?

Advantages include:

  • Building a solid brand persona.
  • Attracting attention can lead to more lead generation or a more loyal audience.
  • Creating a public persona that is more in touch with modern technology.
  • Creating shareable content opens a new marketing avenue for your business.
  • Saving time by creating content that can be reused in future campaigns.

How much do social media graphics cost?

A single social media graphic usually costs $20 for a beginner designer and up to $140 or so for a veteran. There are tons of factors to consider that might affect cost. Image dimensions, job complexity, industry type, quantity ordered, and turnaround time are just a few factors.

How to do social media graphic design?

There are lots of steps to effective social media graphic design, such as:

  • Getting to know your audience.
  • Choosing a design tool.
  • Finding the proper dimensions for your graphics.
  • Sourcing relevant and on-brand photography or artwork.
  • Editing the image to support your desired message.

Some steps help the graphics, like copywriting and post-analytics monitoring.

Do graphic designers do social media designs?

Yes. Graphics that support a brand image are an integral part of social media for any business. Graphic designers are generally well-equipped to design graphics to be eye-catching and on-brand.

How long does it take to design a social media post?

The time it takes to design varies greatly, from just a few minutes to a few hours. Factors that will affect the time include:

  • Complexity of graphics or infographics.
  • Familiarity with editing tools.
  • Whether you’re using a design template.
  • Amount of revision that needs to be done.

What is the difference between graphic design and media design?

Media designers create all sorts of multimedia experiences in addition to static images. They create animations, videos, user experiences (UI/UX), and even video games. Graphic designers generally only design static pictures and maybe a bit of energy.

What is the goal of social media design?

The goal of social media design is ultimately to drive brand engagement. Social media design harnesses the power of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It uses them to get tailored on-brand messages in front of as many relevant consumers as possible.

Where can I create social media graphics?

If you want to try designing your social media graphics, paid AI-assisted tools like Canva, Crello, or Adobe Express are good places to start.

How to pick the right social media designer?

You should look for a social media designer with a good understanding of your brand values and goals and a track record of successful campaigns. Check past client reviews and ask questions about their creative process. Research the options thoroughly to ensure you get the most out of your investment!

If you’d rather entrust the technical and creative process of social media design to experts, contact Prodima. We’ll provide a transparent consultation that guides your company to visual success and traction.