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Prodima creates banners, images, or infographics that resonate with your followers and potential customers. We guarantee that your brand will stick to people’s minds.

Prodima crafts commercial videos for your corporate or product and services introduction needs. We keep them short (15 seconds) for the social platforms or longer based on your objectives.

Prodima crafts online landing pages that match your brand’s art direction. We include all necessary elements that help conversions, including the Call To Action (CTA) buttons and short but convincing copy.

Prodima creates 2D and 3D animations for your logos and products to impress your target audience. We design those visually appealing materials to crush your competitors.

Everything is visual.

To differentiate from competitors and catch online users’ attention, businesses must polish their social media visual content.

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Over 90% of an online user’s first impression is design-related. This is particularly true with the youngest generations.

Most people spend over 2 hours per day on social media channels. Visual aids are an absolute priority.

What is Social Media Design?

Social media design involves creating visual content like logos, images, videos, and animations with the intent of publishing it on social media platforms.

It must follow a branding guideline that we must create if it doesn’t exist yet. Social media design is the equivalent of an attractive storefront. Eye-catching visuals invite your business’s chosen demographic to engage more with you.

Social media design is a visual representation of your business branding efforts.

Why is Social Media Design Important?

Social media design is important because it is a professional means to attract users. It draws them in to engage with the content that you build.

A simple glance at a company logo already informs a viewer’s expectations and interpretation of the business. It represents 90% of a person’s first impression of the brand.

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Social media design must be informative and easy to share across multiple platforms.

Its ultimate purpose is to raise brand awareness, promote services and products, and influence online followers.

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How Much Does Social Media Design Cost?

The costs vary depending on the quality requirements and the deadline. It is strongly correlated to the time that the graphic artist invests in producing the visual, counting the research and analysis needed. You do not get the same design delivery in 2 days than in 20.

Prodima provides professional graphic artists who assess your budget to produce the creatives that are the most suitable to your brand and your digital campaign.

Prodima’s Social Media Design Services

Contact us if you are looking for:

  • creating or maintaining your brand’s reputation
  • engaging your followers
  • inviting your target audience to connect with you

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Reach out to a social media design expert at Prodima for a transparent consultation that guides your company to visual success and traction.