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Prodima conducts a competitive analysis on the Twitter platform in your industry. We use the data collected to devise a strategy that boosts your business & reaches your goals.

Prodima tests all ad copies & visual creatives as well. We identify the best performers & we optimize the campaign. We also use all targeting options available to reach your desired audience.

Prodima provides periodic reports of your Twitter ads campaign. We keep you informed of the progress & we proactively suggest improvements to deliver the best results.

Like other social media networks, Twitter aims at showing content that online users may find interesting. Under a microblogging format, people publish & interact with posts called “tweets.”

Twitter is one of the most popular online networks with around 10% of the worldwide social user base. The biggest audience comes from the United States & Japan.

Twitter users are mostly men (2/3) in the 25-34 years old range. They tweet on the platform to get news, entertainment, and to stay connected with their relatives.

Organic content does not always perform well for businesses. To get noticed online, brands must run paid campaigns. Prodima Vietnam is glad to help you launch your Twitter ads.

What Are Twitter Ads?

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Twitter allows advertising on its platform. The steps to get started with Twitter ads are simple:

  • Create a Twitter business account
  • Access the Twitter Ads Manager
  • Craft your paid campaign

Prodima Vietnam supports companies with their digital campaigns, from the strategy to the reporting phase.

The main difference between organic tweets & Twitter ads is about the “Promoted” icon. Otherwise, users can interact with Twitter ads like they do with tweets. People follow, like, and retweet them.

Twitter ads are cost-effective because brands only pay when having results. Besides, Twitter ads cost lower than other social media platforms on average.

Twitter Ads Formats & Objectives

Prodima Vietnam runs Twitter ads campaigns to reach the following business goals:

  • Brand awareness
  • Business followers
  • Engagement
  • Website traffic
  • Video views
  • Mobile application installs
  • Mobile application re-engagement

With brand awareness, companies become visible to a relevant audience even if they are not following the Twitter page yet. 

In parallel, they can also run ads to increase the number of followers, get more website visitors or video views. Twitter ads invite people to download mobile applications and interact with them more.

To achieve those targets, the platform proposes the following 3 main types of ads:

  • Promoted tweets
  • Promoted accounts
  • Promoted trends

Brands can boost their organic tweets to show them to non-followers. They can do the same with their business profiles. The promoted trends focus on popular topics to gain more visibility.

Like on Google or Facebook, Twitter has specific rules about their creative ad specs that Prodima Vietnam scrupulously follows when running your campaigns.

How Do Twitter Ads Work?

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Twitter ads target different audiences based on these factors:

  • Platform activity
  • Profile
  • Location
  • Device information
  • Mobile apps currently installed

With this data, Twitter estimates what its users may be interested in and then delivers the ads.

For example, when someone visits a website, Twitter records this information. Later, this person could see a Twitter ad related to promotion from the website. It is a powerful way to guarantee a high engagement from the users.

Twitter allows businesses to use a dashboard in which brands can follow up on their organic & paid performance.

How Much Do Twitter Ads Cost?

Unlike most other social media channels, there is no minimum budget to get started with Twitter ads. The costs depend mostly on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to reach & these usual factors:

  • Audience profile
  • Product or service promoted
  • Competition
  • Market trends
  • Creative quality (copy & image or video)

Based on your budget, Prodima Vietnam crafts a Twitter ads plan including estimated KPIs. We do this valuable analysis for free based on the market data & our expertise.

Before running any campaign, you will know exactly what you will get for your money. Calculate your expected Return On Investment (ROI) before launching your campaign. Consult us for more information.

How to Run Efficient Twitter Ads?

Prodima Vietnam is a long-term digital partner for all kinds of companies. We help brands optimize their Twitter ads to be as cost-effective as possible.

Here is a short checklist to run efficient Twitter ads:

  • Polish the business profile
  • Optimize the ad copies
  • Add a Call To Action button (CTA)
  • Use high-definition images & videos
  • Monitor your competitors
  • Analyze & adjust
  • Learn from organic tweets

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The Twitter profile must be SEO-friendly & fully complete to gain trust from the potential customers.

The platform limits the post length to 280 characters max. On Twitter, shorter is better.

All ad creatives should always have a clear CTA button so the users can engage with them quickly.

Visual assets like images & videos catch people’s eyes. Businesses must design them carefully & never hesitate to A/B test those creatives to choose the most performant ones.

Competitors are also active on Twitter. It is a good strategy to review what they are doing organically & with their ad campaigns. If it works for them, it could work better for you.

One of the most underestimated tasks of running digital campaigns is to measure the performance of the ads & optimize the settings accordingly. Prodima Vietnam supports proactively monitoring the results.

The organic tweets give a hint about what performs well. We always review their performance before making decisions on crafting the Twitter ads.

Prodima’s Twitter Ads Services

If you are looking for a solid partner to run your Twitter ads & reach your business objectives, just initiate the discussion with us. Our team of experts is ready to review your brief & propose the best strategy. Contact Prodima Vietnam now!