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Prodima has been trusted and chosen by multiple businesses to remove all negative information, articles, news and unwanted images from Google and other online platforms.

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Prodima’s team of experts will completely remove all content that is harmful to your business on websites and search results.

“Pushdown” Campaign is a special campaign that completely removes negative links and effectively protects your brand’s integrity.

Negative links on the “blocked” list will not appear again when someone searches for information related to your brand on Google search results.

“Repairing” your online reputation using Prodima’s special techniques will give your brand a whole new positive look, becoming more reliable in the eyes of both users and Google alike.

Despite the serious efforts of businesses to provide only the best customer service and strive for success, the internet is a volatile space that is difficult to manage. Anyone with access to the internet can spread negative reviews and complaints. Whether in the form of a search engine review, article, post, or even news story, defamatory is at the fingertips of any typical internet user.

A business’s online presence is available for scrutiny from competitors attempting to weed out the competition to disgruntled ex-employees. Fake reviews from ingenuine sources gain traction from other users and have the potential to rapidly domino a brand’s image. This harmful content affects a brand’s reputation, sales, and ultimate expansion.

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Negative Content on the web stems from a variety of channels, including search engines and social media. Although it is impossible to control false and inaccurate information, experts in Google content removal to protect your business’s online reputation. With up to 88% of online consumers trusting online reviews as they would friends and family, online brand reputation is everything.

Besides online reputation damage, negative content drastically drags down a business’s local search engine ranking because there are fewer listings to rank. Negative Content removal is pertinent to maintaining productive online visibility.

What is Negative Content Removal?

Negative Content Removal suppresses negative content and restoration of a business’s ratings and reputation online. PowerReviews has reported that up to 82% of consumers specifically search for negative reviews as potential customers are too skeptical of positive reviews. 

Although a lot of harmful content can be removed from the internet, there has been a lot of backlash from the public due to such instances. Viewers believe in authenticity, and many companies have suffered from removing negative content as it has led consumers to believe that “they have something to hide.” A Prodima Negative Content Removalist will identify harmful  content and best strategize an action plan to suppress negative content. In doing so, negative feedback may be filtered and lost amongst a flood of positive content. Correct Online Reputation Management (ORM) is challenging for any business. The Prodima are specialists in both.

Remove Negative Content from Google Search

To  remove negative or unwanted online content regarding your business from Google, digital marketing experts protect and rebuild your online reputation. ORM is the best solution to delete content from Google. Prodima utilizes advanced SEO tactics to promote positive content that suppresses defamatory results online.

To remove negative content online, online reputation management strategies must be enforced. Removing content from the internet is a lengthy and complicated  process that requires expertise. In order to remove negative content from Google search, Prodima’s Google removal content team will strategize how to best address:

  • Irrelevant and outdated information
  • Unsupported, unsubstantiated, and defamatory content regarding a business and its brand
  • Negative brand information and associated media (videos and images)
  • Copyright matters
  • Link removal and link associations
  • Protection from potential online threats damaging to brand reputation 

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Responding to Google Reviews

Review management is a priority for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), determining how a business is ranked online to gain organic traffic and credibility. A Google Local Rankings survey conducted by Whitespark accounted that Google reviews determine up to 15.5% of Google rankings.

Although responding to Google Reviews is a daunting responsibility, Prodima’s specialists will revise current methods to identify how to build the best review response strategy. In 2018, the Local Search Association found that consumers expect a business to respond to feedback within a mere 24 hours

A productive Negative Content Removal strategy as provided Prodima provides businesses with Google review responses tactics such as:

  • How to thank customers for building long-lasting relationships, and brand loyalty.
  • How to provide specific and meaningful responses to both positive and negative feedback that are on-brand
  • How to manage customer retention and apologies
  • How to invite negative reviewers into private conversations for resolutions (away from the public domain). 

Businesses can improve their branding by taking online initiatives and responding to Google reviews. This enhances  a brand’s SEO and, in turn, reaches for better search engine rankings. Prodima’s Negative Content Removal strategists have the tools and digital marketing knowledge to monitor and manage damaging Google reviews.

Reverse SEO

Reverse SEO? It sounds a bit strange, considering most digital marketing agencies are constantly pushing for SEO. Reverse SEO is directly linked to Negative Content Removal because it is a reputation management strategy. It involves controlling what the public views online by pushing down negative content and better promoting authentic, relevant content of a business’s brand and website. Prodima’s Negative Content Removal team works relentlessly to ensure that your brand’s reputation not tarnished across search engines and viewers.

How long does Google Content Removal take?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward response to this question. Depending on the case, it could take days to weeks. By working with a Google content removal manager from Prodima, our team can enforce the specifics required to remove the content as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In the interim, a Prodima Google Content Removal specialist will adjust a damaged brand by strategizing the best methods to:

  • Responding to Google reviews
  • Reviewer resolution for potential feedback alteration
  • Collect more Google reviews that suppress negative reviews
  • Best request positive feedback from satisfied consumers

Prodima’s Negative Content Removal Services

Prodima’s Negative Content Removal Specialists work closely with our Online Reputation Management team to manage Google content removal requests. From Outdated content to Google reviews removal, Prodima’s experts specialize in the online deletion and Positive Reputation Management.

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency is a reputable company with technical tools and industry knowledge to manage your brand. Our ORM and Negative Content Removal teams strategize to operate and manage  your brand as it appears in:

  • Blogs and news articles
  • Reviews and complaints
  • Unwanted pictures and videos
  • Public forums and attack sites
  • Social media
  • Other websites
  • Search engines

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How much does Negative Content Removal cost?

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency provides various  services packages to businesses looking to improve their online presence, SEO, and branding. Negative Content Removal costs differ and are determined following an overall brand audit. This is a quick and efficient process that Prodima specialists will guide your business through. Our procedures are transparent and supportive, committed to all of your digital marketing needs.

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