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Benefit from our search engine network to suppress your unwanted content from the internet. We handle any harmful review or defamation that negatively impacts your brand.

It is a special campaign that completely removes negative links and effectively protects your brand’s integrity. Negative links on the “blocked” list will not appear again when someone searches for information related to your brand on Google search results.

We “repair” your online reputation by using special techniques that give your brand a whole new positive look. Your business becomes more reliable in the eyes of both users and Google alike.

The internet is a volatile space that is difficult to manage.

Anyone having an online connection can spread negative reviews & complaints. It includes your competitors, who could be more than happy to share defamatory content about your brand.

Luckily, there are ways to suppress such kind of bad or fake content.

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Online users can read negative content from a variety of channels, including search engines & social media. Over 80% of consumers specifically search for negative reviews, because there is lower confidence in positive comments.

As they can drastically drag down a business’s trustworthiness, negative content removal is pertinent to maintaining effective online visibility.

What is Negative Content Removal?

Negative content removal suppresses text, images, and videos that affect a business’s online rating & reputation.

It identifies any harmful content currently published on the internet and prepares an action plan to remove it.

Remove Negative Content from Google Search

To remove negative or unwanted online content, Prodima cooperates with digital platforms such as Google to find the best solution for content deletion.

The first thing to check is if the content is based on facts or not. As search engines only want to share verified content, if a bad review is purely invented, there are high chances that it could be totally suppressed from any online location.Negative Content Removal hình ảnh 3

Once the online platform verifies the integrity of the content and if it complies with its policies, it will decide to remove it or not. The whole process may take from two weeks up to six months depending on the nature of the query.

Read our complete blog to learn how to remove negative information from the internet.

Reverse SEO

In case the content cannot be suppressed for some reason, businesses (or individuals) can consider reverse SEO.

It involves controlling what the public views online by pushing down negative content. By moving it far away from the top positions, people will only see the “wanted” content.

Work with Prodima to build the most suitable strategy to cover all your business needs.

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How Much Does Negative Content Removal Cost?

Prodima charges $1,000 USD per keyword-related content successfully removed. It includes the guarantee that if for any reason, the same unwanted content would appear online again, our team would permanently remove it again for no additional charge.

Of course, in case we cannot remove the content at all, you would not pay!