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Benefit from our search engine network to suppress your unwanted content from the internet. We handle any harmful review or defamation that negatively impacts your brand.

It is a special campaign that completely removes negative links and effectively protects your brand’s integrity. Negative links on the “blocked” list will not appear again when someone searches for information related to your brand on Google search results.

We “repair” your online reputation by using special techniques that give your brand a whole new positive look. Your business becomes more reliable in the eyes of both users and Google alike.

The internet is a volatile space that is difficult to manage. Anyone having an online connection can spread negative reviews and complaints. It includes your competitors, who could be more than happy to share defamatory content about your brand.

Luckily, content removal services suppress such kinds of bad or fake information. It includes online reviews, unwanted articles, news, images, videos, search engine auto-suggests, or social media posts. Let’s learn more about reputation services.

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What is Content Removal?

Internet content removal service suppresses text, images, and videos that affect a business’s online rating and reputation. It goes through 4 main steps:

  • Content identification
  • Content verification
  • Content suppression
  • Monitoring

First, it identifies any harmful content currently published on the internet. This process may take a while. Once live, a piece of content can become viral. Negative content spreads much quicker than positive topics. The reputation SEO service must follow up on all publishers that relay bad information.

The next phase consists of verifying the veracity of the negative content. On the internet, anyone can publish any kind of information (except for specific sensitive topics). If this content is true and based on fact, there is no reason to delete it. That’s why this step is crucial. We must check if the source is trustworthy before considering a suppression.

If the content proved to be untrue, we could remove it from the internet. This technical task seems complex but is rather simple if the two previous phases are done properly. Search engines like Google store internet content in their databases. Once we identify it, we can delete it forever.

The content removal service does not end with information suppression. We must monitor the internet to make sure such data does not pop up again. Sometimes, people keep bad information and plan to publish it after a while. You don’t want to delete content and then see it appear again later.

Why Do We Remove Negative Online Content?

Content removal services are pertinent to maintaining effective online visibility.

Over 80% of consumers specifically search for negative reviews. People have lower confidence in positive comments as they are easily manipulated.

Those bad or fake reviews drastically drag down a business’s trustworthiness. It has become easy to compare brands across the internet nowadays. Between the one having no negative comments and another receiving bad reviews, online users usually pick the former.

Wrong content also ruins a company’s reputation in the long term. Many people may refer to this and even republish it sometimes, without knowing if the source is accurate or not.

As you cannot always control negative content about your business, a professional reputation SEO service comes in handy.

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Content Removal from Google Search Results

Google dominates the online world. Content removal services on this search engine guarantee to suppress most of the unwanted information… but not totally.

There are other search engines like Bing, Yandex, or Baidu. Besides, bad content may appear on social media or even standalone platforms. Keep them in mind while you clean the internet!

First Steps to Content Removal Service

Before contacting Google to remove your unwanted content, you may have some homework to consider.

If you control this content, for example, if you published it on a website that you own, then you are responsible for removing it yourself. Delete the information or the entire web page.

In case the content is hosted on another domain that is not your digital property, you must reach out to the site owner and ask for content removal. Keep track of any contact information that you initiate, for example, by taking screenshots that you may send to Google afterward.

This phase is essential. You must prove to Google that you did your best to suppress unwanted online data. Once you are done, and if it is still not enough (let’s imagine the website owner remains silent), then you could consider working with the Google search engine.

Information to Submit for Content Removal

An internet content removal service takes time. The process lengthens if the business does not prepare it accordingly. Search engines like Google need clarity from your request. Here is the information you must have in hand when submitting your content removal demand:

  • Proof that you did your best to remove the content by yourself (emails, screenshots)
  • Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) URL(s) showing the unwanted content
  • Domain URL(s) publishing the unwanted content
  • List of keywords that surface the content on Google SERP
  • Your contact details (name, email address, phone number)

Depending on the request, Google may ask for additional information. Anticipate as much as possible to reduce the back-and-forth time.

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Online Content Eligible for Removal

You cannot remove every single piece of content from the internet just because you want to. Besides the reasons for suppression, there are also concerns about the content format.

The law varies from one country to another, sometimes from one state to another. Overall, the list of online information that is eligibly removable includes:

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Content related to identity theft
  • Content causing financial harm
  • Content falls under the “right to be forgotten”

You do not reach Google the same based on the nature of your query. For example, here is the link to remove personal information. For more specific requests, choose the most suitable option for content removal.

Contacting the right support team is the first step to successfully removing unwanted content from the internet.

Legal Reasons to Remove Information from Search Engines

If you notice online content that harms you while violating the law or your rights, you can contact Google to submit a content removal request.

Unlike negative content, unlawful online information gets handled fast. Google treats those requests seriously. Make sure to document your demand beforehand with files and screenshots.

In this case, Google will decide if this content should be blocked, have limited access, or be completely removed.

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Prodima Content Removal Experts

As the content removal process can become complex and time-consuming, you may need a professional reputation SEO service to tackle this.

Prodima is a specialized content removal agency that manages to support clients from various industries in suppressing their unwanted content from the internet.

Internet Content Removal Service

Working with Prodima means cooperating with an experienced content removal partner. To suppress negative or unwanted online information, we closely work with digital platforms and search engines like Google to find the best solution for your business.

Once we identify the content eligible for deletion, we verify if it is based on facts or not. Search engines and social media channels aim at publishing verified pieces of data. Fake reviews or purely invented stories harming brands have a high chance of being suppressed from the internet.

As a part of the content removal service, Prodima checks the integrity of the content and whether it complies with the online platform policies. The whole process may take from a few days up to several weeks depending on the nature of the query.

Reverse SEO If We Cannot Remove Online Negative Content

Some online negative content cannot be deleted forever. In case you still want to hide it from online users’ eyes, Prodima provides an extra reputation SEO service for your business.

We call this technique “reverse SEO.”

As we cannot suppress unwanted content, we bury it in online searches. It is the opposite of running an SEO campaign. Instead of maximizing the chances for your web pages to show up on Google search result pages, we push the unwanted content so deep that no one can find it.

It involves controlling what the public views online. We push down negative content so online users only see the “desired” content.

Work with Prodima to benefit from the most suitable internet content removal service!

Negative Content Removal Service FAQ

What is Negative Content Removal?

Negative content removal is the process of deleting unwanted information from the internet. As the worldwide web is huge, this task takes time and requires some monitoring.

Do You Need Negative Content Removal?

If you notice fake or invented online content that harms your business reputation, you want to suppress that as soon as possible. Bad news spread fast.

How Much Does Content Removal Cost?

Prodima charges USD 1,000 per keyword-related content that we successfully remove. In case we cannot remove the content at all, we refund you the total amount.

Is Removing Content from Google Enough?

Most online users navigate thanks to the Google network. However, there are many other search engines like Yandex, Baidu, Coc Coc, etc. Besides, unwanted content may appear on social channels and become viral. Removing negative content from Google is not enough.

How Long Does it Take for Online Content Removal?

An internet content removal service may take between three working days to several weeks. The timeline mostly depends on the content nature, the reason for suppression, and the available documentation prepared by the brand.