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Prodima helps businesses reach their goals on the most professional social platform. We reach your potential customers to increase their engagement & purchase intent.

Prodima runs your English ad campaigns on LinkedIn & implements cost-effective techniques to guarantee users’ engagement. We also support your recruitment needs on this platform.

Prodima tracks your campaign performance from your business manager. We organize weekly & monthly meetings to inform you & adapt the strategy every time needed.

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman shared: “If you can get better at your job, you should be an active member of LinkedIn because LinkedIn should be connecting you to the information, insights, and people to be more effective.”

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a highly successful networking platform that allows users & companies to connect directly. It is the largest professional forum on the internet.

Individuals can join the LinkedIn network by setting up a profile & showcasing their unique professional career history, objectives, and skills. Comparable to an online resume, LinkedIn is a human resources hub. 

Besides being an employment-oriented website, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to market B2B services.

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LinkedIn has a variety of features including:

  • personal profile management (skills, media files)
  • connection endorsement
  • job search
  • messaging
  • training platform

What Are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn offers an ad platform for companies to target other businesses.

Like Google or Facebook, LinkedIn ads setting work intuitively. Marketers can select their desired audiences by location, job title, industry, company name, degrees, professional interests, level of connection, and more.

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The LinkedIn ads formats include in-mail, display banners, or text content. Most companies use LinkedIn ads to run job advertisements & recruit the right talents.

How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost?

LinkedIn is one of the most expensive online platforms when it comes to ads. Given its professional audience, it was inevitable.

The campaign costs depend on the ad bidding, placement, and audience. Prodima is a great advisor to determine the most suitable LinkedIn ads options for your business.

For an exhaustive breakdown of LinkedIn ads cost, visit our blog section.

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Prodima’s LinkedIn Ads Services

Prodima runs LinkedIn ads for your business at a 15% agency fee (+10% VAT).

If you are looking for professional digital partners, do not hesitate to send us a brief via the contact form below!