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Prodima helps businesses reach their goals on the most professional social platform. We reach your potential customers to increase their engagement and purchase intent.

Prodima runs your English ad campaigns on LinkedIn and implements cost-effective techniques to guarantee users’ engagement. We also support your recruitment needs on this platform.

Prodima tracks your campaign performance from your business manager. We organize weekly and monthly meetings to inform you and adapt the strategy every time needed.

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that allows users to advertise, build relationships, connect with partners, and reach potential customers. Microsoft purchased it in 2016.

It is a popular platform gathering 900 million people worldwide, including 200 million in the U.S. alone. Businesses, recruiters, and job seekers use LinkedIn for networking. It is an excellent tool for B2B marketing thanks to detailed profiles where professionals list their skills and experiences. Depending on the country, LinkedIn members use the platform for different purposes. For example, people mostly go on LinkedIn to prospect for sales in the U.S., while Vietnamese people focus more on job recruitment.

LinkedIn ads effectively reach a target audience; nurture leads, increase brand awareness, and generate conversions. We will see below how this ad platform effectively delivers outstanding results.

What are LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn Ads are sponsored content that reaches a specific target audience on the platform. Businesses can create ads for any purpose, as we will describe below.

A LinkedIn marketing campaign offers the highest advertising costs among social media. Despite this, LinkedIn’s advertising reach is continuously increasing.

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LinkedIn Advertising Formats

LinkedIn offers seven different ad formats that marketers can use to boost their visibility on the platform. All ads appear on the LinkedIn feed but in different shapes and sizes.

  • Sponsored content ads.
  • Sponsored InMail ads.
  • Text ads.
  • Dynamic ads.
  • Lead generation forms.
  • Video ads.
  • Carousel ads.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads are standard text posts accompanied by images or videos. They include links that drive prospects to a specific web page. They appear both on mobile and desktop devices. Sponsored content ads have higher engagement rates than other ad formats.

Sponsored InMail messages are custom private message ads sent directly to potential customers through their LinkedIn inboxes. Marketers need to craft attractive messages that engage users without being too pushy because this type of marketing can easily be considered intrusive.

LinkedIn text ads are simple text-only ads appearing on the right-hand side of LinkedIn user profiles. They provide a short copy and a link to the destination web page. Businesses can customize those text ads with images, videos, and other rich media elements.

The dynamic ad format uses dynamic retargeting to display relevant content based on the users’ browsing history and activities. It includes up to six personalized messages, images, and videos with a Call-To-Action (CTA) button that drives prospects to a landing page for further engagement.

Lead gen forms allow marketers to collect basic information from potential customers through their profiles directly on LinkedIn’s platform without taking them away from it.

Video ads are fullscreen ads appearing after users watch other videos they like. Marketers can include a CTA button to direct viewers to a website.

Carousel ads display up to five different images, videos, and CTAs in one ad. It is an ideal option for product demos and specific offers.

Marketing on LinkedIn requires patience, dedication, and clear objectives. With well-crafted campaigns combining some or all these advertising formats, businesses can boost their visibility and conversion rates on this powerful social media platform.

LinkedIn Ad Targeting Options

LinkedIn ad targeting offers many customizable options to reach the right audience. The LinkedIn marketing campaign manager includes:

  • Location.
  • Demographics.
  • Job title and function.
  • Interests and skills.
  • Education level.
  • Company name and size.
  • Groups.
  • Genders.
  • Age range.
  • Languages spoken.
  • Matched audiences.

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Location-based targeting is one of LinkedIn’s most powerful features. Marketers can narrow their target down to a specific town or city. They can also use country-specific targeting to reach people in multiple countries with one single campaign.

Demographics allow businesses to focus on audiences based on gender identity or sexual orientation recorded in the LinkedIn profile data. Also included are marital status, ethnicity, and religion. This type of ad targets people interested in specific topics related to their lifestyles.

Job titles and functions help businesses focus on specific roles and industries. Companies can also target by interest in specific topics or skills that prospects have included in their resumes, such as project management or data analysis.

Education level allows businesses to target potential customers based on their degree, school attended, or field of study.

LinkedIn groups are communities of professionals with similar interests gathering around everyday topics like technology or finance. Groups allow business owners to advertise within those conversations while targeting users with relevant messages.

Gender and age range provide many options for marketers to target different audiences. Language targeting reaches people speaking a specific language or any available dialect.

Matched audiences are retargeting campaigns focusing on prospects who have interacted with an organization’s website or mobile app before.

Businesses maximize their marketing efforts by using all these LinkedIn ad targeting options and get better ROI results. As campaigns grow more sophisticated, marketers must stay ahead by constantly testing new strategies and taking advantage of all LinkedIn offers.

LinkedIn Ads Metrics

Measuring the success of LinkedIn ad campaigns is essential for any business. The platform provides detailed metrics for a deep dive into campaign performance, including:

  • Impressions.
  • Reach.
  • Clicks.
  • Click-through rate (CTR).
  • Cost per click (CPC).
  • Cost per thousand impressions (CPM).
  • Conversion rate (CR).

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Impressions are the number of times an ad is shown or delivered to users. You should review your entire marketing strategy if you run ads without impressions.

Reach is the number of unique users that saw an ad. It does not count repeat impressions from the same user.

Clicks are the number of clicks on the CTA button in a given period.

The CTR is the ratio between clicks and impressions over a specific timeframe. It measures how effectively an ad drives people to complete a desired action by clicking on it.

The CPC is the average amount spent when someone completes a desired action by clicking on an ad.

The CPM is the average amount spent for a thousand impressions of an ad.

The CR is the ratio of people who completed a desired action and the total number of clicks received over a specific timeframe. It measures how effectively an ad drives people to convert into leads or customers.

By closely monitoring these metrics, businesses analyze each LinkedIn advertising campaign in detail and adjust them accordingly to reach their objectives. Additionally, they can track which ads are performing better than others and make strategic decisions about their marketing budget. With careful optimization based on data-driven insights, organizations can maximize the effectiveness of their LinkedIn campaigns.

Why Should Businesses Advertise on LinkedIn?

Advertising on LinkedIn provides an effective platform for organizations to gain visibility among professionals who may be interested in their products or services. With careful planning, optimization strategies based on data insights, and compelling content, businesses can maximize the return on their LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

LinkedIn Ad Platform Benefits

LinkedIn has proven to be a great social media channel for lead generation and customer acquisition. Studies show that it is three times more effective than Facebook.

Overall, here are the four main reasons for companies to create campaigns on LinkedIn:

  • Professional environment.
  • Highly targeted audience.
  • Robust metrics.
  • Increased brand visibility.

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LinkedIn is a professional social network where users engage in relevant work conversations and participate in niche communities. This creates an ideal environment for advertising that resonates with the audience and drives better results.

LinkedIn ads targeting options allow businesses to focus their campaigns on prospects who are most likely to be interested in their products or services.

By closely monitoring LinkedIn ads metrics, businesses measure performance and adjust campaigns accordingly to reach their objectives.

Advertising on LinkedIn helps companies establish trust among prospects by increasing their brand awareness and showcasing their corporate values.

The platform provides businesses with a unique opportunity to connect with professionals on an individual basis. It builds relationships that drive actual results. By taking advantage of all LinkedIn offers, organizations can expand their customer base, amplify brand recognition, and grow their businesses.

LinkedIn Ad Successful Case Study

Tivo, an American software company, wanted to increase its awareness among potential customers and establish itself as a reliable partner in the market.

Tivo used LinkedIn ads with an optimized combination of targeting options to achieve this goal. The results were impressive: it managed to reach 350,000 professionals and generate 2,300 clicks on its CTA button in just two months!

The metrics also showed that Tivo’s CTR was 0.76,% and their CPC was only $1.83 per click. With these numbers, they managed to drive conversions at a cost-effective rate and achieve their desired objectives for the campaign.

Overall, Tivo’s LinkedIn ads campaign was a success. It managed to increase brand awareness and generate leads with a highly targeted audience at an affordable cost.

How to Advertise on LinkedIn?

Advertising on LinkedIn requires careful planning and optimization strategies based on data insights. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

Set Your LinkedIn Objectives

Before launching any LinkedIn Ads campaign, define the goals of the initiative. Ask yourself: What do you want to achieve with this campaign?

Analyze the Market

Research your target market and understand its needs to define suitable targeting options. Look at what competitors are doing, pay attention to industry trends, and gather as much data as possible to inform your decisions.

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Build the LinkedIn Advertising Strategy

Based on the information you gathered during the analysis, create a marketing strategy to help you reach your goals. Remember that advertising on LinkedIn takes time and effort to be successful – so prepare for a long-term commitment!

Choose the Right Ad Type

LinkedIn offers various ad types, such as brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, etc. Choose the one that best fits your objectives and budget. Consider testing different ad formats, as A/B testing is the best way to optimize campaigns based on results.

Target the Right Audience

Make sure to select targeting options to reach prospects interested in your offer. Considering your expectations, consider geography, industry, job title, and seniority level.

Create Compelling Content

Craft compelling ad copy and visuals to drive engagement from the targeted audience. Use a mix of text, images, videos, and formatted messages to stand out from the competition.

Set a Budget

Regarding LinkedIn ads campaigns, starting small and optimizing along the way is essential. Start with a budget of $500 per month and keep track of performance metrics such as CTR and CPC.

Monitor Metrics & Optimize Your Campaign

Check regularly your LinkedIn campaign manager insights on how variables affect campaign results, such as CPC, CTR, and ROI. This will help you identify strengths and opportunities for optimization at any time.

Following these steps will create strategic LinkedIn ad campaigns and drive better performance. Advertising on the platform offers numerous advantages to organizations that want to reach the right audience at an affordable cost. With the right approach, businesses can establish trust among their prospects and maximize results from their LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

LinkedIn Advertising Agencies

A LinkedIn advertising agency provides ad services to businesses on this platform. By working with an experienced agency, companies can develop tailored campaigns to reach their audience and drive results efficiently.

Why Should Businesses Outsource LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn advertising services bring many advantages, such as:

  • Access to LinkedIn expertise.
  • Comprehensive LinkedIn service.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Quick turnaround times.

LinkedIn advertising agencies know the platform and stay up-to-date with changes in algorithms. Besides, they cover all aspects of advertising on LinkedIn, from strategy creation to campaign optimization.

A LinkedIn advertising agency works on detailed performance metrics and optimization strategies. Clients don’t wait long for results.

Overall, working with an experienced agency guarantees better results at a lower cost. You can access reliable LinkedIn advertising services, support, and guidance while optimizing your campaigns based on data insights. This allows you to increase engagement with prospects and maximize success from your LinkedIn ads.

How Prodima LinkedIn Ad Agency Works

Prodima Vietnam is a leading LinkedIn advertising agency. We deliver effective campaigns to businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide.

Our LinkedIn advertising service process begins with analyzing the market and identifying suitable targeting options for your business. Then, our team creates effective LinkedIn marketing solutions tailored to your budget and goals.

Prodima digital marketing agency uses various ad types, such as brand awareness, website visits, or lead generation, to ensure that companies reach the right audience on this platform.

Regarding visuals and copywriting, our content creation services guarantee that your message stands out from the competition. Plus, we offer comprehensive optimization solutions based on performance metrics. Our concern is to deliver efficient results at a lower cost.

Prodima Vietnam’s team of professionals is dedicated to helping your business grow. We maximize the success of your campaigns and increase your ROI on LinkedIn Ads.

Contact us today for more information about our LinkedIn ad services.

LinkedIn Ads Service – FAQ

How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost?

The cost of LinkedIn ads depends on your target audience, ad type, and budget allocated for the campaigns. Generally speaking, businesses spend around $2 to $5 per click.

What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Ads?

Advertising on this platform offers numerous advantages. First, you can reach an engaged audience that is more likely to convert. Then, you can create brand awareness and trust among prospects. Besides, running LinkedIn ads helps you maximize results from tailored campaigns and reduce costs by optimizing performance metrics.

Are LinkedIn Ads Worth It?

Yes, LinkedIn Ads are worth it if you have a clear strategy and budget for the campaigns. You can reach the right audience, build relationships with prospects, increase sales opportunities, and measure performance with easy-to-analyze metrics.

How Long Do LinkedIn Ads Take to Work?

The results of LinkedIn Ads will depend on the type of ad, targeting options, and optimization techniques used. Generally speaking, most businesses start seeing results after two or three weeks of launching their campaigns. Reviewing the data regularly is recommended to take quick action and drive better performance from the ads.

How do I Get Started with LinkedIn Ads?

To start with LinkedIn ads, you must create an account and set up your campaigns. Knowing your audience, deciding on a budget and objectives, selecting the right visuals, writing compelling copy, and regularly reviewing results is necessary. If you need help with this process, you can hire a LinkedIn ads agency like Prodima Vietnam for reliable support.

What is the Difference between LinkedIn Ads and Other Social Media Advertising?

The main difference between LinkedIn Ads and other social media advertising platforms is that LinkedIn offers access to higher-quality leads as it targets professionals from all industries. Plus, ads are more likely to be seen by their target audience since the platform has fewer users than other networks. Additionally, LinkedIn Ads offer more advanced targeting options and powerful analytics to measure their performance.