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Based on the type of content that Prodima has utilized for your ad campaign, we will implement special optimization techniques to maintain customer engagement.

Every month, Prodima will send a detailed summary of your LinkedIn advertising campaign. We will break down every aspect of our report, so that you will have an idea of ​​the campaign performance.

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  • The strategies Prodima has in place to ensure your success.

Of the 722+ million LinkedIn users across more than 200 countries globally, Vietnam makes up for 3 million active LinkedIn user accounts. LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is committed to the effectiveness of LinkedIn, sharing: “If you can get better at your job, you should be an active member of LinkedIn, because LinkedIn should be connecting you to the information, insights, and people to be more effective.”

The LinkedIn social network is a website that homes in on employment-oriented services, connecting professionals from across the globe for networking and human resources. Used to brand oneself to and receive professional recognition personally, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to market products and services. LinkedIn advertising and LinkedIn Marketing are at an all-time peak, with an ad on LinkedIn reaching up to 12% of the world’s population (over 900 million people)!

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a highly successful networking platform that allows users and companies to connect directly. It is considered the globe’s largest professional forum on the internet. Individuals can join the LinkedIn network by merely setting up a profile to showcase their unique professional career history, objectives, skills, and other notable traits.

Comparable to an online resume, LinkedIn is a human resources hub. 

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The LinkedIn website has a variety of features aside from user profiles that make the professional networking platform so popular:

  • Users can manage their skills and have them endorsed by current and previous employers and reputable connections.
  • Searches for potential jobs and future connections may be saved.
  • Media files can be added to profiles, allowing users to create engaging and impressionable presentations of themselves.
  • LinkedIn messaging services
  • Advanced search options to filter through connections based upon areas such as industry, schooling, location, and even personal interests

LinkedIn’s success has become an opportunistic space for businesses to publish LinkedIn ads with such an array of appealing features. LinkedIn has reported an astounding 280 billion feed updates viewed by users annually. 

What are LinkedIn ads?

LinkedIn accounts for more than 50% of all social traffic to business-to-business sites, beating out famous networking platforms Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn Ads are a paid form of advertisement shared on the LinkedIn site. Official LinkedIn Ads information can be found here.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn ads?

LinkedIn Message Ads alone delivers an impressive 40% conversion rate, understandable why 65% of B2B companies use paid ads through LinkedIn to engage and acquire customers. It is astounding to compare paid ads statistics between the renowned, popular Facebook and LinkedIn, with LinkedIn earning a 277% more effective result in generating leads. Such outstanding figures are a testament to a variety of benefits of LinkedIn Ads:

  • Accurate audience targeting: Most notable to LinkedIn ads is the ability to use LinkedIn’s advanced options to target campaigns precisely. LinkedIn’s specific targeting options include location, job title, industry, company name, degrees, professional interests, and more.  
  • Reputable reach: As a business and employment-focused platform, LinkedIn ads reach a professional audience. LinkedIn demographic users fall within a group of educated, informed, and business-minded audiences. This demographic is beneficial to business owners in search of reaching a demographic that primarily earns more than $75,000 a year, with even 45% of LinkedIn users within an upper management role.
  • Sponsored InMail: LinkedIn’s impressive Sponsored InMail is paid, personal messages businesses can send to potential consumers. Sponsored InMail response rates are reportedly three times greater than other regular mailing services. LinkedIn considers its Sponsored InMail service a “diverse network intelligence to target the most appropriate audience for them.” The InMail service operates as a regular messaging networking experience yet customizes the body text, greeting and even offers a call-to-action button service. Additional to driving potentially valuable prospects to LinkedIn users, the function allows businesses to promote their campaigns and special offers.
  • Ad Variety: Paid LinkedIn ads allow businesses to send specialized and beneficial advertisements that are both engaging and dynamic depending on the campaign. LinkedIn’s impressive ads are diverse and can be displayed in the form of sponsored content, video ads, text ads, Sponsored InMail, dynamic ads, carousel ads, and display ads.

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Does your business need LinkedIn ads?

Depending on the demographic of your business’s services and products on offer, LinkedIn ads are a crucial digital marketing reach to your potential clientele. LinkedIn ads may maximize your advertising’s effectiveness – reaching both a broad audience and allowing your business to accurately match your target audience incomparable to its competitive paid media platform competitors.

How much do LinkedIn ads cost?

The cost of LinkedIn advertising varies and is based upon a variety of factors surrounding the campaign cost. Campaign costs depend on the bid’s placement, ad auction, and the target audience accuracy options selected for your business.

A Prodima LinkedIn ads manager is a great advisor in working with your team to determine what is suitable to achieve your budget, how much spent is necessary and what your business aims to achieve to deliver LinkedIn ads results best.

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How are LinkedIn ads created?

LinkedIn ads are created through the proper management of a business’s campaign. Following registration and objective selection, building the target audience is crucial to developing an effective LinkedIn ad creation.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions provided by a digital marketing specialist ensures that your business’s LinkedIn ad is explicitly created to maximize audience reception and ultimate outcomes.

LinkedIn ads are created through the platform’s website, with the campaign most crucially created through LinkedIn’s advertising specifications from placing ad formats to setting budgets and the ad creative.

General information regarding LinkedIn ad creations can be found via the web page, and the technicalities involved can be best advised through guidance by a Prodima LinkedIn Ads consultant.

Prodima’s LinkedIn ads Services

Prodima works relentlessly across all Paid Media services in Digital Marketing, such as LinkedIn ads, to ensure that your business campaign can achieve long-term results. Prodima’s LinkedIn ad service provides your business with a customized approach most suitable to your business objectives through complete campaign management and advisory.

Contact a Prodima LinkedIn Ads Manager today for a consultation providing your team with the correct knowledge, insight, and experience. Our team works thoroughly with partners to discuss how our analytics team will drive results and track the progress of your company’s LinkedIn ads results and ultimate success!

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