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Prodima designs Landing Pages specifically for your targeted SEO and PPC campaigns to generate leads and revenue.

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Prodima will conduct intense research into your Business Demographics to identify their needs and wants, so that we can create a Landing Page that precisely targets your desired leads for successful conversion.

Prodima commits to providing Landing Page Design services that contain 100% creative assets from the interface and images to the conveyed content, ensuring your satisfaction.

Prodima not only focuses on innovative designs, but also considers aspects that enhance user experience and effectively improve ROI conversion rates for your business.

Your Landing Page will integrate all the essentials for success, from engaging headlines and content, high-quality images and videos to the right call-to-action … There is no aspect Prodima misses!

Prodima never wants users to feel reluctant to visit your Landing Pages. We will optimize all the on-page elements according to SEO standards and make sure your pages are mobile-friendly, with the fastest page loading speed possible.

Prodima will redirect customers to focus solely on your services or products rather than to other unrelated links. Prodima will remove all poor quality links and unwanted distractions for better Landing Page performance.

A Landing Page is an essential standalone page created explicitly for digital advertising and marketing campaigns. Businesses share content through email or via campaign ads on social media and search engines that include links. Those links redirect online users to the Landing Page to convey a specific message, such as a promotional offer for the seasons or to make a grand announcement. 

A Digital Marketing Agency supports businesses by designing engaging and compelling Landing Pages. Landing Page consultants work with clients to create a landing page optimization strategy that helps companies improve Landing Page conversions to achieve business goals. Knowing that 77% of landing pages act as a business’s home page and must be well-designed to reach conversion targets.

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What is a Landing Page Design?

Effective Landing Page Design is composed of strategically placed, appealing content. According to Techjury, successful landing pages can convert up to 5.3% more organic visitors. Well-executed Landing Page Design ensures that the structure of a landing page is persuasive to optimize conversions. A business’s Landing Page Design is made up of five primary elements:

  • A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that communicates the campaign clearly, it may include a headline, reinforcing statement, and a piece of closing information.
  • A Hero Image of Background Video that is immediately attractive and compelling to convey emotions
  • A feature that includes both the benefits and features of your product or service (e.g., Keep your toddler dry with our newly designed breathable nappies)
  • Social Proof to influence the viewer, such as video testimonials, case studies, and direct quotes from happy customers
  • Call-to-action (CTA) for the visitor, whether it’s a clickthrough page to further content engagement or a standalone button for further lead generation 

How much does a Landing Page Design Service cost?

A Landing Page Design Service varies depending on an audit of your business’s landing page, what kinds of changes are required, and how much digital marketing experts must alter to optimize a landing page. Landing pages must be assessed across all devices with factors such as content and page speed. A landing page that loads between 1 and 3 seconds has the probability of a bounce increase of 32%, compared to a loading page that takes 10 seconds with a bounce increase rate of an astounding 123%.

Digital Marketing Agencies vary in how much they charge for a Landing Page Design Service, be sure to ask questions and request what services are being covered in your quote. The prices listed should be detailed, and an experienced consultant should provide a strategy for your Landing Page Design to reach ROI.

Is a Landing Page the same as a Website?

Websites have many goals that encourage exploration, whereas landing pages are designed with a single focus/goal. The goal and purpose between the two are what differentiates them. A Website introduces the viewer to the business’s brand identity, products, and services. It is home to many other pages, including an online store for ecommerce businesses. A Landing Page differs in that it serves a single goal to be compelling enough to encourage CTA, such as for the viewer to engage with the promotion and make conversation or register for a specific service.

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Are Landing Pages bad for SEO?

No. Landing pages are useful for SEO because they optimize user action, making it easier for search engine algorithms to track visitor actions. A helpful Landing Page optimizes the viewer’s experience when visiting a business’s page. This is good SEO.

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) improves a website’s increased conversation, and applies methods such as A/B testing to improve the conversion goals of the landing page. A/B testing, also known as split-testing, compares two versions of a business’s Landing Page, its design, its overall content, and the user experience to assess which version will be more powerful for SEO and ROI.

Prodima’s Landing Page Design Service

Only 52% of companies test their landing page to make changes for improved conversions. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency provides Landing Page Design Services that create, execute and manage your Landing Page. Our team is experienced in providing services to various industries, from Product Landing Page Design to Real Estate Landing Page Design. 

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Contact a Prodima Landing Page Design company expert today to discuss our Landing Page Design Services:

  • Landing Page Audit
  • Produce responsive design across all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile)
  • Code setup to track conversion
  • Project management and digital marketing campaign scheduling
  • Assigned project manager
  • Conversion strategy
  • Market research
  • Strategy implementation and coaching
  • Landing page design, programming, and building
  • Copywriting
  • User testing
  • Autoresponders set up
  • PPC campaign review 
  • Interactive Calls to Action
  • Lead for integration
  • Performance test reporting
  • Conversation reporting
  • Database integration
  • Graphic Design

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