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Prodima commits to providing creative landing page design services. Our graphic artists produce engaging visuals to stand out from your competition & attract your online customers.

Prodima crafts innovative designs following your requirements. Once you approve them, we start the code to publish your landing page in the live environment.

Prodima uses proven design techniques following a checklist. Our goal is to deliver landing pages that convert your online leads into paying customers.

An effective landing page design is central to any modern marketing campaign. Designing one that will “hook” customers and get conversions is an art form. But what exactly goes into a great landing page and how can your company benefit from it?

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that acts as the hub for a digital marketing campaign or a specific product.

It is a destination page that the potential customer will “land on” by linking to it from an email, advertisement, or other marketing material. The landing page will have all the information needed to sell the customer the product. It usually contains engaging photos, a marketing copy, and a CTA (call to action) to an online store page or a form submissions portal. This is where businesses convert visitors into paying customers.

This is not to say that a business’s website cannot sell the products or discuss it in other parts of its copy. However, the landing page should do the heavy lifting. It should act as a “one-stop shop” that will draw in potential customers and boost conversions.

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Why Does Your Business Need a Designed Landing Page?

For a variety of reasons, your business must have a great landing page design for all of its digitally advertised products. Those reasons include:

Fueling Marketing Channels

A good landing page is like an attractive storefront in that it will draw more people into your shop. Of course, that will result in more leads and more sales in the long run. Landing page design experts know how to custom templates in watts that will entice customers and increase conversions.

Lead Generation

Even visitors who don’t enter your marketing funnel via your landing page should be captured as potential leads. A right landing page will generally include a form that will gather user info and help build your lead directory. Those targeted leads will aid in customer acquisition and improving your business’s CRM (customer relationship management).

Displaying Offers

Custom landing pages allow online businesses to display lots of flashy offers about their products without cluttering up their main websites with banners and ads. This improves user experience on the site and helps contribute to a friendlier brand identity without passing up marketing opportunities.

Improve Google PPC Quality Score

Google’s algorithm has a Quality Score score for every online business. Relevant content, responsive design, and images of a business’s landing page design factor heavily into that score. The higher the score, the less the business will have to pay for Google Ads and the higher its ads will rank.

Essential Elements to Design a High-Converting Landing Page

There are several elements that almost all good landing pages include.


All your landing pages must have a USP (unique selling proposition) that sets them apart from other similar or different versions of your products. The USP should come as early in the page as possible because it is the best way to “hook” most people into reading more.

Visual Elements

Online users will click away from a page almost immediately unless it does something to draw them in. That’s why a landing page needs to look interesting, even at a glance. Bold images and even videos, if possible, are the right tools to use.

Brand Voice and Message

All elements of a landing page design, from font choice to photos, should be consistent with your brand. Professional landing page design services excel at balancing visual flashiness with brand identity.

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Trust Elements

A landing page design should make visitors trust the brand by incorporating testimonials, stats about past sales, a relevant brand mention, and a generally friendly tone. Remember that most of the visitors to a landing page will be new customers, and you need to win them over.

Insights-Driven Design

A landing page is more than just a persuasive product page. It should be based on data and insights about your business’s target demographic. The best landing page design services know how to gather and use those insights to increase the landing page conversion rates.


A landing page needs to do more than offer a product – it also needs to sell products. The most effective way of doing that is by spelling out the benefits that the product offers. New leads visiting your landing pages must quickly understand what to expect. The next step is to lead them to do a specific action like filling out a form or various templates to enter your sales funnel.


As mentioned above, great landing page designs will always include a CTA (call to action) to transform simple visitors into leads. The CTA will nudge the customer towards the sale in a friendly yet authoritative manner and will often include a link to a sales portal.

Form submissions

Another valuable element of a landing page is the form submission portal. It will allow you to collect information about your target demographic and build up your lead database. By doing so, landing pages can also help prepare future email marketing campaigns that will drive more conversions.

Key Elements to Look for in a Landing Page Design Service

Before working with a landing page designer, it’s important to make sure their process is thorough. They should handle everything from scratch, including:


Before creating the landing page, the designer should determine what elements it will contain and what they will look like. The design should be based on the brand image and the message that you want to convey all the way to the landing page. It should also incorporate data-driven insights into your target customer personas.


From coding to image optimization, a landing page designer should have all the tools to turn design into reality. The landing page should adhere to your specifications while maintaining an eye-catching and persuasive layout.


Great landing page designers double as both graphic designers and copywriters. They can use those two skills to fill the page with enticing SEO-optimized content that will increase visitor engagement and form conversions.


After a landing page looks good, the landing page design service should go over its work and make sure it performs well. That is, they will optimize all features, like image dimensions and browser compatibility. The goal is to ensure the page will run as quickly as possible for all users until they perform the desired specific action.

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High-quality landing page designers stand by their work even after they turn it over to the client. That is, they will hold themselves responsible for any revisions that need to be made to the page after publication. They should also provide regular updates to the page if needed, like creating new templates, adding social media visuals, or updating the page layout.

Our Landing Page Design & Development Process

Prodima’s landing page design services follow a 5-step process inspired by the qualities in the previous section. Each of the 5 steps consists of a “checklist” of smaller tasks.

Step 1. Planning

In this step, we will, with your input:

  • Define your business’s goals by asking what we want the landing page to achieve.
  • Identify your target audience and what will appeal to them the most.
  • Research your competition by looking at other landing pages in your industry.
  • Develop a relevant content strategy by asking what information we will insert.
  • Create a wireframe, a low-fidelity mockup, or a “sketch” of your landing page.

Step 2. Design

Our landing page design experts will:

  • Choose a landing page builder that is right for your needs and budget.
  • Graphically design your landing page using your wireframe as a starting point.
  • Utilize high-quality images and videos, which tend to be the most persuasive type of content.
  • Write a compelling copy for the page that’s SEO optimized and offers a clear CTA.
  • Present you with a few different alternate templates of the page design to see what you like best.

Step 3. Development

In this step, we’ll take the landing page from a mock-up design to a working web page by:

  • Coding. We’re experts in all major coding languages like PHP, CSS, Java, Ruby, and Python.
  • Incorporating the page into your site’s navigation, if necessary.
  • Making sure there is no broken link on the page.
  • Optimizing visual content to decrease page loading time and optimize conversions.

Step 4. Testing

After creating your landing page, it’s important to test it thoroughly to make sure it’s working properly and that all the links are working. For instance, we’ll:

  • Check its responsive design on various screen sizes
  • Conduct mobile tests. Remember, mobile users make up 55% of internet traffic!
  • Ensure the landing page runs smoothly on all browsers.

Step 5. Launch and optimization

Finally, we’ll:

  • Publish your landing page.
  • Connect the lead form generation to your email address or CRM system
  • Continue to optimize your landing page based on customer feedback and data analytics.

A Few of Our Custom Landing Page Design Works

At Prodima, we’re proud of the work our landing page services have produced. Here are a few of our favorite examples:

Eco Green Supplies Sugarcane Straws

From a basic landing page design, Prodima built a functional and engaging destination page where leads and customers can decide if they should spend their money on those products or not.

The Sentry Co-Working Space

On this website, online users can fill out a booking system or a lead generation form. Prodima provided landing page design services to this business. The number of visitors quickly increased to bring more conversions.

Notice how each page is formatted very differently for a different client base and a different goal – B2B sales vs. a subscription.

We hope to add your business to our growing list of satisfied landing page clients!

FAQs – Landing Page Design

Is a landing page better than a website?

A landing page for a specific product is an important component of a sales campaign. It’s no substitute for an entire website. A strong web presence is all but necessary for a successful business, and having a single landing page won’t cut it.

Do you work as a retainer or on one-time projects?

Normally, Prodima makes a one-time quote for a landing page design and carries out the design for that single flat fee during a specified timeline.

Can I get revisions?

Yes. Prodima includes two rounds of client-guided revisions in its landing page design services. Of course, those revisions should be reasonable and well-organized.

What technology stacks do you use in your landing page service?

We mainly use Figma and Adobe for our landing page designs. For more sophisticated pages that require videos or 3D animations, we often add Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine.

Is there a warranty for your work?

Yes. If you are unsatisfied with our work or if the site faces bugs within 1 year of going live, Prodima’s support team will fix any issues for free.

Do you offer website hosting and support?

Yes. Prodima offers a full suite of website design services and is very familiar with web hosting providers. Whether you are a small business or a huge corporation, we provide the best hosting options for your landing pages.

How much does your landing page development service cost?

Prodima’s landing page development services charge anywhere from $300 to $1,000. The exact figure depends on page complexity and degree of integration with other services.

Can I use my developers?

Yes. If you want to handle development in-house, we can help prepare the design mockups and let you take it from there. However, every client we’ve worked with on a landing page has opted to let our team handle the coding and development.

Will my landing page be mobile responsive?

Yes. We know how important mobile responsiveness is, especially for eCommerce – almost 60% of eCommerce transactions are mobile! We design the mobile version first and then optimize it for the desktop.

How does the payment work?

We accept payment only through bank transfer.

Do you have landing page design packages?

Yes. Get in touch with us by using one of the contact options below and we’ll guide you through our best landing page packages.

Will I be given multiple options for my landing page project?

Yes. As we mentioned in the section about Prodima’s 5-step process, we’ll design several page alternatives to see which your business likes the best.

What if I am not satisfied with the final output of my landing page?

Prodima prioritizes customer satisfaction and so includes two client-guided rounds of revision in its landing page design services.

Will my landing page be accessible across all browsers?

Yes. All major browsers, both desktop and mobile, will be run during Prodima’s landing page testing phase.

How long does it take to build a landing page?

It usually takes Prodima anywhere between 1 week and 1 month, depending on complexity and page length. Revisions may add to that time.