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Prodima commits to providing creative landing page design services. Our graphic artists produce engaging visuals to stand out from your competition & attract your online customers.

Prodima crafts innovative designs following your requirements. Once you approve them, we start the code to publish your landing page in the live environment.

Prodima uses proven design techniques following a checklist. Our goal is to deliver landing pages that convert your online leads into paying customers.

A landing page is an essential standalone web page created explicitly for digital marketing campaigns.

Online agencies support businesses by designing engaging landing pages.

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What is a Landing Page Design?

Effective landing page design highlights branded content to optimize engagement & conversions.

A business’s landing page design is made up of five primary elements:

  • a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • a hero image or background video
  • a headline that describes the product or service
  • a social proof
  • a Call-To-Action (CTA)

The purpose is to clearly communicate information to online users so they can make fast decisions.

How Much Does a Landing Page Design Cost?

If the business has a complete branding guideline, Prodima can use it to craft the perfect landing page design in a matter of days for only $350 USD (+10%  VAT).

In case we need to start over and create a new logo & art direction, then we must discuss more in detail the requirements, timeline, and quotation.

Is a Landing Page the Same as a Website?

A landing page is a standalone web page, which can be an orphan or not.

A website necessarily has a more complete structure, including a homepage and subcategories. They are a “collection” of landing pages that are contextually connected with each other.

Landing pages serve a unique goal, which is usually to convert online prospects. Websites imply more branding, online authority, trust, and information sharing.

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Are Landing Pages Bad for SEO?

No. Marketers can apply SEO on landing pages the same as they do for full websites.

Obviously, if the landing page is a standalone not connected to any other page under the same domain, SEO is rather limited. You can have a perfectly optimized landing page, but it will be harder to bring organic traffic and rank high for this single page. If the landing page is linked with others, the SEO benefits will be much stronger.

Landing pages are not incompatible with SEO. However, as landing pages are mostly for paid ad campaigns purposes, most people just ignore the organic optimizations as they cannot do much for this page’s online visibility.

Prodima’s Landing Page Design Service

Prodima creates & manages landing pages for your business. Our team supports any market field, from retail products to education services.

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Contact us today to brief your landing page design expectations.