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Prodima looks for the most suitable keywords (balance of search volumes, user intent, costs, competition) to run your Google Ads campaign & reach your business objectives.

Prodima creates an ad campaign tailored to your goals. We prepare the ad groups, copies, targeting options, and exclusions, to convey your messages to potential customers.

Prodima tracks all Google Ads campaign metrics to continuously optimize performance. We share a Google Data Studio live dashboard to report the progress.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is an online advertising platform where businesses bid to showcase their products or services.

Run by the giant Google, it is one of the most powerful & efficient ad platforms worldwide. Prodima manages your Google ads to reach your business objectives.

What is Google Ads Search?

Google Ads Search is paid advertisement that appears at the top of the search results page, with the label “Ad.”

When online users type a query on the search engine, Google lists the most relevant organic results and paid results as well. The Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is separated into two sections: Google Ads listed first for prime digital space & the organic results.

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How do Google Ads Search Work?

Google Ads appear via a focus around keywords.

Google AdWords specialists research keywords and key phrases to create content that targets their ideal demographic. They strategize efficient ways for businesses to bid on such keywords based on the media budget. This bid, combined with the Google algorithm (an ad score assigned by Google), determines where the ad will be indexed for SERP ranking.

Businesses pay every time an online user clicks on their ads. Google does not charge any cost if people only see the ad without clicking (which is counted as an “impression”).

Prodima listens to the client’s needs before running any Google AdWords campaign. The brand’s objectives could be:

  • receive phone calls
  • get user registration
  • increase the number of website visitors
  • sell online
  • etc.

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What are the Benefits of Google Ads Search?

Google ads search delivers extremely good results as it is one of the platforms where the online users’ intent is the highest.

People searching on Google are looking for answers & solutions to their queries. They are not passive like on social media where ads can be disruptive.

Besides, Google ads benefit from being the leading search engine network in the world with Youtube (also owned by Google).

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How Much does Google Ads Search Cost?

Prodima recommends beginners to start with a small budget on Google ads and increase on the go.

$10 USD a day is a safe way to test the ad platform. Based on the campaign results, advertisers can consider higher media spending.

Prodima is a full-service digital marketing agency. We run Google ads campaigns for our clients at a monthly fee of 15% of the media budget (+10% VAT).

Contact us if you need help from professionals.

Prodima’s Google Ads Search Services

Google dominates the web.

Prodima guides your business to success. Count on our reliable team of experts to run your Google ads, optimize your campaign, and deliver the best outcome.

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