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Prodima will conduct targeted keyword research to drive buyers to your website, increase conversions into leads, and reach high sale numbers.

Prodima will create an ad campaign tailored to your goals, helping to convey the correct message to potential customers => driving the highest click-through rates.

In particular, all Prodima ad campaigns are A / B tested to help increase clickthrough rate (CTR) and sales conversions.

Every month, Prodima will provide a detailed report on the work implemented and new plans for the next month. In this report will be the full analysis of:

  • Your PPC campaign.
  • Improvements in the campaign.
  • The strategies Prodima has in place to ensure your success.

Run by the most popular search engine in the world, Google Ads is an online advertising platform. Businesses pay Google through bids to display their products, services, images, and videos to the internet users. Of the collective 4.66 billion internet users, close to 1.5 billion of those users are Google active.

Businesses worldwide invest in Google Ads to promote their brand within their industry of products and services. The Google Economic Impact Report has reported that businesses tend to make a $2 average in revenue for each dollar spent on Google Ads.

As Vietnam’s economy continues to expand, 74% of the nation has access to the internet daily. Prodima Digital Marketing Agency works closely with Vietnamese, French, and English businesses to strategize Google Ads suitable to reaching your industry’s niche audience. With half of the country’s population (49 million people) using the internet, Google Ads must be carefully managed to ensure that promotions directly reach your intended audience.

What are Google Ads Search?

Google Ads Search are paid advertisements that appear in the search results of search engine google.com. Users researching on Google will be revealed with pages that list relevant results. A Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is separated into two sections, with Google Ads listed first for prime digital realty space. These are labeled “Ad” in a green box. This is then followed by organic links listed through Google’s algorithm search for matching web pages with relevant information.

Google Ads hình ảnh 2

How do Google Ads Search Work?

Google Ads appear via a focus around keywords. Google AdWords specialists research keywords and key phrases to create content that targets their ideal demographic. Our team will strategize efficient ways for your business to bid on such keywords based on your budget for a Google user to click on your business Google ad. This bid, combined with the Google technician algorithm (a score assigned by Google), determines where your ad will be indexed for SERP ranking. Businesses who have paid for the Google ad pay a particular cost when internet browsers click the ad. Up to 63% of people have clicked on a Google ad amongst their search – your business has great potential to be a part of the pack.

A Google Ads consultant listens to the client’s needs to deliver specific information to Google to achieve the greatest results. Following an in-depth consultation and advisory meeting, we will work as a team to assess and prioritize your business goals:

  • Does your business need to increase calls?
  • Would your Google ad function entice more viewers to visit your store?
  • Is it of utmost importance that organic traffic is driven to your company website and landing page?

There are several Google Ad campaign options to choose from. Chat to an insightful and professional Google Ads consultant today to run through the following options:

  • Search Network Campaign: your business ad will be showcased next to search results on several Google sites such as YouTube, Maps, Shopping, Google Images, and other Google search partners
  • Display Network Campaign: business ads through a display network campaign reach internet users browsing their favorite and familiar websites, such as YouTube, and checking their Gmail.
  • Shopping Campaign: Instead of relying on a user’s keyword or keyphrases, Google will select your ecommerce store’s product data to place the ad within Google shopping.
  • Video Campaign: Google will display your video ad on YouTube through this campaign.
  • App Campaign: Google will display your Google ad on the Google search engine, Google Play, YouTube, Google Discover, and other Google display publishers.

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Prodima Google Agency will strategize to include more than one Google ad group to represent your products to the same audience.

What are the benefits of Google Ads Search?

If you are wondering whether your business needs Google Ads, the real questions you should be asking are:

  • Do I want to be building my online visibility?
  • Do I want to draw organic traffic to my website?
  • Am I noticeable on Google?
  • Am I satisfied with the results of my online store?
  • Is my digital marketing the best that it can be?
  • Is my website generating the revenue that I hoped it would when I launched my website?

If you are unsure, Google Ads company specialists offer consultations to determine whether Google Ads can help your business today. There are a variety of benefits to be repeated though digital marketing via Google Ads:

  • Targeting: Google grants businesses the ability to reach a viewing audience, specifically engaging in your business’s products and services. Google’s algorithm matches your demographic’s search with relevant results from your website content and offers.
    Google Ads Management agencies will review your content and edit it to ensure that it is displayed to an audience set to your business’s ideal clientele in age, location, and language. Our Google specialists will also determine your ads’ best scheduled time and date to appear to best reach viewers.
  • Cost control: There is no minimum spend on Google ads. This allows businesses large and small to participate in Google ads marketing. Although Google offers businesses the option of complete autonomy over how much money is spent, Digital Marketing experts will advise a decent budget and explain what effect your investment will have. Prodima will be a strategist on how much should be consumed per month, day, and ad. The best part? Your business will only pay when someone clicks on the ad!
  • Success measurement: Google’s business tools are incredibly useful in offering insight into your business’s digital success. Prodima will utilize these tools and our expertise to track valuable Google data such as costs for advertising, customers’ online purchases, shopping habits, and what they research.

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  • Campaign management: Prodima works as a Google Ads agency that will use tools to manage and monitor your Google Ads accounts should you have more than one. 

How much do Google Ads Search Cost?

Various factors determine the cost of placing a Google Ad, and therefore difficult to decide on a flat rate.

The factors include but are not limited to:

  • Business geographic location and domain location
  • The quality of the Google advertising campaign
  • How competitive your keywords and key phrases are
  • Effective SEO

As mentioned above, Google Ads’ beauty is that the business has complete control over their budget and what they choose to spend on the Google marketing campaigns. Prodima will be able to review your budget and Google’s resources to predict results based on the strategized budget.

Prodima’s Google Ads Search Services

Google dominates the web, and Prodima Digital Marketing Agency is available to guide your business to success. Our team is reliable and relentless in ensuring that your business’s Google Ad is optimized for the web to create revenue and build positive brand awareness.

Contact a Prodima Google Ad representative to discuss a customized Google marketing strategy today.