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Prodima offers customized Social Media Marketing & Management packages that help your business build brand awareness, bring in large numbers of potential customers and generate "astronomical" revenue through Social Media platforms such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram...

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Prodima’s team of experts works closely with clients to determine the target demographics and the desired outcome when using our services. Based on that, Prodima will implement a fully optimized strategy that is most suitable for your business, ensuring definite success.

Increase brand awareness and user engagement on Social Media platforms by creating attractive and useful content that forces users to “mull over” and become your loyal followers => Increase your conversions into buyers and generate sales according to your business’s expected goals.

Understanding the general psychology of social users, Graphic Design Expert Prodima will create beautiful, impressive content that “hits” the eyes of viewers immediately. Combined with modern business goals and marketing trends, Prodima supports video design with interesting, engaging content that will interest users and learn more about your business’s services / products. .

Prodima will send out a monthly report full of data, real numbers to help customers view and check on our productivity and working skills. Prodima experts will optimize corporate brand presence on Social Media platforms and propose effective plans / tweaks to ensure continued sales and customer growth.

Prodima closely tracks customer campaigns to ensure the effectiveness and meet the social media goals of your business.

Social Media Management services involve digital marketing specialists with professional and technical experience to best manage your business’s Social Media platforms. Social Media continues to evolve and seems endless – quite tedious to manage, time-consuming, and forever changing. Just when the famous platform Facebook launched in 2004, it appeared that there could never seemingly be competition for campaign ad space.

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As businesses were magnetized towards Facebook to reach consumers – today, in 2021, the array of Social Media platforms that continue to be introduced to the contemporary world seem to continue confronting consumers. Other popular Social Media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. It seems never-ending.

This is too overwhelming for businesses, continually searching for the best ways to market their campaigns to the ideal audience and manage social communication while selling their services and products. 

What is Social Media?

Social Media is essentially applications available across devices aimed to interact and engage with others. Considered platforms to communicate amongst one another, it is today’s booming digital marketing space for businesses to promote their campaigns by exchanging information and directing their campaigns most directly to a targeted audience. There are a thriving 4.14 billion social media users worldwide (more than half the world’s population), with up to 2 million people continuing to join each day.

Different Social Media platforms offer various functions and paid services for businesses to direct their campaigns and ultimately make a return in profits and sales. The effectiveness of virtual communities used to engage with one another has exploded as the years have progressed.

A simple snapshot of the significance and importance of Social Media Advertising and marketing is indicative of the importance of Social Media in the dynamic and direct methods to connect to consumers:

  • Social Media users in Vietnam: 65 million
  • Facebook business advertisers: 3 million
  • Instagram monthly active advertisers: 1 million
  • Active LinkedIn companies with potential reach: 30 million
  • TikTok monthly users: 800 million
  • Customers that use Social Media: 54%

As the above statistics suggest, Social Media is crucial to everyday business and the typical consumer. It is integral to engage with your company actively and redirect to your business’s services and products. With countries such as Vietnam with over 68 million internet users, strategic social media management is integral to any business’s campaign models.

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What are Social Media Management services?

Digital Marketing agencies such as Prodima offer a variety of Social Media Management services. As mentioned above, various platforms are unique and contribute to reaching online users best with distinctive functions. Social Media Management services work with businesses to manage campaigns and strategize how to achieve a target audience best, considering a budget, business objectives, promotions, and ROI (return on investment).

Effective Social Media Management services apply internal research, tools and assess business digital analytics and models to determine how businesses can best monitor their investments in both time and advertising across all platforms.

Social Media activities are considerably time intensive. Companies must commit to communicating with audiences across all platforms within a timely fashion and continuously and consistently create new and attractive content that redirects the target audience to the business’s services and products.

In addition to creating a dynamic and open space for consumers, much time and resources are also invested in tracking Social Media analytics, progress, and upkeep to ensure that audiences remain engaged and returning.

Depending on your business’s needs, various Social Media Management services are available, from simple networking through to research and implementation of campaigns and scheduling content specific to your audience. The research alone into identifying the appropriate audience across different platforms (as they do vary) could take anywhere from months to years.

Dedicated Social Media Management services should offer dedicated consultants that are your business’s point of contact and a transparent and able team to not only reveal analytical reports but also to comprise suggestions for increased audience engagement and improvements.

What are the monthly costs of Social Media Management?

Social Media Management costs vary depending on the business’s needs, the audience to cover, what kind of paid media coverage is required, and its objectives. Several factors include the size of the company and what the business expects to achieve through Social Media.

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Prodima Digital Marketing Agency is available to consult with your business to discuss your business’s budget and options for our Social Media services. The dedicated team can strategize which Social Media platforms are most appropriate for your business, discuss your audience’s demographic, and work collectively to captivate your audience with your business campaign.

Does your business need a change in Social Media Management?

All businesses vary in the needs of their Social Media Management.

  • Is your team familiar with the social media results of each campaign?
  • Are you familiar with the analytics involved with your business’s social media KPIs?
  • Are your social media campaigns receiving the traction that you had anticipated?
  • Is your business confident in the funds it’s investing into paid media across its platforms?
  • Are you satisfied with your business’s social media campaigns?
  • Is your target audience reaching out to communicate and enquire about your business’s promotions and offers?
  • Does your company utilize all of the functions available to you across every social media platform?

Are you unsure? Social Media is progressing by the day, with technology increasing and the number of active online users. It is highly recommended that all businesses audit their Social Media results and Management style regularly to assess changes and improvements.

This is a standard digital marketing process that requires constant monitoring and observation. Whether your business needs change in Social Media Management or improvements, effective Social Media Management is an absolute priority in digital marketing.

Prodima’s Social Media Management services?

Prodima offers a variety of Social Media Management services in Vietnamese, English, and French. Our team of Social Media Managers works with integrity and honesty with partners to deliver Social Media Management services so that you can invest your time in developing your business in other areas. Social Media Management is both meticulous and tedious. The Prodima team offers privatized Social Media Management service plans that include but are not limited to:

  • Content production and strategizing.
  • Content calendar scheduling (posts, stories) for multiple channel sharing
  • Networking across all platforms
  • Target audience research 
  • Implementation of most effective hashtags
  • Monthly reporting
  • Optional in-person consultations regularly to discuss reporting.
  • Audience management and communication
  • Paid media management
  • Social influencer engagement and negotiations

The Prodima team is available to meet with your business at your convenience to discuss how we can work cohesively to boost your social media presence and reach the audience that your business works so hard to achieve.

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At the end of the day, why develop and invest so much effort, time, and money into building a company if it doesn’t reach only the most ideal demographic? Contact a team member today for a consultation about your business’s Social Media Management needs.

As Vietnam has already reached a 51% social media penetration rate, Prodima’s friendly guidance will be sure to execute a strategy suitable for your business.

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