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Here is a short list of what Prodima will deliver to you regarding this specific service.

Prodima plans a 12-month social content calendar to convey your organic messages to the right target audience. We design the best strategy based on the business brief you share with us.

Prodima produces its own post content that is both appealing & user-friendly. We understand that the purpose is to transform your loyal followers into recurring paying customers.

Prodima designs images, banners, videos, and animations to catch people’s attention. We create visually impressive materials to engage your followers & reach your business goals.

Social Media Management services involve having an outsource team overseeing your business’ social media channels.

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Today, the number of social media platforms keeps increasing. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Zalo, or YouTube: it seems never-ending.

This is too overwhelming for businesses searching for the best ways to market their campaigns. Professional agencies can provide solutions. 

What is Social Media?

Social media is essentially applications available across devices aimed to interact and engage with others.

The effectiveness of virtual communities has exploded since the 2000s.

People mostly use those online channels to connect with their relatives, find entertainment, and stay informed.

Progressively, social media became crucial to businesses. Brands understood that those platforms are an excellent way to reach & engage their target audience.

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What are Social Media Management Services?

Prodima offers the following support to businesses willing to outsource their social activities:

  • social media organic content strategy
  • creative production (text, images, videos, animations)
  • social media publishing
  • trackers implementation
  • social media management guideline
  • social media advertising plan & execution

If your brand does not have the time or needed resources to handle your social media channels, consider working with professionals.

What are the Monthly Costs of Social Media Management?

Social media management costs depend on the service(s) needed. Our pricing for each of them may vary depending on the scope of work.

For example, Prodima charges a monthly package of $2,000 USD (+10% VAT) for the following:

  • 3 social posts per week (organic)
  • including publishing calendar
  • including all text content
  • including all visual creatives

For running ads, we take 15% of the monthly media budget (+10% VAT) to manage your campaign from A to Z.

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Contact our team to discuss your social media strategy.

Prodima’s Social Media Management services

Prodima offers social media management services in Vietnamese, English, and French.

We boost your online presence to reach your audiences & convey your messages, whatever they are organic or paid.

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Go for Prodima’s friendly guidance to execute a social media strategy suitable for your business.