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Prodima gets you started with your digital transformation. If you have never gone online before, we help you develop your e-commerce business to maximize your sales.

Prodima optimizes all technical aspects of your e-commerce landing pages. We boost your core web vitals, limit the number of plugins, and use the latest techniques to speed up your pages.

Prodima focuses on the e-commerce landing pages’ conversion rate, which is the main point of showcasing products online. Our experienced media marketers guarantee your sales increase.

Ecommerce development makes up around 20% of global retail, and that number is growing fast. That’s why enterprise brands should establish an eCommerce website for online shopping.

Ecommerce websites use different mechanisms than most web pages. For that reason, businesses should work with ecommerce web development services that specialize in setting up online stores. 

Let’s look at what eCommerce web development entails and how you can do it.

What is eCommerce Website Development?

Ecommerce development allows online businesses to sell products over the internet. They are digital stores enabling online shoppers to browse and buy products.

Just listing your products is not enough. Ecommerce websites must focus on retail-focused elements that most web design services don’t have to worry about. Ecommerce web developers like Prodima are experts at incorporating all the components needed to sell online. At the same time, they know how to work with you to include you in the process every step of the way.

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What do eCommerce Website Development Services Include?

Some of the specific elements that eCommerce development services specialize in include:

  • Inventory management
  • Product page development
  • Search engine marketing (like Google Ads)
  • Sales campaign management
  • Product categorization
  • Payment gateway creation
  • Human salesperson training

Ecommerce web design services also handle the tasks most websites need to address. Those tasks include standard search engine optimization structure, graphic design for optimal UI, and website hosting.

What are the Most Important Elements of Good eCommerce Web Design?

An experienced eCommerce website developer will know how to optimize pages to provide:

  • Fast loading times: Loading time impacts how well your online business ranks and how many people buy your product over your competitor’s.
  • Straightforward product descriptions: Both users and search engines like Google prefer products with clear and information-rich descriptions.
  • Clear calls-to-action: Users are much more likely to buy when told to do so in a direct but friendly way.
  • High-quality images: Photos are much better than words when selling a product or service.
  • Mobile responsiveness: 60% of eCommerce sales are currently on mobile devices.
  • A hassle-free path to the checkout button.

What does the Best eCommerce Website Design Look Like?

The best eCommerce website designs incorporate all the essential elements described above while adhering to an eye-catching design scheme. At the same time, it will reinforce your brand’s identity through colors, text, and tone.

What are some Excellent eCommerce Website Examples?

Check out these examples to understand what kind of look you can expect from optimal eCommerce development.

Notice how the Chubbies eCommerce business has navigation linking directly to its product types. It relates to them again with the buttons overlaying the high-quality images on the page. It doesn’t waste time with links to “about us” or other informational pages most sites use.

Blume uses a minimalist but responsive design and pastel colors to make the product “pop” and deliver only the details consumers care most about. It also includes information about promotions, a CTA, and customer testimonials, all mainstays of good online store design.

The eCommerce website for Magic Spoon uses bright colors and inviting visuals while packing the page with calls to action. Their target audience can easily find what they want across this eCommerce store with just a few clicks. A smooth online shopping experience is key to successfully selling online.

Ecommerce Website Design Templates

You can try creating your own eCommerce business from a template. You can find free templates for a custom eCommerce website at HTML Design or Webi Bazaar, among other sites, without hiring eCommerce developers.

Those free templates will require a ton of editing and retuning, though. Paid templates from sources like ColorLib or ThemeForest may be a better choice.

For the best eCommerce solution, using eCommerce web design services is your best bet instead of doing it yourself.

What Are the 5 Best Ecommerce Website Design Platform Options?

The five most valuable platforms that professionals and amateur web designers can use to design an eCommerce solution are:


Shopify is the gold standard and by far the most popular home for eCommerce businesses. With unlimited bandwidth and intuitive UI, Shopify offers everything eCommerce designers need without complicating things.

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WooCommerce is a popular choice for designers familiar with WordPress. It’s a plugin that transforms a WordPress site into a fully functional eCommerce platform. It offers flexibility and a vast library of themes and plugins to create custom eCommerce web design.


As the name suggests, BigCommerce is excellent for large-scale eCommerce businesses. It provides advanced features, including multi-channel selling, responsive design, eCommerce solutions, and built-in SEO tools.

Wix eCommerce

Wix is a good option for small businesses or individuals who want a simple and visually appealing online store. Pros don’t generally use it since it offers limited design options, but it’s suitable for beginners with no web design technical expertise.


OpenCart is an open-source platform that provides a solid foundation for eCommerce development customization. It’s a good choice for those who want to build a unique online store from the ground up. This development eCommerce option requires more technical knowledge than most eCommerce website design platforms.

Consider your business goals and corporate structuring to determine the best web development platform for your eCommerce needs.

Why is eCommerce Web Development Significant?

As mentioned, nearly a quarter of global retail sales are made via eCommerce. That means businesses with an eCommerce site have a substantial competitive advantage over competitors not utilizing eCommerce.

However, professionals who know how to design sites specifically meant to optimize the eCommerce experience are crucial. Without them, your attempts at harnessing the power of eCommerce development may be in vain. 

How do I Choose an eCommerce Website Development Company?

When looking at options for eCommerce web design services, consider the following technical aspects:


Look at the eCommerce sites already produced by the company. How do they look? How long has the company been designing eCommerce websites? You want a solid web development team to manage your eCommerce project.


SEO-friendly eCommerce projects do much more business than those no one can find. eCommerce SEO will help the site appear in Google results to your target audience, which is essential to drive online traffic. Ensure the company’s pages rank well for their keywords before working with them.


The majority of eCommerce sales come from mobile users. The future of digital marketing is smartphones. Because of that, it’s essential that eCommerce website development services properly optimize all their pages for mobile.

Ongoing Support

Ecommerce websites have a lot of complex systems like payment gateways and inventory displays that can experience issues. ECommerce development services must provide quick backend development support to help address these issues.


Any good eCommerce web development company should have plenty of references from existing eCommerce sites. Whether the reviews come from a small business or an enterprise software, a web developer must be able to showcase customer satisfaction.


Web development cost is a factor for most of us, and choosing the cheapest eCommerce design options might be tempting. Even if the eCommerce store product they offer you seems nice, be aware that you’ll likely experience significant issues with the site in the future.

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Our eCommerce Web Development Process

Prodima is an eCommerce development company that uses a 9-step process addressing every part of the eCommerce website development process, from conception to post-launch analytics.

  • Step 1. Planning and Research, when we’ll immerse ourselves in your company culture via one-on-one conversation and research.
  • Step 2. Choosing the Right Platform, we’ll select an eCommerce platform that aligns with your digital marketing needs and budget.
  • Step 3. Design and Development, when we’ll put together a user-friendly and visually appealing site. We’ll make sure to adhere to your business goals and brand aesthetic.
  • Step 4. Content Creation is when our professional graphic designers and copywriters fill the eCommerce site with engaging content. We’ll also ensure all the content is optimized for SEO.
  • Step 5. Security and Payment Integration, when we implement SSL certificates and secure payment gateways during the eCommerce development phase.
  • Step 6. Testing, when we run analytics to ensure your website’s functionality, compatibility, and digital marketing performance, creates a smooth user experience.
  • Step 7. Launch and Promotion. We’ll publish the site and implement online marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.
  • Step 8. Monitoring and Analytics: we’ll use tools like Google Analytics to track website traffic, sales, and user behavior.
  • Step 9. Ongoing Maintenance. We’ll continuously analyze data and field customer feedback to make informed decisions and improvements.

We’ll constantly contact you during this process to ensure your business goals are met.

Drive more sales with our eCommerce web development services. Prodima is an eCommerce development agency that has helped dozens of businesses launch and improve their custom eCommerce websites. We’d love to work with you and add you to our list of satisfied customers.

FAQs about Ecommerce Website Development Services

Do you still have questions about eCommerce website design services? They may be answered below.

Do you Offer Custom eCommerce Website Design and Enterprise Solutions?

Yes. Prodima begins all its eCommerce website design projects by getting to know the client, inside and out. That means learning about the client’s core values, company goals, design aesthetic, and corporate profile. We’ll keep all that brand information in mind as we design your eCommerce platform or enterprise solution.

Will my eCommerce Website be Secure?

Yes. Prodima utilizes SSL certificates in all its eCommerce website designs to keep client and customer data safe. We also integrate only secure and trusted payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe.

How do I Determine What Features my eCommerce Website Needs?

The features your eCommerce websites need heavily depend on your niche. However, a few good ways to determine what eCommerce development features may be best in your case are:

  • Pay attention to competitors. See what successful eCommerce sites in the same niche are doing. Then, try to replicate it, but it’s better.
  • Consider customer feedback if people ask for something your site does not have, work on implementing it!
  • Think outside the box. Don’t be shy to try a few features that no one else is trying. Then, listen to your customers to find out if it’s working!

What eCommerce Platforms do you Work With?

Prodima mainly works with WooCommerce on WordPress CMS (content management system). It allows complete customization, so our web developers can implement everything you need without restrictions. We also integrate CRMs like Shopify or Hubspot if you feel more familiar with them.

Is Search Engine Optimization Included in eCommerce Website Development?

Prodima is an eCommerce agency proud to provide both services! By default, all websites we develop are SEO-friendly, meaning they have proper technical structure and optimized Core Web Vitals. Once your website goes live, it is up to you to ask Prodima to run an SEO campaign. Of course, we guarantee better SEO performance on eCommerce websites that we developed ourselves.

How Much do eCommerce Website Development Services Cost?

In most cases, paying an eCommerce development company to create a fully functioning eCommerce site costs $4,000 on the lower end, up to $250,000. We would strongly caution against using services charging on the lower end of the scale.

Prodima usually charges $12,000 to $20,000 depending on client needs and company size.

What are my Shipping Rate Options?

Prodima implements the most popular ground shipping services based in your country. You want to go for USPS, UPS, and FedEx in the US. You can calculate shipping prices for each with USPS’s price calculator, UPS’s shipping calculator, and FedEx’s rate finder. You should pick leaders like Shopee, Lazada, or Tiki in Vietnam.

How can I Market my Products and Website?

Online marketing is a vast field with countless channels, but Prodima offers professional services for almost all of them. Check out our digital advertising and social media hub pages for more info about what you can do to market your products and website.