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Prodima's E-Commerce Website Development Services help optimize websites to SEO standards in terms of images, content, page features ... to attract potential customers through engaging and relevant content, helping your business generate revenue effectively.

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Prodima provides leading E-Commerce Website Development Services with CMS such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce … to satisfy all the needs of your business.

Your e-commerce website will be integrated with state-of-the-art technologies, using the best open source code that are relevant, easy to customize and able to achieve your business goals.

Prodima’s Content Writing team will produce compelling content that target the right audience and are fully optimized to satisfy the needs of potential users, enticing them to view your products / services and motivating them to take action: BUY and MAKE PROFIT.

Your e-commerce website will be SEO optimized (Onpage and Offpage) for search engines in order to climb higher in keyword rankings (especially on Google) and increase quality organic traffic.

Prodima will make sure your website is optimized for loading speed with techniques such as: reducing the number of plugins, utilizing website caching, optimizing image sizes, minimizing JavaScript or CSS files, etc.

Prodima will build a variety of Social Media, Paid Advertising and Email Marketing campaigns targeting your demographics.

Prodima’s unique marketing campaigns will increase brand awareness and motivate users to actively visit your website to view and purchase.

Through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies, Prodima will help your website pull in more leads and increase sales.

Prodima will continuously monitor your online store’s performance. Based on the collected data, Prodima will know exactly how our strategy is helping your business grow and make campaign adjustments / updates accordingly to deliver the best possible results.

Ecommerce Website Development revolves around strategies to attract organic website traffic across various digital platforms, such as Woocommerce. A professional Ecommerce Website Development Company works with clients to ensure that the overall design and content of the Ecommerce Website is SEO-effective, user friendly, and appealing to attract new leads and maintain current audiences.

A DMO (Digital Market Outlook) revealed that up to 50 million people in Vietnam purchased products online in 2018, making up a total of USD 2.2 billion. This figure almost doubled to USD 4 billion just a year later in 2019.

With more than half of Vietnam’s population purchasing online, the significance of effective Ecommerce Websites continues to rise. A successful Ecommerce business must have robust Ecommerce Website Development solutions to appeal to today’s digital market.

From Magento Ecommerce Development to Shopify Ecommerce Development, companies with a team of experienced digital marketing professionals will reach their Ecommerce ROI potential.

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What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce (electrical commerce) is the form of conducting online business transactions. Simply put, for the everyday consumer, Ecommerce is online shopping for businesses. Ecommerce is companies buying, selling, trading, and auctioning products and services to an internet audience. There are close to 68 million internet users in Vietnam, exposed to infinite search engine listings of businesses operating through Ecommerce.

Ecommerce businesses encompass an array of merchants such as:

  • Online stores that sell physical goods (Products trend list of 2020)
  • Service-based e-tailers (retailers that sell products through electronic transactions)
  • Digital products (e.g., websites where users can purchase digital books, online education plans, fitness training programs, etc.)

There are a variety of Ecommerce industries that operate online, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Food and Dining
  • Hotel and Tourism
  • Telecom and Information Technology
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Handicrafts
  • Online Marketing
  • Gaming
  • Online Services, and more

Depending on your business industry, there are a variety of Ecommerce Website Development strategies that are put in place to best suit your business’s industry preferences, business models, and capital. An experienced Ecommerce Development Agency provides its partners with Ecommerce Website Development solutions and techniques to best manage online business models.

How does Ecommerce work?

The principles of Ecommerce businesses operate very similarly to offline (retail) product stores and services. Efficient Ecommerce companies use their websites as digital spaces to generate revenue, all while using the internet to manage:

  • Receiving orders
  • Processing order information
  • Shipping and delivery processes
  • Customer service
  • Product listings (product range)
  • And more.

The fundamental requirement for an Ecommerce to be successful is to produce a well-designed and functional Ecommerce Website. Ecommerce Website Development must ensure that the website is an excellent platform to promote a business’s goods, provide customer service and information, popularise the brand with their target audience and be attractive to search engines such as Google.
The most simple Ecommerce processes work through a streamlined process that involves:
1. User enters a business’s website

  1. User searches and selects the product/s
  2. User pays for the product online
  3. The business accepts payment through an online merchant banking system
  4. The company delivers the physical or digital product to the consumer

Vietnam has a 75% Ecommerce penetration rate, a significant percentage of customers purchased online. Businesses that operate offline and aim to expand to enter Vietnam’s E-commerce space and current Ecommerce companies must maintain and manage a well-developed website to successfully generate revenue.

What are the benefits of Ecommerce?

Deloitte’s 2020 Retail Report in July has revealed that “despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam remains one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia”. Contributory to Vietnam’s business growth is the country’s booming Ecommerce market, a sector with an estimated 1 billion USD invested in it from 2019-2020. This success has developed due to the many benefits of Ecommerce business models:

  • Businesses can reach a complete range of their target audience within seconds.
  • Business exchange and customer service are convenient and quick.
  • Companies can use software programs and work with digital marketing companies to analyze target audiences and create reports.
  • Campaigns can be shared from the website across multiple social media platforms for brand awareness.
  • New leads can be found as successful Ecommerce website development increases search engine visibility.
  • Ecommerce is cost-effective in areas such as human resources.
  • Users/consumers have an abundance of information.
  • Ecommerce allows digital coupons, deals, promotional codes, and bargains.
  • Users can research, compare and buy at their convenience (eliminating costs and travel time)
  • Ecommerce websites don’t have “closing hours.”
  • Business exchange is not bound by location (notably, the approximate 87 million people who do not live in Saigon with physical access to Saigon’s many retail outlets).

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What is Ecommerce Website Development?

Ecommerce Website Development is the process of creating an online store for your business. It is developing a collection of web pages that display an online business’s brand information, products, relevant content such as promotions and campaigns, contact information, and a way for users to purchase online from your company.

Ecommerce Website Development builds a website to fit a business’s needs in terms of its looks and operates for the page visitor’s user experience. Familiar website builders include Shopify and Magento, both offering features to develop an online store that is scalable and integrating analytics and advertisements.

Digital Marketing Agencies are skilled in Ecommerce Website Development to ensure that clients make the most of the tools and features available across these platforms. Ecommerce Website Development uses coding and programming to securely host an online store with a safe payment gateway between a trader and its consumers.

How can a Web Development Company help your business with Ecommerce?

A Web Development Company can help your business with Ecommerce by auditing your business and placing your business at the digital marketing forefront. A team of web specialists works closely with content developers, marketing specialists ad designers to develop a company website that:

  • Has good SEO
  • Is visually effective
  • Appeals to your business’s target audience
  • Analyzes data and analytics to ensure that your Ecommerce Website is successful and effective
  • Manages ecommerce products pages (information, images, categories, etc.)
  • Contains relevant and engaging content
  • It is user-friendly across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.)
  • Trends across social media
  • Delivers successful campaigns
  • Generates revenue through the Ecommerce website
  • And more

Prodima’s Ecommerce Website Development Services

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency ensures that your company’s vision is well-interpreted in your business’s industry online. Our Ecommerce Website Developers work closely with partners to bring website services, including:

  • Excellent website design that appeals to the audience
  • Producing functional ecommerce websites for convenient trade and use research
  • SEO management and monitoring
  • Unique  website designs and webpages customized to your business and audience needs
  • Continual management of your Ecommerce Website Design
  • Transparent communication and reporting of the Ecommerce Website Development process
  • Expert advice from experienced Website Development specialists

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Contact our Prodima Ecommerce Website Development Services team today for any inquiries regarding the future of your Ecommerce business. Ecommerce Website Development is technical, and Prodima is excited to take the time required to guide you through our processes and strategies for success!

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