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Prodima will implement SEO video optimization techniques and signal to Google the video topic and who it caters to, so that users can find your videos easily.

Implementing special techniques for your videos will quickly increase the credibility and quality in the eyes of Google and users => Increasing the ability to reach the top not only on Youtube but also on SERPs.

Not only will Prodima focus on optimizing videos, we will perform SEO for your entire Youtube channel with actions such as:

  • Suggest ideas and publish a large number of interesting videos.
  • Create new and engaging topics throughout the campaign

=> This will help create a large number of subscribers (even millions) for the channel in a short amount of time.

YouTube is the largest video streaming service across the globe, often turned to as a source for entertainment, instructions, news, and information. Google owns YouTube, making the search engine incredibly significant in search and web traffic for visual and video aid. Vietnam is listed as one of the five largest YouTube markets globally, with the viewability for YouTube Ads reaching 97% in the country.

YouTube Advertising consists of processing marketing material through Google Ads that are displayed to a target demographic. Content created for YouTube Advertising in Vietnam can reach 72% of respondents in the country with access to the YouTube streaming service.

What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube Video Advertising involves pushing through a video content campaign marketed to a specific demographic via the Google Ads program. There are four types of YouTube ads, including non-video ads: 

1. Skippable in-stream ads – video campaigns that play during (mid-roll) or before (pre-roll) a  video, allowing viewers to skip watching the ad after 5 seconds of the advertisement has been viewed.

2. Non-skippable in-stream ads such as bumper ads – advertisements that run mid-roll or pre-roll that viewers are not offered to skip.

3. Video discovery ads (previously referred to as in-display ads) – ads that are presented next to organic search results, offered to viewers to actively select to watch should they find the results more fitting than the organic search results.

4. Non-video ads such as banners and overlays – display ads that appear on the sidebar (image and text) with a Call-To-Action button and link to a marketer’s website, and in-video overlay ads that float above a video content from YouTube channels.

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Why Advertise on YouTube?

Businesses are strongly encouraged to invest in YouTube ads in Vietnam, with 58% of Vietnamese respondents in a Q&Me survey sharing that they have purchased an item after watching its ad campaign on YouTube.

YouTube advertising is beneficial to businesses marketing to their target demographic because YouTube:

  • Engages with an active user base (96% of social media users are active on YouTube).
  • Contains popular content that is easily accessible
  • Is sharable and valuable content have the potential to viralise 

The Benefits of YouTube Advertising

YouTube provides businesses with an incredibly lucrative market to access and create revenue. YouTube advertising has the potential to reach the 28% of Vietnamese who dedicate 1-2 hours a day to watching YouTube content, with 5% of survey respondents even claiming to watch YouTube for up to 5 hours a day. Google has organized YouTube as a mean to benefit marketers through a dedicated campaign space that focuses on:

  • Audience target – Digital Marketing strategists can hone into the market by selecting key demographics, customer-match, similar audiences, topic, affinity audience, video remarketing và life events.
  • Cost Efficiency – Advertisers must only pay for their campaign should a viewer choose to watch the entire length of the video or select a Call-to-Action option.
  • Brand culture – Businesses can connect with a target audience through a commercial to feel a sense of active branding and personable relation.
  • Digital Marketing Analytics – YouTube advertising metrics are measurable and easy to view in the Analytics tab of a YouTube account.
  • Extensive Audience Reach – YouTube provides businesses with an astronomical pool of people to share relevant and engaging content with. Vietnam Express has reported that up to 64 million Internet users in Vietnam – that’s 65% of the country’s population with access to YouTube video content.
  • Quick Results – YouTube Advertising has a fast growth rate in attraction views because the videos reach such a massive audience. The power of YouYube’s reach can be seen through the success of Son Tung’s Chay Ngay Di video clip, reaching an astounding 22 million views within 24 hours and even breaking records to achieve the most viewed music video within a day on YouTube back in 2018 (139 million + views as of May 2021).

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YouTube Advertising Costs

Businesses are attracted to YouTube Advertising because marketers can push through their campaign to an audience and only pay when viewers choose to watch the ad via the call-to-action overlay. 

YouTube shares that businesses start with at least USD 10 a day for local campaigns. Companies can set their budget to control and adjust accordingly as their campaign progresses and analytical metrics are reviewed. 

In such cases, it’s crucial for businesses to consistently monitor their budget and YouTube ad analytics to determine which targeting filters need to be changed and whether budgets need to be increased or decreased. 

Digital Marketing Agency YouTube Advertising Services

YouTube Advertising is a time-consuming process that involves experimenting, strategy, review, and constant adjustment. 

By working alongside a team of professionals such as a Digital Marketing Agency, businesses are offered a variety of services that can be helpful to hone in on particular advertising areas most beneficial to the campaign. 

YouTube Advertising Service packages include:

  • YouTube Advertising Spend consultation and management.
  • Video Campaign Strategy.
  • Totals Ads Across Campaigns Management.
  • Expert consultation in the creation of effective 15-second Video Ad using client-provided creative assets.
  • TrueView for Action Lead Campaigns.
  • Ad Creative Performance Testing.
  • Google In-Store Visit Reporting.
  • YouTube Pre-Roll and Interstitial Ads.
  • Local Targeting (with Local Extensions).
  • Client-provided Customer Data Match Targeting.
  • Similar Audience Match Targeting.
  • Google Video Display Network.
  • YouTube Bumper Display Ads.
  • Target CPA Bidding.
  • YouTube Kids Targeting.
  • Campaign Management through Client’s Google Ads Account.
  • Google Analytics Integration & Goal Tracking.
  • Dedicated Video Ads Account Representative.
  • Landing Page Performance Testing.
  • Strategic Bid Management.
  • Advanced Keyword Research and Selection.
  • CTA Testing for Lead Campaigns.
  • PPC Account Setting Monitoring.
  • Setup and Management of Rule-based bidding.
  • Store Visit Reporting.
  • Results Analysis and Monthly Performance Reporting.
  • Monitoring of Clicks and Conversions.
  • Cost Per View Reporting.
  • Lead Tracking Configuration.
  • Brand Lift and Recall Survey.
  • Consistent Campaign Review and Changes.
  • Management of Client-Approved Creative Materials.

How Much Do YouTube Advertising Services Cost?

YouTube Advertising Service Package costs vary depending on the needs of the business and their budget. The best way to gauge costs is to chat to a Digital Marketing expert about your business’s YouTube Advertising needs and which services your companies require to improve your marketing and turn revenue.

Who Needs YouTube Advertising Services?

Businesses looking to expand their branding, grow revenue, and reach a large audience are advised to seek professional YouTube Advertising services. 

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency is an affordable, Award-Winning team of YouTube professionals who can work with your team so that you can focus on other areas of your business. Prodima is a trusted team with reliable resources and information to push your YouTube ads to the next level. 

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Work with Prodima to promote informative video content that is SEO-mindful and relevant to your company’s target audience. The Prodima YouTube ads team will run a campaign with a great strategy that involves insightful targeting, bidding, and other YouTube and decision-making processes.

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