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Prodima uses the Google Ads network to precisely target your audience & optimize your campaign spending. We run cost-effective YouTube ads focused on relevant impressions & video views.

Prodima edits your raw files to guarantee the video’s efficiency when running the ad campaign. We are experts in making YouTube videos impactful & optimized for ads.

Prodima combines paid ad campaigns with SEO efforts to beat your competitors. Before running YouTube ads, we maximize their organic performance on the platform.

YouTube is the largest video streaming service across the globe and one of the top sources of entertainment, news, and information.

Google owns YouTube. Both are the top #1 & #2 most used search engines worldwide.

What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube Video Advertising involves pushing through video content via the Google Ads program.

When visiting the YouTube platform, users can see ads in different formats, including non-video ones. They include:

  • skippable in-stream ads
  • non-skippable in-stream ads (for example, bumper ads)
  • video discovery ads (previously in-display ads)
  • banners & overlays (image & text)

Businesses manage them from the Google Ads platform, video section.

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YouTube Ads Benefits

YouTube is a powerful way to reach audiences, given its large coverage. People spend hours on YouTube and cannot avoid watching advertisements on this free platform.

YouTube ads are extremely cost-efficient. Brands mostly use them to raise their online awareness.

The video format itself is one of the most popular those days as the trend continuously grows.

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YouTube Advertising Costs

YouTube shared that businesses launch their ad campaigns with at least $10 USD a day.

Companies set their budget & adjust accordingly as their campaign progresses.

Prodima supports brands running their YouTube ads. Our agency fee is 15% of the monthly media spending (+10% VAT).

Who Needs YouTube Ads Services?

All businesses looking to expand their brand awareness & reach a large audience should consider YouTube ads.

Prodima is ready to help your company get started with this platform.

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Reach out to our team of experts & ask for a digital plan right now. Use the contact form below to take advantage of YouTube ads opportunities.