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Prodima will do everything to deliver the final results you desire:

  • Publish attractive advertising content that makes readers click immediately.
  • Design visually impressive images.
  • Create vivid and outstanding videos.

By implementing an ad campaign that directly target your desired demographics => achieve the highest conversion rate possible and keep CPA to a minimum.

Prodima will do everything to deliver the final results you desire:

  • Publish attractive advertising content that makes readers click immediately.
  • Design visually impressive images.
  • Create vivid and outstanding videos.
  • Manage and adjust parameters for each campaign.
  • Monitor engagement, leads, and sales from campaigns.
  • Build a loyal audience for your business.

Prodima will provide transparent reporting on every data: Clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and specific measures to help you review our ongoing campaign performance.

Instagram is a video and photos sharing social network service owned by Facebook. According to Statista, there are an astounding 1 billion monthly active Instagram users per month! The country of Vietnam alone accounts for 5.5 million of these users.

In a society where social media is everything, social media Instagram Advertising is crucial to all businesses looking to reach their target market. Instagram Ads cost time, money, and insight to best execute an Instagram advertising campaign.

Prodima is an Instagram Marketing Agency that works with small and large businesses to push through Instagram Ads to improve brand visibility and draw viewers back to your website.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing is promotions and advertising through the phone and video sharing platform. There are many forms of Instagram Marketing, with the most basic form of Instagram Marketing being promoted from a business’s account profile to share photos and videos of products and services on offer. Instagram Marketing also includes collaborating and sponsoring social media influencers and related accounts with large followings to marketing your brand.

Instagram Ads are the primary source of paid Instagram Marketing. It’s estimated that up to one-third of the most viewed Instagram stories by users are from businesses and that Instagram’s potential reach is 849.3 million users. A Digital Marketing Agency’s Instagram helps your team develop and promote Instagram Ads with a competitive edge to stay ahead of your industry.

Prodima offers Instagram Marketing Services that help your business develop a distinguished place on Instagram. Our team of experts will form a marketing plan to implement various scheduled posts for your marketing and advertising campaigns. A team of creatives will work closely with your business to create appealing content, monitor user comments, and report on your page’s performance.

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What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are promotional material that a business pays to Instagram/Facebook to publish on an Instagram post or story. Users who view these Instagram Ads are also offered CTA (Call To Action) buttons such as “Book, Call, Learn more” to drive traffic to your website for conversions.

Instagram Ads appear in Instagram feeds as they would regular posts but are labeled ‘sponsored’ with CAB options. Instagram Ads build brand exposure to organic website traffic and generate new leads towards your business’s products and services.

Instagram Ads are solely focused on the visual. Whether it’s a single image, series of images, or video, Instagram Ads must be compelling with an appealing and suitable caption relevant to your demographic. 

Do Instagram Ads work?

With the support of a Prodima Instagram Ads Manager, your business’s Instagram Ads can absolutely work. Forrester has accounted that Instagram Ads rank as the highest engagement rate of all digital placements, knocking out other big names such as Pinterest, Twitter, and even Facebook. Our team can strategize the most suitable Instagram Ads campaign to ensure that your brand reaches your desired clientele.

According to Instagram:

  • 60% of Instagram users claim to have discovered new products on the Instagram platform
  • 74% of Instagrammers who are inspired by a post will take action to further engage with a business
  • Up to ⅓ of the most viewed stories on Instagram are from businesses
  • Over an astounding 200 million Instagrammers visit a minimum of one business profile per day

How do Instagram Ads work?

There are different types of Instagram Ads and how they are shown to viewers in their feed. Our team has an insightful understanding of the major Instagram concepts before launching your business campaign. As the promotions are paid for, they will be labeled as “Sponsored.”

Review your business goal and overall social media to customize ads that will be effective for your brand and viewers:

  • Ads with images: These Instagram ads include a photographic visual. A Prodima designer can create and edit the perfect image to capture the attention of your ideal demographic. 
  • Ads with videos: Instagram video ads offer users a fuller, more dynamic experience. Video is effective in offering greater dimension to Instagrammers through moving visuals and sound. Our specialists will strategize the best video marketing campaign for your brand to promote on Instagram.
  • Sequential Ads: Sequential Ads are a series of pictures and/or videos that offer the most engaging user experience. Sequential ads require a great creative style and design to lure Instagrammers

Above all, each Instagram ad must have a caption. Captions should be succinct, enticing, and selective with words as not to overload the user. Prodima’s content specialists will work with our Instagram Agents to determine which selection of words best come together to reach your audience.

What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Users share photos and videos on the platform reel of “Instagram Stories.” Instagram Stories are viewable to all those who follow a user’s Instagram account 24 hours from the point of publication. Instagram stories are crucial to businesses, as should the story be compelling enough, followers can reshare stories and spread brand awareness. With up to 500 million users engaging in Instagram stories every day, Instagram Stories have become an integral part of businesses’ marketing campaigns worldwide.

How do Instagram Stories Ads work?

Instagram Stories Ads are a potent digital marketing tool that is comparable to a live television advertisement. They are a full-screen and vertical still image or video paid to be placed amidst an Instagrammer’s story view for 15 seconds. Instagrammers (within your business’s desired demographic) can be selected via specific demographic criteria by the business and managed by Facebook for Business.

Instagram offers seven Supported Objectives to support the ad placement and ad format:

  • Brand Awareness: Increase brand visibility amongst people likely to be interested in your brand culture, products, and services.
  • Reach: setting the ad to reach a maximum number of people. This objective is linked to a Facebook Page (manageable by Prodima).
  • Traffic: this objective directs more Instagrammers to a destination either on or off Facebook, such as to your website. 
  • App Installs: Sends Instagrammers to a store to purchase/download your brand’s application to be promoted via iTunes, Google Play, or Facebook Canvas.
  • Video Views: promotes videos or moving images, recommended to show product launches, customer stories, or behind-the-scenes footage. Businesses can select this objective to promote the video to a broad group.
  • Lead Generation: specifically set to collect relevant lead information from Instagrammers (potential consumers) interested in your business. 
  • Conversion: an objective set to drive conversion metrics to your business, such as sales and email registrations.

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Are Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads the same?

Despite Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, both being operated by Facebook, their digital marketing channel differ. This is the case because both social platforms cater to different users and their behaviors across the network. Both Facebook and Instagram campaigns can use the same video and photo promotional content. Prodima’s social media team will guide your business to success across both platforms and strategize, which setting best suits your business needs.

How much do Instagram Ads cost?

According to Adespresso, the average cost on Instagram depends on the country – in Vietnam, the CPC is 0.26USD compared to the USA’s 0.08USD cost per click. These costs vary depending on the budget in place, and the marketing strategy your business has in place as well as the length of time your business intends to advertise for. All of these elements must be assessed to make the most of your Instagram marketing campaign. Prodima’s strategists work closely with your team to account for your budget and determine how your investment is best allocated across social media.

Prodima’s Instagram Ad Services

Prodima Digital Marketing Agency possesses the technical skill, resources, and tools to best support your business’s social media needs. Our Instagram Marketing specialists will guide your brand through the Instagram platform to propel your business upwards with Instagram Ads. Partnering with Prodima Instagram marketing, we will publish Instagram Ads to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Improve the brand’s visual impact amongst Instagrammers through high-quality campaigns
  • Grow a community spirit and brand by promoting a direct path for communication (direct messages). This creates an open line of communication between consumers and businesses to increase sales and provide product information.
  • Promote new products and offer secondary services
  • Manage campaigns with contests and giveaways through Instagram

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