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Have you tried everything but your website still does not achieve high keyword rankings on search engines? Prodima will help you identify the problem in the fastest time possible - and tailor a unique strategy for your success.

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Prodima experts will work closely with your business to identify all the underlying problems. On average, it takes 3-5 weeks for Prodima to fully complete the SEO Audit process.

Prodima will review the current website status to identify technical or programming issues that could affect your SEO performance.

Prodima will study your competitors’ SEO strategies so that we can develop a unique strategy to get your website to the top and trump all competition.

Prodima will review your content and backlink profiles to make sure they are high quality. Furthermore, we will also provide you with suggestions on “fake” links and poor quality content removal.

Prodima will provide a detailed keyword list based on your goals. We’ll then quickly roll out articles with in-depth content that attracts readers and contains exact keywords to drive the highest conversion rate.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is at the forefront of ensuring that your business’s online presence is visible to your targeted demographic. Without efficient and effective SEO, a company will suffer when trying to reach a thriving viewers’ demographic. 

Strategic SEO campaigns protect and optimize all areas of a website’s reach, including but not limited to: Ecommerce SEO, Link Building, Local SEO, Mobile SEO, Video SEO, WooCommerce SEO, SEO Copywriting, Negative Content Removal, and Online Reputation Management. With so many technical areas to manage, a technical SEO audit is required to identify how your business’s website can reach its potential in ranking highly on search engines such as Google.

Are you aware that up to 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine? Prodima is an SEO Audit Agency with the skills and knowledge to analyze your business goals and website to formulate an active strategy to maximize both online visibility and revenue. Prodima’s team of experts will identify the numerous factors that influence Google’s algorithm when indexing your website amongst its search lists.

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What is an SEO Audit?

A comprehensive SEO Audit service reviews every aspect of your website, including pages, links, media, and search engine analytics. This assessment is undertaken to report what changes and improvements need to be made to achieve the most remarkable search agents’ results. 

A professional Digital Marketing Agency can pinpoint which areas need to be revamped or completely renewed to invite organic traffic to the website. A complete SEO audit service details:

  • A complete webpage renewal/revamp SEO advisory report.
  • Support and training in SEO auditing
  • Audit results and following instruction for website modification
  • An analysis scorecard of competitors and their websites
  • Web page backlink report and professional commentary
  • Keyword and key phrase research
  • Thorough external and internal link check
  • Link strategy
  • Review: 301 redirects
  • Review: broken links
  • Review: URL canonicalization (indicating that a specific URL is the original/master version of a website to search engines)
  • Review: the ratio of code to text
  • A full list of search engine crawl errors
  • Review: geo-location inclusive of IP addresses and GPS (internet technologies that track where an electric device such as a mobile or tablet is located)
  • GSC (Google Search Console) or GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) assessment to uncover the parameters that require improvement
  • HTML status codes (homepage and sitewide) assessments
  • HTML/CSS code reviewal
  • Optimization of images and other visual content
  • Internal link formatting
  • Web page content information and blogs
  • The remote use of .js (javascript) & CSS (Canadian Style Sheets)
  • Configuration of site compression (enabling of the server to host smaller file sizes that contribute to a quicker user experience for website users)
  • An efficient Sitemap XML review to roadmap how your website will be relevant enough capture the attention of search engines for ranking
  • Configuration of the URL and whether it is static (a domain that doesn’t change) or dynamic (a domain filled with texts and symbols unfriendly to search engines).
  • Title tag optimization techniques
  • Home page content adjustments
  • Web Page architecture information
  • Website design including theme and overall content relevance
  • Malware and spam check
  • Keyword and keyphrase traffic and ranking
  • Website conversions
  • Website wrappers (header and footer content)

A thorough SEO audit is a technical procedure that requires great attention to detail. This is particularly crucial to improving a website’s ranking. Globally, a minuscule 0.78% of Google searchers will click on the 2nd page of search engine results. Thankfully, Digital Media Agencies provides essential free site audit consultations to interested partners. Following a brief reporting of our SEO findings, businesses who choose to register with Prodima’s extension SEO audit service will receive a complete report and effective SEO strategy to generate organic search engine rankings.

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What are the requirements of a proper SEO Audit?

A good SEO Audit is proper if it is thorough and reviewed in all the areas mentioned above. Prodima’s exceptional website audit service covers the technical, structural components such as links and codes and content to assess how they affect organic traffic drawn for SEO. An outstanding SEO Audit must provide a transparent view of what modifications are required and why. Prodima will check domain SEO to make proper recommendations that are easily understandable to your business.Furthermore, a good SEO Audit and SEO Audit report should inform partners of strictly which areas of the audit should be prioritized to generate revenue. By working alongside Prodima as a team, your business will excel in understanding the SEO issues affecting your business goals and how to action them. A strong SEO strategy campaign relies heavily on a reliable SEO Audit to accurately roadmap how your website will entice search engines.

Does your website need an SEO Audit?

  • Is your business ranking or close to ranking on the 1st page of Google’s search engine?
  • Is your team confident to manage all of the SEO techniques listed above?
  • Does your business have the time, digital marketing knowledge, and tools to renew your website’s content for sustainable ranking?

If you’re unsure, your website is likely in dire need of an SEO Audit performed by a Prodima Digital Marketing solutionist. 

Perhaps there are matters regarding backlinks? Or keywords? Or keyphrases? Or content? Or web architecture? Or image compression? Prodima offers an instant SEO Audit that investigates every nook and cranny of your webpage to strategize an actionable digital marketing plan.

How much does an SEO Audit cost?

The pricing of a comprehensive SEO Audit and report varies depending on how many website layers must be audited. Complicated websites with a lot to sift through require more significant time and assessment so that our team knows how to best guide your business through SEO.

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Prodima understands that the website is the first point of engagement amongst future consumers. With effective SEO driving more than 1,000% traffic than organic social media sources, our auditing tools will complete an intense SEO check that will demand the attention of search engines and viewers alike.

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