Minmed hình ảnh 1

Client Brief

Minmed was looking to leverage both SEO and PPC strategies to increase its market share across the Singapore market.

They wanted to increase their organic traffic by at least +6,500 and rank on the first page of Google for the agreed list of keywords.

Besides, they needed Prodima to clean up their Google ads accounts and guarantee
their performance.

Our Solutions

Prodima performance a market analysis, competitive benchmark, and keyword research.

We also audited the website and reviewed the Google accounts to make improvement proposals.

Prodima activated the SEO and PPC campaigns in parallel to maximize their effectiveness.

The Result

The campaign ran extremely well as both organic and paid performance were constantly improving. At the end of this 6-month campaign, the website reached its peak for its entire online history.

The organic, paid traffic and the number of ranking keywords were at their maximum after Prodima completed its digital service.