Cockstock hình ảnh 1

Client Brief

Cockstock struggled amongst competitors to reach its desired digital brand visibility targets. Its marketing foundations were heavily reliant on word-of-mouth contacts.

The strength of the brand, service, and spirit lacked online performance. Cockstock needed to diversify its sales channels to dominate the piercing & earrings market.

Our Solutions

Prodima Vietnam proposed a complete digital strategy, starting with building a new e-commerce website reflecting Cockstock’s brand.

After that, Prodima crafted an SEO plan & launched several ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and TikTok. Everything was done to bring both organic & paid traffic to the website so visitors would convert into paid customers.

The Result

Only 2 hours after the ad campaign’s launching, Cockstock was already making online sales on Google Shopping.

The 3 separate SEO packages allowed Cockstock’s website to rank for 610 keywords during the first year, bringing over 10,000 organic monthly visitors.