The Importance of SEO Rank Tracking and Useful Optimization Tools

The Importance of SEO Rank Tracking and Useful Optimization Tools hình ảnh 1

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of creating digital content that is relevant to a target audience. By applying keywords and key phrases, used in blog content, website language, advertisement, and visual aids, good SEO determines how searchable a webpage and its content is.

With almost 93% of the globe’s digital traffic coming through the Google empire’s search, images, and videos, businesses in today’s financial industry must invest in strong digital marketing for website optimization to keep up with competitors and turn profits. To monitor and manage SEO success, SEO Rank Tracking is crucial to remaining at the forefront of digital relevance.

SEO Rank Tracking is all about checking how well or poorly a website’s keywords are detected by a search engine’s algorithm. All written internet content contains keywords that will position a webpage in search engine results page (SERP) results. The first page of a Google Results page captures 71% of search traffic clicks, indicative of how important it is for businesses to track and assess their organic rank positions to increase digital visibility.

The Importance of SEO Rank Tracking for Businesses

SEO Rank Tracking is important because it provides businesses with insight into their Digital Marketing Plan. By tracking the effectiveness of keywords used in SEO, businesses can make executive digital marketing choices to identify which SEO optimization techniques, website optimization methods, content work, and what needs to be improved. 

As 90% of online businesses tend to fail within 120 days, SEO Rank Tracking is essential to assessing which keywords businesses and techniques should be investing their time and money into that targets organic traffic. Content marketing is redundant if the keywords are not being captured for ultimate visibility.

The benefits of effective SEO Rank Tracking

As mentioned above, SEO rank tracking is important for monitoring a business’s web page performance across search engine platforms. Across search engines in Vietnam in 2021, the country had a 91.97% market share in Google with CocCoc only having a 5.36% market share, highlighting the utmost importance of SEO rank tracking to remain competitive. Additional benefits of SEO rank tracking includes:

  • Revenue increase: by tracking the metrics of which posts on the site make the most conversions, businesses can continue applying similar keywords and phrases to maintain revenue increase and digital visibility
  • Competition monitoring: online digital tools are available to track the performance of fellow competitors within the industry, as well as the keywords used. By comparing the effectiveness of SEO keyword rankings amongst competitors, businesses can collect this data to follow successful trends in SERPs.
  • Troubleshooting: Regular SEO Rank checking informs businesses that they should immediately adjust their content, reprioritize keywords, check for the newest search engine algorithm updates and check for any potential manual pilates.
  • Identifying CTR issues: SEO rank traffic informs businesses of their CTRs (click-through rates) so that digital content can be adjusted to reach a greater target audience.
  • Organised data: regular SEO rank tracking provides businesses with an extensive amount of digital marketing insight in the form of data. SEO rank tracking applications collate all data in an organized report for businesses to make comparisons and forecast trends.

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Which businesses require SEO Rank Monitoring?

All businesses are advised to invest in SEO rank monitoring to best track their results and digital marketing efforts. About 44.8 million people in Vietnam shop online, which is half of the country’s population that your business could potentially appeal to turn a profit.

Without proper SEO Rank monitoring, it is very easy for businesses to fall behind their competitors in SERPs and no longer remain relevant. Companies must constantly monitor their rankings to make the required website and content updates be picked up by search engine algorithms for high indexing.

Important SEO metrics to track

An SEO metric is a measurable piece of data concerning digital marketing content and its gauge. SEO metrics must be tracked to monitor page performance. Important SEO metrics to track are:

  • Organic traffic (opposed to paid traffic), essential to segmenting traffic into the user profile, audience details, location/country etc.: to monitor a business’s SEO strategy in place and determine what changes need to be made for improvement
  • Keyword rankings: to assess which keywords to continue using and which keywords are not being picked up by search engines to reach the audience
  • CTR: for an understanding of which pages of a business’s website is most attention-grabbing
  • Bounce rate: to assess whether the bounce rate is high or low to manage pages that aren’t matching the user’s expectations of the page
  • Page speed: to optimize the user’s experience by making necessary changes to content, java and other website features to better user experiences on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Conversation rates: to monitor the monetary success of a business’s overall SEO strategy and campaigns

SEO tools to track Metrics

Google offers wonderful tools with features to track metrics for insightful data that can improve your business’s SEO. These tools are:

  • Search Console: tools and reports to measure site performance, Search traffic and fix website issues for SERPS optimization
  • Google Analytics: to measure website performance, specifically on-site actions
  • Google Tag Manager: to manage your business’s website tags by adding/updating tags, integrate all Google third-party tags, check for errors, apply security features, monitor tag functionality, and use access controls

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How much does SEO Rank Tracking cost?

SEO rank tracking costs vary depending on the needs of the business. Companies can opt to manage their SEO Rank Tracking which may incur the cost of paying the subscription costs of software and tools to gather data and insight. Businesses looking to outsource their SEO Rank Tracking for website optimization can be provided with a quote. Quotes vary depending on the budget.

Unique tips to SEO Rank Optimization

SEO is a complex and time-consuming procedure that requires constant management and maintenance. To optimize a website’s SEO rank, there are many tips to consistently practice to remain relevant online to audiences, increase visibility and digital presence, and make a great return on investment. Here are some crucial tips to optimizing your business’s SEO Ranking:

  • Use all available tools to regularly research, monitor, forecast and manage the status of SEO keywords 
  • Produce outstanding, relatable content that is in line with your business’s brand, products and services (particularly content that is worth sharing by users)
  • Build a strong Digital Marketing campaign with effective keywords and phrases
  • Monitor the competition and their digital success use of keywords
  • Repair and reboot the website as soon as issues arise
  • Regularly check user experience and site navigation factors across mobile and desktop devices (page speed, call-to-action-buttons, links, image and video load time, etc.)
  • Monitor bounce rate & average session duration
  • Use rank tracking and data to rejuvenate digital marketing strategies and marketing plans
  • Optimize visual content
  • Follow trending topics concerning your business concept product industry to remain knowledgeable enough to produce contemporary and modern content

SEO Optimization Tools

When it comes to Digital Marketing, SEO Optimization Tools are necessary to achieve the greatest results. Additional to providing businesses with accessible data reports and insight, these tools can be aggressively used to improve website SEO optimization. Aside from Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager mentioned above, here are some other SEO Optimization Tools:

What can an SEO Agency do for your business?

An SEO Agency possesses the expert knowledge, digital marketing tools and resources to evaluate your business’s SEO needs. Businesses that work with a professional SEO Rank Tracker can be assured that their SEO rankings are consistently monitored and managed for optimal digital relevance and reach to demographics. An SEO Agency can audit your business’s rankings, and apply all digital marketing factors that are impactful to your business’s visibility to optimize your website’s reach.

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Prodima Digital Marketing Agency is a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing. This means that Prodima applies all factors effective to SEO to best produce an SEO strategy most suitable for your business. Prodima offers a range of SEO services that can drive your business in the right direction towards online exposure and sales:

  • General SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Video SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • WooCommerce
  • Link Building
  • SEO Auditing
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Negative Content Removal
  • Facebook ads
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  • Google ads
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube ads
  • Zalo ads
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  • Coc Coc ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Social media management
  • Social media design
  • Content marketing
  • Landing page design

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