SEO Rank Tracking & Useful Optimization Tools

  • Last update: 13/04/2021

Benjamin Poirrier

Digital Marketing Expert

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93% of the globe’s digital traffic comes through the Google empire’s search, images, and videos.

Today, businesses must invest in digital marketing, and optimize their websites to keep up with competitors. Thus, SEO rank tracking is crucial to monitor & manage SEO success.

SEO rank tracking is all about checking how well web pages organically perform across the internet. Search engines like Google index every online content before positioning it in their result pages. The first page of Google alone captures over 70% of search traffic clicks. It is important for businesses to assess their organic positions to improve their digital visibility.

SEO rank tracking provides businesses with insight into their digital marketing plan. By tracking the effectiveness of their keywords, brands can implement optimization techniques and continuously improve their online platforms.

SEO Rank Tracking Benefits

All online businesses should track their SEO rankings for the following benefits:

  • competition monitoring
  • web page troubleshooting
  • revenue increase opportunities

When checking our own SEO ranking performance, we necessarily evaluate how other players are doing. We can also check which keywords they are optimizing, from which domains they earn their backlinks… and build a strategy to do better!

Regular SEO rank checking informs businesses they must adjust their content, their keywords, and follow up on search algorithm updates. For example, having a high number of impressions (web page views on Search Engine Results Page = SERP) associated with a low Click-Through Rate (CTR) means there is a problem with the page title or the meta description.

The ultimate purpose of ranking high is to boost the Return On Investment (ROI). When they reach the top positions of Google SERP, web pages convert more.

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SEO Rank Monitoring Tools

Brands must track their SEO metrics to measure their page performance. The most important factors to follow up are:

  • organic traffic
  • keyword rankings
  • CTR
  • bounce rate
  • page speed
  • conversion rates

Google offers wonderful tools to track insightful data that can improve your business’s SEO. These tools are:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Besides, the following Google tools are good to use for managing SEO ranking performance:

  • Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Google Trends
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner

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SEO Rank Optimization Tips

Based on our experience, to optimize a website’s SEO rank, the best practices are:

  • use all available tools & cross-check them
  • produce high-quality content
  • match your content with the keywords from your market analysis
  • monitor the competition
  • maintain your website technicals
  • follow the trending topics about digital

SEO is a complex & time-consuming procedure that requires constant management. Do not hesitate to ask for help from digital experts.

SEO Rank Tracking Agency

An SEO agency possesses the expert knowledge, digital marketing tools, and resources to boost your business’s SEO. Your business is assured that your rankings are consistently monitored for optimal digital relevance. SEO agencies work with long-term partners. It’s their interest to reach your demographics & ensure high online visibility for your brand.

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