What is an Professional SEO Company?

What is an Professional SEO Company? hình ảnh 1

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, being how a website ranks in a search engine such as the infamous Google platform. In 2020, up to an astounding 20% of Vietnam internet users used Google search engine – this is why it is so essential to reap the benefits that search engines have to offer when it comes to research for products and resources. 

SEO Company

Effective SEO optimizes opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience. As a business, one essentially aims to reach their target demographic to promote appealing campaigns that capture not just the people but also the algorithms of search engines to appear on the first page of discovery search. 

Did you know that only 0.78% of Google platform users even bother to click on the second page? All businesses in today’s contemporary and progressive society are advised to remain relevant to the masses to be discoverable and reachable to return a profit. Investment in effective SEO is an absolute necessity to gain businesses’ attention both locally and for expansion.

What is an Professional SEO Company?

An Professional SEO Company is under the umbrella of a Digital Marketing Agency’s operations that offer various other online marketing services such as web development and content creation. An SEO company’s objective is to provide an SEO service with a strong SEO marketing campaign led by a professional strategist to push through a business campaign. In Vietnam, 68% of online user experiences begin from a search engine.

SEO Companies carry out responsibilities ensuring that investments in SEO optimization, Google SEO, SEO marketing, Youtube SEO, and Website rankings reach their full potential in remaining relevant to the audience, and algorithms of the internet that capture keywords.

Which services does an Professional SEO Company provide?

Services provided by an Professional SEO Company all combine to achieve the primary goal of delivering online visibility and engagement to make a return on investment. Such SEO services are all-inclusive by an SEO Company. Strategic mapping of SEO, Social Media advertising, Web Development Content, and Paid Media Marketing are services conducted by SEO optimization specialists. 

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An SEO professional can carry out the procedures required to best access the tools and applications needed that manage SEO. Informed that the average Vietnamese national spends up to 7 hours online, an SEO Company provides specific SEO services such as:

  • SEO Digital Marketing
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Link building
  • Mobile SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Negative content removal
  • Online reputation management
  • SEO Audit
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Video SEO
  • WooCommerce

How can an Professional SEO Agency help your business?

Businesses that partner with an SEO Agency can be supported by knowing that experienced SEO specialists meet their SEO and digital marketing needs. An SEO Agency can help your business through their expert knowledge of the online presence amongst your business’s competitors within the industry – meaning they can optimize your business’s digital relevance to rank highly on the search engine ranking system. 

By working with an SEO Agency, your business can rest assured that your online presence’s relevance is monitored, managed, and continually improved. This allows business leaders to address other business areas without having to invest the immense amount of time required to maintain good SEO. 

An SEO company has the resources to forecast SEO trends to deliver the ideal campaign content to your online audience. On a global scale, an astounding 91% of online content receives absolutely no traffic through Google. Ensure that your business is well SEO-informed and up-to-date

The benefits of getting help from an Professional SEO Company

By allowing an SEO Company to manage a business’s SEO needs, a business owner can access many benefits that majorly impact its ultimate success and bring organic traffic to a webpage. A first ranking page is ten times more likely to achieve a single click than a page that ranks tenth – this is why support is recommended.

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The benefits of outsourcing to an SEO company include, but are not limited to:

  • Forecasting digital trends within your business’s industry amongst competitors that navigate towards your website 
  • SEO optimization through specific SEO strategy content and campaign management
  • Utilizing tools and applications that are effective in managing organic traffic
  • Better workplace time management, as businesses, can focus on other areas of the company outside of digital marketing
  • Reaching full potential when it comes to ranking locally and nationally
  • Promoting services and products most efficiently through your website’s ecommerce store and social media
  • Professional monitoring of keywords and keyphrases that deliver successful results and reaching a target audience
  • Digital campaign management and content creation
  • Digital marketing strategies / Regular digital marketing audits
  • Content renewal and refreshment 

Choosing the most suitable SEO Company for your Business

Understanding that online 78.5% of businesses even succeed in their first year, Digital Marketing Agencies are available to provide the necessary support and professional insight to deliver ideal results.

Choose the best and most reliant SEO company for your business by understanding your business’s needs and your audience’s expectations. Before committing to an SEO Company, it’s essential to bring terms and conditions to the company and agree as to which party will be responsible for each task. SEO responsibilities that we encourage to be addressed include

  • What does my brand represent?
  • What kind of culture does the vision of my products and services promote?
  • Who are my competitors?
  • What are my statistics on Google analytics, and how do they represent my business?
  • What am I doing in my local area to currently best campaign my business?
  • Which keywords and keyphrases am I using throughout my online business and advertising? Can they be improved?
  • Is my business trending?
  • How can this business build upon its SEO for the marketing timeline in Vietnam>
  • When should my business schedule specific campaigns and seasons>
  • Why is my business not delivering better results in Google Reviews and responses online?
  • Where should I be posting to achieve the most outstanding, organic responses from customers and clients?
  • What does your business envision when they see your business’s logo?
  • How do you want to interact with customers?

How much does it cost to outsource SEO services?

SEO services vary depending on the package that a business chooses. To outsource SEO, the company should consider the industry, a budget, and what is expected. How much is efficient SEO worth, and does your business have the appropriate time and cash-flow to manage the results you want? 

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Successful SEO can cost anywhere between $750 to $2,000 USD monthly to optimize a single web page. Consider the above questions that have been posed to you, and prepare to manage a strategy campaign for your business’s next promotion.

A professional SEO agent can best review your business’s Digital Marketing Campaign to bring forth the most suitable plan for your business’s budget.

Does SEO even work?

In 2020, Vietnam invested an astounding amount of almost 92% in the Google market share – this is not surprising considering the significant population of over 96 million people in the country. Search Engine Optimization is vital to reach such a substantial number of buyers and audiences from all country’s necks.

SEO works – it is operational, functional, and follows an algorithm that businesses should divulge. SEO  algorithms provide an indicative and concise path of keywords and keyphrases to remain relevant.

Businesses with poor SEO commonly become lost amongst their crowd of competitors. Although the Western world considers Vietnam impoverished, Vietnam has exceeded its population by 60% since the war and has built on Vietnam’s contemporary society and technological enhancements.

What to expect when working with an Professional SEO Company

Working with an Professional SEO Company is essentially working with a friend who can lend a hand. Expectations with teaming up with an SEO Company:

  • Branding and culture nature
  • Customer service
  • Products and pricing
  • Strategy campaigning with a CLEAR marketing timeline
  • Offers and promotions across all social media
  • Regular reporting in search engine analytics 
  • Informative insight and foreshadowing of upcoming trends
  • Having a trusted, professional agent who primarily works upon your business’s goals and towards your mission

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What are the disadvantages of working with an SEO Company?

Many businesses feel uncomfortable working alongside an SEO Company as they don’t want to impart their branding onto a partner fully. The disadvantages of working with an SEO company include:

  • Investing funds in an outsourced company should the budget be limited
  • Building trust to deliver the best relevant information online
  • Developing a bond that requires committed meetings and audits
  • Patience: SEO, similar to a good soup, requires time and effort to build flavor and depth to remain in action and entertained

Prodima’s Professional SEO Company

A monthly budget of 30 Million VND is required for our basic SEO service; this is necessary to hone in on SEO optimization, SEO marketing, YouTube marketing, and focus on ranking. Unlike PPC (pay per click), good SEO brings forth the best results online to make a return on investment. An SEO company is the best support for your business in searches.

74% of Vietnam’s population use the internet daily. How is your business entertaining your industry? Is your business reaching 74% of the people who are potentially researching your products and services? 

Contact an SEO Company professional today for SEO optimization, Website Ranking, SEO, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and more!