What Is A Professional SEO Company & How To Choose It?

  • Last update: 17/05/2021

Benjamin Poirrier

Digital Marketing Expert

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Choosing an SEO agency can be daunting. There are thousands of them out there, including a few good ones, and many scammers.

In this article, we will clearly define what a professional SEO company is, and share key takeouts to select the most suitable one.

SEO Company

Effective SEO enhances opportunities for businesses to reach their target audience across the internet. SEO companies make it happen.

What Is A Professional SEO Company?

A professional SEO company, also called an SEO agency, is a firm that offers online marketing services to organically optimize web pages or mobile applications.

Knowing that most online user experiences begin from a search engine, professional SEO companies play an important role in digital businesses’ development. They carry out responsibilities ensuring that investments in SEO reach their full potential to catch the brand’s audience.

Professional SEO Company Services

A professional SEO company should cover all SEO needs. There are over 250 factors to optimize, depending on the market.

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Here is a sum-up of the most important SEO services that any SEO agency must ensure:

  • SEO audit
  • keyword research
  • keyword analysis
  • on-site implementation
  • off-site outreach
  • link-building (internal & external)
  • e-commerce SEO
  • mobile SEO
  • local SEO
  • video SEO
  • online reputation management
  • copywriting & blogging
  • reporting

There are much more available. Check our exhaustive list of SEO services.

Professional SEO Company Benefits

SEO agencies help businesses through their expert knowledge of brands’ online presence. They know every industry and save lots of learning phase time when implementing their SEO plans.

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The benefits of outsourcing to an SEO company include, but are not limited to:

  • digital trends follow up
  • competition monitoring
  • content management
  • use of SEO tools at scale
  • time-saving
  • regular audits
  • SEO expertise
  • reduced costs

Many businesses that outsourced their SEO recognize that hiring an agency was a great decision for them. It’s the perfect balance between quality of work & costs.

How To Choose Your Professional SEO Company?

There are many ways to differentiate the good from the bad agencies.

Check our list below to make sure you can spot them in no time. A true professional SEO company must have a live website (if it is not the case: forget about them!). Reviewing their website is the safest way to choose your future partner. Pay attention to the following items:

  • overall design
  • website architecture & main sections
  • HTTPS:// protocol
  • list of SEO services
  • client testimonies & case studies
  • blog quality
  • social channels

In most cases, this simple check eliminates the vast majority of poor SEO agencies, including black hat ones.

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Working With A Professional SEO Company

Working with a professional SEO company is essentially working with a long-term partner who can lend a hand.

SEO performance takes time. Results do not come in a matter of days. Brands must maintain smooth communication with their SEO agency.

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A few businesses feel uncomfortable working alongside an SEO company. Sometimes, their internal policies prevent outsourced partners from accessing important tools like Google Analytics, or the website Content Management System (CMS). In such conditions, the SEO work can become extremely hard.

Here are the most common issues when working with a professional SEO company:

  • tools & permissions
  • building trust with a partner
  • budget investment
  • audits & meetings
  • patience (to see the results)

SEO, similar to a good soup, requires time and effort to build flavor. Choose wisely your professional SEO company, then trust it to deliver the best organic results!