Google Position & Rank Trackers – SEO Optimization, Rank Trackers, and Google SERPs Optimization

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In Digital Marketing, a webpage’s position in Google is where the page is ranked amongst its competitors on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

This is determined by Google’s specialized algorithm that crawls through the web to collect information such as keywords and phrases most suitable to answer the internet’s user’s search including phrases and questions.

With 35 million digital consumers in Vietnam, and knowing that 75% of people don’t even check the second page of Google results, the success of a business in today’s contemporary world is heavily reliant on a company’s position in Google.

Businesses must vigorously and constantly improve Google ranking amongst competitors by using the right tools to track SEO. Simply put – the higher a website is positioned in Google, the greater exposure the business has to its target demographic to make sales and a return on investment.

What is a Rank Tracker?

SEO drives an incredible 1000%+ more traffic compared to organic social media, indicating its powerful effect on any business’s Digital Marketing Strategy – hence the importance of proper SEO management and tracking. A Rank Tracker is a tool heavily used in Digital Marketing across all industries to monitor and report a website’s performance concerning:

  • Keyword performance, accuracy, suggestions, and value
  • Webpage issues 
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Indexing problems
  • Click-through rates (CTR)
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of individual Landing Pages
  • Overall website SEO
  • Audience engagement
  • Competitor research
  • User experience across mobile and desktop devices
  • Metrics that evaluate how a page’s ranking has influenced organic web traffic
  • Location
  • Organic traffic assessment

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A Rank Tracker provides businesses with valuable data that can be collected to better support a company’s Digital Marketing Strategy and SEO Plan. Understandably, rank tracking revolves around the ultimate goal of being highly indexed, but it remains essential that the progress and effectiveness of keywords are just as important. 

By regularly tracking a website’s position in Google and page performance, businesses can stay ahead of SEO trends and make the necessary improvements to be distinguished on the market. Invest in a website traffic tool to be part of the 80% of local searches on mobile devices that convert, and much more.

SEO Rank Checking

SEO Rank Checking is all about acquiring the industry experience, professional insight and Digital Marketing tools to observe where a website is indexed on SERPs, and using the gathered data to make informed Digital Marketing choices that will convert to sales when it comes to:

  • Web page improvements
  • Online user experiences
  • Content creation focuses
  • Advertising
  • Web Development
  • Social Media

Through consistent readjustments and regularly updating content on a webpage, businesses can take advantage of the many ways to improve their SEO Ranking and track visitors to their website. Did you know that in today’s age, content marketing produces 3 times more leads than traditional marketing? SEO Rank Checking assists Digital Marketers in pinpointing what content is most progressive and effective to draw leads.

Benefits of using a Rank Tracker

According to HubSpot, 64% of Marketers invest their time, and in turn, resources into SEO. Much of this time is dedicated to gathering data through a Rank Tracker to determine which course of action is best when it comes to beneficial Digital Marketing strategizing and implementation. 

Google Position & Rank Trackers - SEO Optimization, Rank Trackers, and Google SERPs Optimization hình ảnh 3

With 90% of organisations using content in their Marketing tactics, using a Rank Tracker tool provides businesses with reliable information to produce Google algorithm-capturing content that converts. Many benefits of using a Rank Tracker to produce worthy and relevant content about:

  • Organised reports: Rank Tracker tools gather a widespread amount of data and categorize data for easy-to-read, easy-to-understand purposes
  • Troubleshooting: Errors throughout the website can be identified to be improved and resolved
  • KPI’s: Businesses gain an understanding of their website’s performance to make improvements and set realistic Digital Marketing goals
  • Click-through-rates (CTRs): metrics that measure how many people have clicked through a webpage as it has been listed on SERPs – this is beneficial to determine whether the content is valuable enough to achieve conversions and whether the page needs to be updated
  • Bounce rates: A Rank Tracker informs businesses of which pages of their website are only receiving single-engagement attention from viewers, so marketers can determine which pages of the site are successful, and which pages required a revamp and in some cases, complete removal
  • Dwell time: Through knowing the length of time an audience member spends on a webpage, businesses can evaluate the effectiveness of a page’s content, design and functions to better the user experience and increase dwell time (often furthering intrigue and encouraging the target audience to ultimately enter the online store or at least make a direct enquiry regarding a product or service)
  • Live Update: Rank Tracking tools are live, which means businesses don’t collect current data (and pull up historical data) to make insightful Digital Marketing choices when exploring their options

In 2021, Vietnam has an Internet User Penetration rate of 68%, estimated to increase to 75% within a mere 2 years (2023). As Vietnam rapidly grows in technological developments and the ever changing nature of the internet, businesses must use a Rank Tracker to remain competitive within their industry.

Does your business need to focus on its Google Position?

To date, 68% of Vietnam is over 6.4 million people, which is more than the entire population of Norway and close to double the population of Mongolia! The potential to tap into your industry’s sales market lays within reaching your demographic amongst competitors to reach the masses. Assess your business goals by enquiring about your business’s current or future Digital Marketing model. Consider the following Digital Marketing SEO factors that affect your Google Position and its visibility on SERPs:

  • What is your business’s current Google Position, and are you confident in making the necessary adjustments for optimal results?
  • Are you satisfied with your current general SEO and familiar with the value of the keywords that you rely upon to signal Google’s algorithms?
  • Do you know how many of your conversions derive from Local SEO and whether it can improve?
  • Does your webpage display Videos with SEO that will produce the greatest stimulation and public engagement?
  • What are the page speed and user experience rating of your business’s Mobile SEO structure?
  • How does your business compare to the metrics of competitors’ Ecommerce SEO?
  • Is your business exploring all the features of Woocommerce? Why? Why not?
  • How is your Link Building and when was the last time that your business reviewed it?
  • Does your current Web Development structure satisfy the User Experience?
  • Which steps should you take to audit your website’s SEO for improvements?
  • What is copywriting and is it worth outsourcing?
  • Is your business receiving its money’s worth in Digital Advertising and paid ads?
  • Do you know how to best utilize all the features of various Google Ranking Tools?
  • Are you making the most informed with Rank Tracker Data Reports?
  • How often do you review your Online Reputation Management and Negative Content Removal methods?
  • Are you implementing paid media? And if so, how does it affect your web page ranking and overall SEO?
  • Is your Content Marketing competitive?
  • What technical data are you applying when designing and managing your Social Media content?

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If you responded “Yes” to even a single one of the above questions, it is strongly recommended that you organize an immediate audit and consultation from a Digital Marketing professional and request a transparent Digital Marketing Strategy.

Consider the time and money your business is currently investing into Digital Marketing, and whether the results could be improved.

Reliable Google Ranking Tracker Tools

There are an array of free and paid Rank Tracker Tools available to provide businesses with the necessary to best reach their clientele. Rank Tracker Tools should be used regularly to:

  • Reaffirm existing website conditions
  • Update website content for relevance
  • Track the value of keywords and keyphrases
  • Monitor industry competition and be at the forefront of upcoming trends

Our team of experts at Prodima Digital Agency recommend the following Google Position Rank Trackers for collecting valuable data, feedback and suggestions for website optimization (note: Rank Trackers vary in results as their algorithms and base-locations are not identical):

  • Google Search Console (free): confirm the validity of the website in Google’s algorithm, request re-indexing for a better ranking, review Google Search traffic (organic and paid), receive notifications regard site issues such as spam, assess external websites that link to your business’s page/s, troubleshoot user-friendly mobile networking and search engine features
  • Ahrefs (paid): the software has comprehensive features including Site Explorer, Keyword Explorer, and Content Explorer, Alerts, Domain Comparison, Rank Tracker, Batch Analysis, SEO Toolbar and Link Intersect.
  • SEMrush (paid): available tools to collect data for Keyword Research, On-page SEO, Competitor Analysis, Content Marketing, Local SEO, Rank Tracking, Social Media Management, Link Building, Competitor SEO Analysis, Content Creation and Distribution, Content Marketing Analytics, Content Optimization, Market analysis, Paid Advertising, Competitor PR Monitoring, Pay-per-click (PPD) Keyword Research, and Website Monetization
  • AccuRanker (free): provides automatic and refreshed data every 24 hours, monitors competition and landing page indexes, assesses which keywords are driving organic traffic to the webpage, reviews advanced metrics on content tags for improvement and restructuring, and, filters data to only review the metrics that have been set for segmentation
  • Google Analytics (free): better understand the demographic through comprehensive reporting provided by Google (Audience, Advertising, Acquisition, Behavior, Conversion, Real-Time, User Flow, Unsampled, Roll-Up), and Data Freshness
  • Majestic (paid): an extensive backlink index that details the number and quality of backlinks, domain comparison features, an array of reporting options, link building tools, and, an SEO browser extension for convenience

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How a Digital Marketing Agency can assist your busines

Outsourcing work to a Digital Marketing Agency such as Prodima Digital Marketing Agency frees up a lot of time and ensures that you are available to address many other areas of your business. Working with a trusted partner means that your days of worrying about your Digital Marketing Strategy including Google Position and Daily Rank Tracking are over. Prodima’s successful portfolio displays just a few of many successful Digital Marketing Strategies based on Rank Tracker Reports that have brought clients great success.

Furthermore, Prodima Digital Marketing experts already possess the tools and experience to provide you with the most rewarding course of action to improve your Website SEO. Chat to a Prodima Consultant today and request a Website Audit. The team can provide you with a professional opinion regarding the status of your page, and detail how the agency can improve your business’s Google Position to better digital relevance and revenue.