Check Your Google Position & Optimize Your Organic Rankings

  • Last update: 13/04/2021

Benjamin Poirrier

Digital Marketing Expert

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In digital marketing, the Google position of your brand is where your web page ranks amongst its competitors on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Anytime, the Google web bots crawl the web to collect & index any content they find. They get help by keywords & key phrases that answer the internet users’ queries. The higher a website is positioned in Google, the greater exposure the business has to boost online sales.

It became vital for businesses to improve their Google rankings by using the right tracker tools.

What Is A Rank Tracker?

SEO drives more traffic than organic social media. It highlights its powerful effect on any digital marketing strategy, hence the importance of proper SEO tracking.

Rank trackers monitor & report website performance concerning the following items:

  • keyword performance
  • web page technical issues (indexing, troubleshooting)
  • Click-Through Rates (CTR)
  • landing page performance
  • audience engagement
  • competitor benchmark
  • mobile responsiveness
  • traffic assessment
  • organic ranking

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Rank trackers provide businesses with valuable data. They collect this information to better support a company’s digital marketing strategy and SEO plan. Rank tracking revolves around the ultimate goal of being highly indexed.

Rank Tracker Benefits

Rank trackers are a must-have when running SEO campaigns. We cannot improve what we cannot measure. Rank trackers, determine which actions are the best when it comes to organic optimizations.

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The benefits of using a rank tracker are:

  • quicker troubleshooting
  • more organized reports
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) visibility
  • metrics measurement
  • live updates
  • comparing our business performance versus competitors

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If your business needs any of those benefits, you should consider using rank trackers to monitor your organic SEO campaign.

Reliable Google Ranking Tracker Tools

There are an array of free and paid rank tracker tools available to reach your online customers. Here is a list of the most recommended Google position rank trackers:

  • Google Search Console (free)
  • Google Analytics (free)
  • AccuRanker (free)
  • Ahrefs (paid)
  • SEMrush (paid)
  • Majestic (paid)

The Google Search Console confirms the validity of the website in Google’s algorithm. It is the best free troubleshooter tool available for SEO marketers.

Google Analytics is a staple tool. It provides a comprehensive website traffic report that is extremely useful to understand better the web page rankings.

AccuRanker monitors the competition & landing page indexes. It offers automatic & refreshed data every 24 hours.

Ahrefs is one of the best ranking tracker tools for organic purposes, keyword competition, and link-building.

SEMrush is a perfect complement to Ahrefs regarding the market analysis, competitor PR & paid ads monitoring, and content optimization.

Majestic is an extensive link-building index that details the number & quality of backlinks, domain comparison features, and even a convenient browser extension.

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Boost Your Google Position

The first step to boosting your Google position is to perform a website audit. You must identify your strong & weak points before considering any optimization.

Once your audit is done, build your ranking strategy, and make sure to use the right tools to follow up on your Google position.